House of the Dragon Season 2: Here’s What to Expect (Spoilers Included)

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The first season of House of the Dragon ended, and the foundations for Targaryen civil war are set. What comes next is a two-year dispute between the Blacks and the Greens, where many Targaryens and many dragons will meet their end. The final episode of the first season made it clear that the Dance of the dragons had begun, and season two will continue this storyline where we get to see who will sit on the Iron Throne when this civil war ends. In this article, you can read about House of the Dragon season 2 and what to expect further in the show.

The following paragraphs may contain spoilers for the second season of House of the Dragon. Read at your own risk.

Forget about the diplomacy: The war is on

Even though Rhaenyra was the only one who demonstrated restraint regarding the war against the Greens in the final episode of the first season, a diplomatic solution was out of the picture the moment Aemond and his dragon Vhagar killed Prince Lucerys Velaryon. Even though Rhaenyra was set to consider a diplomatic solution and try to come to terms with Hightowers, with her son being killed, it is fair to say that option is not on the table anymore.


When Daemon informed Rhaenyra what happened to Lucerys, she was devastated, sad and furious at the same time. At that moment, we got to see the look in her eyes. It was the same look Daenerys Targaryen had moments before she decided to unleash Drogon’s wrath upon Kings Landing in Game of Thrones. So, one thing is for sure; the war is imminent. Rhaenyra is hurt and furious, alongside Daemon, whose main priority will be revenge.

Daemon, White Worm, and Blood and Cheese commit an assassination

Speaking of Daemon’s revenge, after Lucerys’s death, Daemon’s fury will most likely reach its peak, and he will turn to Mysaria for her help to attack the Greens. Daemon is expected to join forces with the White Worm, who is alive and survived the fire meant to kill her.

Mysaria will help Daemon and will hire two individuals called Blood and Cheese. Blood is an expert butcher, while Cheese is a ratcatcher and great at finding his way around the Red Keep by using the secret tunnels in the castle. Their job will be to infiltrate the castle and eventually kill one of Haelena Targaryen’s children.


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If the show sticks to the storyline in the books, we are about to witness one of the darkest murders in the show so far. Haelena will be forced to choose which child she is willing to sacrifice as payback for Aemond’s killing of Luke. Even though she is willing to sacrifice herself, Blood and Cheese eventually kill Jaehaerys, Helena’s older son and heir to the throne. This will weaken the Greens but will also have a huge impact in the future as the consequences of that murder will devastate Haelena, and Rhaenyra’s reign will also suffer because of it.

Even though Luke’s death was an accident and Aemond did not mean to kill him, it is clear that dragons are not in complete obedience to their riders. In the final episode of season one, we get to experience how big and powerful Vhagar is; that is why we can expect that the Blacks will get Vermithor on their side, no matter the cost.

Vermithor gets a new rider


In the first season’s final episode, we see Rhaenyra and Daemon discussing dragons. While it is true that the Blacks have more dragons than the Greens, the fact is that none of their dragons have been to war. That’s when Daemons explains how there are also unclaimed dragons. Later in the episode, we see Daemon singing to one of them. That dragon is Vermithor, a 100-year-old dragon once ridden by King Jaehaerys I Targaryen.

Daemon approached Vermithor and started singing to him to tame him. But, as Daemon already has a dragon, he can not be Vermithor’s new rider. That is why the Blacks got the idea to find Targaryen bastards out there and summon them to try and tame unclaimed dragons. In the books, Vermithor was successfully tamed by a bastard named Hugh Hammer, who rode the Bronze Fury’s back for the rest of the Dance. So, if the show is to follow source material from the books, we will meet Hugh in season two as the rider of Vermithor.

House Stark will play an important part

While Targaryen, Hightower, and Velayrion Houses are set to return in the second season, House Stark is another great house we will most likely see in the following season. This northern family could play a significant part in the impending civil war. As seen in the final episode of the first season, Rhaenyra started gathering her allies, so she sent her sons Jacaerys and Lucerys as messengers of the Queen to gain important allies such as House Arryn, House Baratheon, and House Stark. Rhaenyra sent her oldest son Jacaeyrs north to deliver a message to House Stark, to Lord Cregan Stark.

Cregan Stark, also known as the Wolf of the North, is the Lord of Winterfell during the Dance of the Dragons. He is around Jace’s age, so these two are most likely to become friends once Jace delivers the message to him. House Stark will become the ally of the Blacks, and Cregan will play an important role in this war and in the years following after.

House Stark will send powerful armies to Rhaenyra’s aid. Northern warriors are the Northmen, Winter Wolves, and White Harbor Men. They fought in many important battles in Dance of the Dragons, such as the one at the Riverlands, and we already got the clue that Riverlands are essential to get an advantage. Stark also sends White Harbor Men across the sea to help Rhaenyra win the war. Even after the war ends, Cregan Stark will remain highly respected, and a great ally of House Targaryen and will eventually become the Hand of the King.


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Season two of House of the Dragon will continue just where season one ended, with no considerate time jumps.

So, there you have it, some sneak peek into the second season. The show’s cast will probably remain the same, with some new faces introduced. As Dance of the Dragon is known to be filled with epic battles and tragedies, we will get to see many of those as well in the second season. But, for now, let’s keep some of the things under the radar and wait for the show producers to show us what they have in store for us.

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