What Do Horses Eat in Minecraft?

What Do Horses Eat In Minecraft?

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Horses eat a variety of food in Minecraft. Food helps horses to heal, grow faster and maintain the energy for all the tough tasks that it performs to help the player. Food may change the behavior of the horses and restore their health if dealt with damage. Foul (baby horses) growth time is reduced by 4 minutes if fed once. But what do horses eat in Minecraft?

Horses eat sugar, wheat, apple, golden carrot, golden apple, and hay bale. All these food items replenish a horse’s health and provide it with enough energy to run and transport the player’s load. To feed a horse in Minecraft, hold the food in your hand and press use the horse.

Different food affects the behavior of horse differently. Food items can heal it, speed up its growth process, or increase the temper. Golden carrot and golden apple are used to induce love mode on the two horses for breeding. But can you feed them?

Can You Feed Horses In Minecraft?

What Do Horses Eat In Minecraft?

A player can feed a horse in Minecraft. Horses enjoy a variety of food in Minecraft. you can feed any of the food items that you can collect and feed it to horses.

All the food item causes distinct changes in the horses. Some give better health and energy compared to others.

When sugar is fed to a horse, its health increases by 1 health point (2 health point=1 heart). Wheat causes an increment of 2 health points, apple 3, Golden carrot 4, golden apple 10, and hay bale increases the health point by 20.

Similarly, the growth effect on baby horses also varies per food item.

Sugar increases the growth speed by 30 seconds. Wheat increases the growth speed by 20 seconds, apple by 1-minute, golden carrot also by 1-minute, golden apple by 4 minutes, and hay bale by 3 minutes.

The growth only occurs on younger horses. For adult horses, there is no further growth in their size. A baby foal takes around 20 minutes to grow. Depending upon how much food you can feed it, its pace of growth will vary.

But just knowing that you can feed horses is not enough.

A player must know the proper procedure to feed a horse or any animal in Minecraft. Although, it’s easy to feed horses because of their passive nature.

Horses are strong and stocky animals. They can run fast, jump high blocks and carry loads for longer distances. If you want to move from one place to another at a faster speed, horses are the best option to do so. They’re considered the fastest mode of transportation in the game.

The speed of the horse can be 4.74 blocks/sec to 14.10 blocks/sec compared to the player’s speed of 4.32 blocks/sec. They can also jump a lot higher than a player. An average horse can jump up to 5 block heights compared to 1 of that of the player.

Whether climbing on mountains, jumping fences, or strutting in the 2m deep water, horses are the best carrier in the game.


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How To Feed A Horse In Minecraft?

Horses are passive animals and do not cause any harm to players. This makes them friendly nature and easy to get along with.

Even when attacked, it just runs away and does not attack.

You can find horses in plain biomes in Minecraft. Likes of Savannah. If you want to feed them, then you need to look for them in those areas.

In Minecraft, you can feed horses by following these steps:

  • Search for a horse.

Horses wander in plain areas on fields or grasslands. You can also beckon them using a cheat or spawn egg in creative mode.

  •       Select the food in the hot bar.

TIP #1: To feed the horse, you must select the food item in the hot bar and the horse must be hungry. If not, the horse will not eat.

Note #2: If you do not hold a food item and follow the instructions below, you may mount the horse instead. Be sure to hold the food before following the instructions.

  •   Right-click on the Windows 10 and Java (PC/Mac) edition.
  •   In Pocket Edition (PE), you move your pointer over the horse and press the Feed button.
  •   Press the LT button on the Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller.
  •   Press the L2 button on your PS4 or PS3 controller. Press the ZL button on the Wii U gamepad. On the controller of the Nintendo Switch, press ZL.

And after you’ve fed the food item to the horse, it will completely disappear from the hot bar. That means the horse has completely eaten your food offering.

What Do Horses Eat In Minecraft?

What Do Horses Eat In Minecraft?

Horses eat the following item in Minecraft.

NameHealth RestoredSpeeds Growth By
Sugar1 health point(x 0.5)30 seconds
Wheat2 health points(x 1)20 seconds
Apple3 health points(x 1.5)1 minute
Golden Carrot4 health points(x 2)1 minute
Golden Apple10 health points(x 5)4 minutes
Enchanted Golden Apple10 health points(x 5)4 minutes
Hay Bale20 health points(x 10)3 minutes


The above food item is the best food item to feed a horse. Horses eat all these items lovingly. 

The table shows the number of health points restored and the increase in the growth of baby horses.

Where To Get Horse Food?

A horse’s diet is vast and is found easily in the game. You can easily farm it or craft it by different means. Here I’ll show you the best way to get the food for your horse in Minecraft so that you can keep him healthy and heal him easily.


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How to get Sugar in Minecraft?

Sugar in Creative Mode- Sugar can be found in the creative menu in Java edition (PC/Mac).

How to craft Sugar in Survival Mode?

  • Open your crafting table so that it has a 3×3 crafting grid
  • You’ll find a crafting grid with a 3×3 size in the crafting menu. There are specific items on the grid that need to be placed in order to make sugar.
  • Each item must be placed exactly according to the pattern. As the pattern of boxes that are filled changes, so does the item that is crafted.
  • Sugar must be added to your inventory once it has been crafted.

Your Minecraft sugar is now ready.

How To Get Wheat In Minecraft?

You can get wheat through different methods in Minecraft. You can find it in Dungeon, Igloo, Shipwreck, villages, and Pillager Outpost. Or else you can get it by farming.

Wheat is easily farmed and can be grown on a large scale with the help of Fortune enchantment.

Whenever wheat is harvested, it drops between one wheat seed and three wheat seeds. From the moment a wheat crop is planted until it can be harvested, it goes through eight stages (0-7) before it is ready to be harvested.

Crops that are harvested before they are fully grown drop one seed. The growth of wheat is dependent on sunlight. A seed planted in the dark will be destroyed. In harvesting wheat with a Fortune-enchanted tool, the seeds dropped increase, but the yield of wheat does not.

When you need it in small quantities, you can also get it as a dropped item through foxes.

How To Get Apple In Minecraft?

What Do Horses Eat In Minecraft?

There are three methods to get apples in Minecraft. By Block loot, chest loot, and by trading with villagers.

Block loot

There is a 0.5% (1*200) chance of dropping an apple in oak or dark oak leaf when the leaf has decayed or been broken, but not if the leaf has been burned. When breaking leaves with a tool enchanted with the Fortune enchantment, the chances of dropping an apple increase: 0.556% (1⁄180) with Fortune I, 0.625% (1⁄160) with Fortune II, and 0.833% (1⁄120) with Fortune III.

Chest loot

In Java Edition and Bedrock edition both, apple can be obtained by chest looting from various places like Bonus chest, Igloo, Stronghold, Village.

Trading With Villagers

Farmers in the villages may trade apples with you. As part of their trade, apprentice-level farmer villagers have a 50% (1*2) or 66.7% (2*3) chance of selling 4 apples.

How To Get Hay Bale?

Hay bales are often scattered around in plains villages, and less commonly in savanna and desert villages. In addition, they can appear as targets or scarecrows in pillages and outposts.

You can craft Hay Bales from wheat or mine them from hay blocks.

Food is an important part of any animals’ survival in Minecraft and what these animals eat requisite to know to feed them proper food.

Horses eat all these items mentioned above, and you can easily get them by following the above steps.

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