What Do Llamas Eat in Minecraft?

What Do Llamas Eat In Minecraft?

Llamas are one of the newest mobs in Minecraft. Added in the game after version 1.11 in 2016, they became an instant favorite of the players. Llamas are neutral mobs meaning they are peaceful when left alone, but they stand up against anything hostile. They are also one of the most useful creatures in Minecraft. So what do llamas eat in Minecraft?

In Minecraft Llamas eat wheat and hay bale. They eat wheat only when fed by players. Wheat helps them to heal and grow faster. Other than wheat, hay bales are their main diet. They love to consume hay bales which also sends them into love mode for breeding.

Llamas just like horses can carry the player on its back. But being zippy mortals, occasionally they can’t be controlled. They often go on their own while carrying the player on their backs. But despite this, Llamas are quite a brilliant companion. They are brave and fight for their owners if any hostile situation arrives. But to befriend them you need to know if you can feed them food?

Can You Feed Llamas In Minecraft?

Llamas in Minecraft can be fed wheat and hay bales. Llamas are quite fond of eating wheat and only consume it when offered by a player. Feeding Llamas food items change their behavior in the game. Food affects these pure white animals in many ways.

Apart from altering their behavior, food also heals them. For a baby llama, eating food increases the growth spurt. Both wheat and hay bale have different effects on Llamas.

To feed Llamas, hold the food item near their mouth and press it to feed them. Llamas only eat if the food will have any effect on them. And make sure to feed the food item they eat, otherwise, instead of feeding you’ll jump onto their back and mount them.

In Minecraft food has many effects on mobs. It can be used to tame these creatures and also breed them and heal them.

Hay bale is a food item mainly efficient with the healing and growth of baby llamas.

Once the baby llamas are spawned, you can feed them with hay bale to increase their growth rate by 1 minute and 30 seconds. A normal growth time for a llama baby is 20 seconds, and every time you feed a hay bale item it reduces by 1 minute and 30 seconds.


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A llama is tamed by feeding it wheat so that it becomes friendly. Similar to horses, llamas don’t necessarily require the food item to get tamed.

The player needs to try to mount them until their temper increases to a threshold value and they agree to become your companion. (Temper is a positive trait associated with friendliness. The higher the temper easier it is to tame any mob)

But if you are still unable to tame a llama after persistent trying, then you need to try and feed him with wheat to increase the temper points and make him more agreeable for taming.

When untamed and alone they will not come near a player. But if you offer any llamas wheat, then it will change their behavior towards that player. But what all food items do llamas eat in Minecraft?

What Do Llamas Eat In Minecraft?

What Do Llamas Eat In Minecraft?

Llamas eat two food items in Minecraft- wheat and hay bale. These are the only two food items they eat.

Both these food items will affect the health of llamas in different ways.

Llamas are peaceful when undisturbed. But they turn into ferocious fighters if provoked.

There is always the possibility of them fighting hostile mobs, especially wolves. Whenever a llama finds a wolf nearby it will attack him by ferociously spitting and chasing after them. Wolves are fearful of the llamas with strength higher than the 4. Although they don’t flee from the weaker llamas. But unlike their stronger counterparts, weaker llamas do not terrify them.

Also, llamas are protective of their owners. If a tamed llama finds any hostility towards his owner by another mob, he immediately attacks and defends him. But such a nature may sometimes put them in danger. Fights deal with the damage, and they can only be healed with food.

For healing llamas, the hay bale is the best food item of the two. Hay bale increases the health by 5 hearts meaning, 10 increments in health points. (1 heart= 2 health points) 

However, wheat can also heal a llama but the effect is less. The wheat heals sheep with 1 heart, i.e., 2 health points. To heal, hay bale is a lot more effective, five times more than wheat. 

What Food Item Llamas Eat In Minecraft For Breeding?

Llamas eat hay bales for breeding in Minecraft. If any player wants to breed his llamas, he needs to feed the llamas with a hay bale.

An important and common thing to note. You can only breed llamas after you have tamed two of them. Only one creature can’t breed after all.

Both the parent llamas need to be tamed to ensure the breeding of these mobs.

You can feed them 1 to 3 hay bales to induce them into love mode. Llamas need to be kept nearby between 6 blocks to start the breeding process. The breeding process is similar to other tamed mobs in Minecraft. After eating enough hay bales, both the parent llamas need to be nearby and if possible, inside the fence. Then the love-making will start and in a minute a baby llama will be born.


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The characteristics of the baby will be randomly similar to any one of the parents. Its health point and strength will be similar to the stronger parent.

Once the little llama is born, he can be fed with hay bale to increase its growth speed. Hay bale is the better of the two items that llama eats, for the growth spurt of a baby llama. Hay bale will reduce the timing of the growth by 1 minute and 30 seconds whereas wheat will only reduce it by 10 seconds.

What food item llama eats for taming?

What Do Llamas Eat In Minecraft?

Wheat and hay bale both are fed to tame llamas in Minecraft. llamas are fond of eating wheat. But they only eat it if offered by players for a valid reason. Wheat is a great food item as it helps increase the temper of the llama along with hay bale.

It’s better to serve both hay bales and wheat in combination as hay bales are efficient in increasing temper but might be hard to get.

Hay bale increases the temper of llama by 6 points and wheat increases the temper by 3 points. When available in large quantities, it is great to use hay bales but it is also a great resource that can be used for the breeding and growth of baby llamas.

But most of the time wheat is available in Minecraft in ample quantities whereas hay bales need to be mined or either crafter through wheat.

If you’re wondering how hay bale and wheat can help you tame llamas in Minecraft, then check out the next section.

How to tame Llamas in Minecraft?

Follow these simple steps to take llamas.

  • First and foremost, find a group of llamas in the Savanna or hilltop biome.
  • When you’ve found them, carry wheat or hay bale with you.
  • When you’re near any lama try to mount on its back.
  • It will initially resist any advances and throw you off their back.
  • There will be a temper point sign that will show the temper of the llama at the point. It will be low initially.
  • But as you will try repeatedly, its temper will increase.
  • Once the temper threshold reaches its limit, it will accept your companionship and follow you around.

Llamas are one of the most useful mobs to have in Minecraft. taming them is very beneficial for a player. Llama also doesn’t need a saddle to ride. However, they are a little playful and can roam around in any direction occasionally.

When fitted with two chests, they will carry a lot of loads along with them. As the player will travel around the Minecraft world, the llama follows along, while helping with hauling many useful item loads. 

Llamas are found in Savanna or hilltop biomes. They are often found in groups and are mostly white in color.  

Where To Find Llama’s food?

Llama eats hay bale and wheat, and both these items are easy to get. 

1. Hay Bale

Breaking– Hay bale can be extracted from breaking the hay bale block. To mine hay from hay bale, use the tool hoe. Hoe speeds up the breaking process, mining more hay bales in less time.

Natural Generation– Hay bales are generated around the villages. They are scattered around in the plain villages, in Savanna, and occasionally in desert biomes.

2. Wheat

Wheat can be only obtained by farming or either by picking up as the dropped item from the mob. Wheat is one of the easily obtained items in Minecraft. Although he dropped wheat in smaller quantities. Farming can be done to grow it on a massive scale. 

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