What Does Channeling Do In Minecraft And How To Get It?

What Does Channeling Do In Minecraft And How To Get It?

In Minecraft, have you ever wished to harness lightning powers? The channeling enchantment makes it possible! But what does it channeling do in Minecraft and how to get it?

Channeling enchantment hits the mobs with lightning when Trident is thrown at them during a thunderstorm. You can get channeling enchantment through an enchantment book. 

With channeling, a mob hit with a Trident attack will take 8 damage, 5 damage from a lightning strike, plus any fire damages caused by the lightning. This creates double harm to the mobs killing them in large numbers.

The channeling enchantment is unique to Tridents in Minecraft. Tridents are rare weapons that can only be found in drowned mobs.

Tridents may be thrown to hit an enemy as a ranged attack or used in melee combat. Ranged attacks deal 8 damage compared to 9 damage from melee attacks.

Mobs cannot be in the water, lava, cobwebs, honey blocks, on snow, boats, or on minecarts, and must be exposed to the sky.

What Does Channeling Do In Minecraft?

What Does Channeling Do In Minecraft And How To Get It?

Channeling enchantment increases the damage to the mobs striking them with lightning after a player has thrown the Trident to hit them. Occurring only during the thunderstorm this enchantment inflicts extra damage to the mobs, striking them with Zeus’s power.

For hitting the mob with channeling they need to be without cover and positioned on land. Standing under a cover or hiding in a cave will protect them from the lightning effect, nullifying the damage.

With the help of channeling enchant, you can also convert

  • the villager into witches
  • creepers into charge creepers
  • pigs into zombies
  • Red mushroom into brown and brown mushroom into the red. 

The maximum level for this enchantment is level 1. 

Channeling is useful for the player with the Trident. And is equally deadly for enemy mobs as it can be used to kill them in large numbers. For attacking a group of mobs this enchantment is quite the best. It is used for farming mob heads simply as you can dictate the creepers to become supercharged. Else you can strike the mobs when they are attacking in groups.

The skeletons and dropped heads of the creepers decorate your home and showcasing a nobility that is only possible in the Minecraft world. 

If there is a thunderstorm in the world then you can beckon the lightning while making sure that your Trident hit the mobs. If the Trident hasn’t struck the mobs, then the lightning won’t hit them either. Lightning only falls on the place where the Trident has hit. If Trident has missed the aim hitting the void place, then the lightning will fall upon the exact place where Trident struck that’ll cause zero harm to mobs. Although, if the mobs are in the radius of lightning, then they can get affected by it. But a good aim is required to kill the mobs and make the best use of the enchantment. 

Tip: Switch the weather to Rain and Thunder before using the channeling enchantment

How Does Minecraft Channeling Work?

Channeling can be applied to Trident to attack mobs with Trident as well as the lightning that does extra damage to the mobs. 

It summons lightning when thrown towards the enemy during a thunderstorm.  It is effective only in open spaces. Space surrounded by foliage or covered by any means will annul the attack. Mobs need to be in open space so that they can be dumped on with lightning. 

Some circumstances don’t let the Channeling affects the mob in Java Edition such as when the mob is in 

  • Water
  • in lava
  • in a cobweb 
  • on Soul sand
  • on Honey block 
  • in a boat or snow

Channeling can be charged to a Trident using an enchanting table, anvil, or game command within level 1 as we discussed earlier, but level 1 is no problem here simply because the lightning can cause heavy destruction at even lower levels. Be cautious that It doesn’t work along with the Riptide. Only one of these enchants can work at a time. 

How To Get Channeling In Minecraft?

You can obtain channeling from enchantment tables, minecart chests, dungeon chests, libraries in the Overworld, and enchanted books.

Additionally, if you are using the bedrock edition, you can obtain the channeling enchant from raids.

Acquire a book and three Lapis Lazuli for applying the channeling enchantment. Combining all three of these into an enchantment book will store the enchantment in it. Then you need to search for enchantment tables, minecart chests, library villagers, and raid drops. 

Once you have the enchantment go to a table or anvil. Keep the Trident on the table applying the enchantment after selecting it from the enchanting book. This will enchant the Trident, charging it with the power of the thunder god. 

How To Use Trident After Applying The Channeling Enchantment?

What Does Channeling Do In Minecraft And How To Get It 02

Channeling enchant works in combination with Loyalty. Loyalty enchants when applied bring back the tool to the player if thrown to hit the mob. 

Now if you throw the Trident towards Mobs without the Loyalty enchant, you’ll not be able to get it back or may risk your life while doing so. That’s why using the Loyalty enchant is important every time you use Trident to hit the Mob with the channeling enchant. 

To throw the Trident towards the mobs, simply hold the right-click and release. The important factor that needs to remember is that when you throw the Trident towards the Mob it should hit them otherwise the lightning will not strike them. 

Lightning strikes the place where the Trident has struck. If the Trident missed the aim and hit some other place instead of the mob, then the lightning will strike the place that the Trident has hit. 

Hitting the charged creepers with the right aim can get you, skeleton, zombie, creeper heads to decorate the home and frighten the opponents. When creepers explode and kill other mobs their heads drop that you can collect. 

Does Channeling Work On Players?

Yes, the only two entities that channeling will work on are Mob and other players. 

Players also get affected the same way as the mobs. You can use the channeling enchantment to scare the other player or to kill them by using the same methods. 

Channeling is a tool available to all Minecraft players. It provides a fast way for players to coordinate attacks, save each other lives and also, can channel out positive energy. A mob attack is not limited to just players as many other entities can channel out positive energy as well. When channeling positive energy it increases both your own and other players’ experience levels and helps you overcome challenges you may face.  Now and then a player will be affected by a special event known as a “Channeling Event” which is similar to a Solar Episode. It may happen when a player fights another player or when a player receives a certain amount of experience as a result of completing a certain action.

Reasons because of which the channeling may not work

Channeling is used for specific purposes unlike other enchants. It can be only used in specific conditions and in a specific way that sometimes creates confusion among players about its usage and application. As a result, players are often left clueless why the channeling enchant is not working for them.

Here are some basic problems that come with enchanting:

  • Thunderstorm is Must

The one thing that is certainly needed and without which you cannot produce a channeling effect is a thunderstorm. Many players miss out on this information when trying to enchant for the first time. Among those who know this factor, they sometimes naively consider rain to be a thunderstorm.

Would like to CLEARLY mention that rain is not a thunderstorm. Ask someone from Florida if you want further clarification. 

If there isn’t a thunderstorm you cannot produce lightning leaving the channeling sparkless. 

  • Trident must hit a Mob

Another reason your trident can’t produce the channeling is that it is not hitting the right target. The Trident needs to hit the mob so that lightning falls on them. Lightning only falls on the place that Trident has hit. If Trident misses the target, lightning misses the target too. 

As you progress in Minecraft, the game grows difficult and enemies become more hostile and deadly. On the other hand, the weapons become less effective with their powers and killings. This is where you need enchantments the most. 

Enchanting is as important as feeding yourself in the game, increasing your chances of doing extra work in lesser time, and protecting you against dangerous enemies by strengthening your tool. 

With its Zeus like feature, Channeling gives a cool feel to the game. It is a powerful enchant that not only has powerful damage capacity but also looks and feels noble. At the time of thunderstorms, it is immensely useful to kill many mobs from a distance. 

Fighting against a large number of mobs is scary if you don’t have the perfect enchant because they can easily kill you when attacking in large numbers. With Channeling this issue can be dealt easily and in style. Striking with the lightning causes mass damage to the mobs. Except for the killing, the channeling can also be used to convert the Villager into witches, red mushrooms into brown, and pigs into zombies.

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