‘What If…?’ Season 2 Episode 6 Summary and Ending Explained: What if Evil Doctor Strange Needed Kahhori?

what if season 2 episode 6 summary and ending explained what if evil strange needs kahhori

We’ve reached the sixth installment of Season 2 in ‘What If…?’ and, having witnessed some truly bizarre scenarios like Peter Quill’s attempt to obliterate Earth and Iron Man engaging in a race against the Grandmaster, today promises an extraordinary experience. This particular episode will delve into the character Kahhori, an entirely original addition to the MCU. Join us as we explore Kahhori’s abilities and uncover her intriguing ties to Asgard and the enigmatic Evil Doctor Strange.

The Tesseract found its way into the hands of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy.

The episode begins with glimpses of Ragnarok, as the Watcher narrates that typically, Odin entrusted the Tesseract to an Earth village once an era of peace was secured. However, in this alternate reality, Odin never had the opportunity to do so, and the Tesseract became lost somewhere on Earth. The narrative then shifts to the present time within the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. Wahta and Kahhori, members of the Mohawk Tribe, are frolicking in the fields when they stumble upon a forbidden section of the forest.

kahhori 2

This area harbors the Forbidden Lake, and Kahhori reveals that the place is considered cursed due to a past battle over a mysterious power source. Instead of uniting the people, the power source led to division, and the site was never cleansed after the conflict, leaving lingering spirits. Wahta and Kahhori push through the dense foliage, discovering the lake. However, their skepticism grows as they observe a family of ducks peacefully residing there, challenging the notion of a curse.

Suddenly, a distant explosion shatters the tranquility, and the two realize that their village is under attack.


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Kahhori becomes one with the Tesseract.

As Wahta and Kahhori witness their village being attacked by the Spaniards in search of the Tesseract, their home becomes collateral damage. Fleeing into the forest, pursued by the Spaniards, they inadvertently tumble into a cave housing the actual Tesseract Lake. The water emanates a faint blue glow, and they instinctively recognize the significance of the place. The Spaniards quickly enter the cave, with Wahta catching their attention. In a bold move, Kahhori throws a stone at a Spaniard to divert their focus, leading to a brief skirmish before she plunges into the glowing lake.

kahhori falls into the lake

Upon contact with the Tesseract, Kahhori finds herself transported to the “Sky World,” encountering Atahraks. Simultaneously, Wahta is whisked away to an unknown destination.

Kahhori ends up in the Sky World

After merging with the Tesseract, Kahhori finds herself transported to an unfamiliar realm. Upon awakening, she discovers that the sky above is vastly different, adorned with multiple celestial bodies instead of the familiar moon and sun. Atahraks, a resident of this peculiar place, elucidates that the extraordinary celestial display is made possible by the Space Stone’s powers. The entire village, comprised of Mohawks like Kahhori, exhibits superhuman abilities, including the manipulation of levitating objects.


Atahraks describes this realm as a paradise where its inhabitants remain ageless and immortal. However, he unveils a caveat—once within, leaving becomes an impossibility. Kahhori notices the portal, suspended high in the sky, seemingly beyond her reach. Although the desire to reunite with Wahta tugs at her, the daunting distance renders the return unattainable.

As for Atahraks, he reveals that he, too, accidentally fell into the Forbidden Lake and was subsequently transported to this “Sky World,” the mysterious domain within the reach of the Space Stone’s influence.

Conquistador Rodrigo Alphonso Gonzolo is on the hunt for the Tesseract

Conquistador Rodrigo Alphonso Gonzolo is on the hunt for the Tesseract in Kahhori’s village, referring to it as the Fountain of Youth. Queen Isabella, having heard of the legends, desires the artifact for herself. At gunpoint, Rodrigo intimidates the local Mohawks. Their lives are spared when other Spaniards, returning Wahta to the village, inform Rodrigo that the Fountain of Youth, also known as the Forbidden Lake, has been discovered.


Simultaneously, Kahhori, now endowed with superpowers in the Sky World, struggles to find an escape route. Despite her newfound abilities, the portal remains just out of reach. Atahraks explains that many have attempted but failed. Kahhori realizes that this Spirit World, far from being a paradise, is, in fact, a prison.

Just as Kahhori is about to make another attempt to break free, the situation takes a turn…

What is “The Hunt”?

Under Atahraks’ guidance, Kahhori is introduced to “The Hunt.” From the ground, visible crystals appear, seemingly ready for harvest. Kahhori is initially puzzled as Atahraks refers to these structures as “fruits,” explaining that they take ages to sprout and, once mature, absorb the energy of the Sky World (powered by the Space Stone). The sound of a horn signals the commencement of the hunt, revealing that these crystalline formations are, in fact, scales from peculiar creatures resembling oversized, mutated buffalos.

kahhori the hunt

The entire tribe engages in the hunt, and Kahhori eagerly joins in, showcasing abilities far surpassing the rest. With lightning speed, she races through the terrain and effortlessly levitates one of the creatures, causing its crystalline scales to disperse in the air. As the hunt concludes, Kahhori emerges as the top collector of scales, earning cheers and applause from the entire tribe.

Kahhori successfully escapes the Sky World.

Meanwhile, in the tangible realm, Rodrigo discovers the Fountain of Youth and dispatches his soldiers to partake in its waters, seeking the gift of immortality. Initially, everything appears normal, but soon, each soldier is drawn into the Tesseract, one by one, and transported to the Spirit World.

what if kahhori reshaped the world 3

Back in the Spirit World, the Mohawks celebrate following the triumphant hunt. However, their festivities are abruptly interrupted by the invading Spaniards, eager to exploit and pillage the enchanting realm. Kahhori thwarts their attack, her resolve solidifying upon seeing a Conquistador wearing her brother’s necklace. She passionately addresses the Mohawks, emphasizing the urgency of their people’s plight, highlighting how their comfort has led to forgetting their responsibilities. Summoning just enough energy, she creates a portal in the sky and urges the tribespeople to join her in the impending battle. Kahhori departs through the portal, leaving behind a rallying call.

Kahhori and the Thunder Beings come to the village’s rescue.

Upon her return, Kahhori witnesses Conquistadors preparing to board the remaining villagers onto ships bound for Europe. The village is in flames, propelling her to race towards the shore. Spotting her, the Conquistadors and Rodrigo, labeling her a witch, unleash their arsenal against her.

Though Kahhori skillfully repels the initial onslaught, she struggles against cannonballs. Eventually, her shield is breached, and she is knocked to the ground. Rodrigo, poised to strike the final blow, is interrupted when the superpowered Mohawks, the Thunder Beings, emerge from the forest, overwhelming the Conquistadors in a stampede.


Regaining her resolve, Kahhori locates her brother amidst the chaos. The Spanish armada lies in ruins, with Rodrigo lifeless on the sandy shore. The village is saved, thanks to the extraordinary powers of Kahhori and the Thunder Beings.

In the subsequent scene, Kahhori finds herself back where her journey began.


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Kahhori heads to the Spanish court to confront Isabella

The Mohawks successfully repel the Spanish attacks, and Kahhori heads to the Spanish court to confront Isabella. She passionately explains that the world is not meant for conquest and that harmony can flourish through peace. Isabella, however, rejects the proposal. In a final attempt at reconciliation, Kahhori shatters Isabella’s throne with her powers, presenting the broken pieces as a peace offering.

kahhori attacks spanish court

Just as the tension peaks, another portal materializes, revealing the sinister incarnation of Doctor Strange. Cynically commenting on the prospects of lasting world peace, he informs Kahhori that he has been searching for her—presumably with aspirations of achieving world domination. The stage is set for a new, ominous chapter in the unfolding saga.

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