‘What If…?’ Season 2 Episode 2 Summary & Ending Explained: What if Star-Lord Was Evil?

what if season 2 episode 2 summary ending expalined what if peter was evil

Over the upcoming nine days, MCU enthusiasts can relish a daily dose of ‘What If…?’ episodes. Commencing with the premiere episode, ‘What If Nebula Joined the Nova Corps,’ the second season of this beloved animated series debuted yesterday, presenting a captivating storyline. Today’s installment takes a unique turn, delving into Peter Quill’s origin. Specifically, we’ll witness the intriguing scenario of Star-Lord assaulting Earth’s Mightiest Heroes alongside his father’s ego. Let’s dive in!

Why is Peter on Earth?

The episode kicks off with Captain Carter and the Avengers pursuing an airborne target entering Earth’s atmosphere at high speed. A missile hits the target, which crash-lands in the heart of New York. The year is 1988, and a pair of policemen stand ready to confront whatever emerges from the space debris. The unexpected figure before them is a displeased young Peter Quill.

The Watcher narrates that Quill is poised to annihilate both Earth and the Universe, evident in his ability to obliterate an entire squad of police cars.

This iteration of Peter Quill shares a similar origin story with the Peter Quill from Earth-615. Kidnapped by Yondu and the Ravagers as a young boy, this variant, unlike Earth-615, wasn’t spared a change of heart. Yondu willingly delivered him to his Celestial father, Ego.

ego and peter

Upon arriving at Ego’s base, Quill’s walkman was replaced not with music but with power. Ego focused on erasing the human side of Peter and instilling his own values. Successful in brainwashing young Peter Quill, Ego molded him to follow in his footsteps and assist in his dark ambitions.


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The Avengers are assembled

Howard Stark and Peggy Carter review Peter’s interstellar activities, noting the destruction of every visited location within 24 hours due to cosmic radiation. Aware of the urgency, Carter plans to assemble Earth’s mightiest heroes.

The 1988 Avengers roster, comprising Hank Pym (Ant-Man), Bill Foster (Goliath), T’Chaka (Black Panther), and Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier), prepares to head to Brooklyn to contain the threat. They encounter Dr. Wendy Lawson (Mar-Vell), whose non-standard Air Force uniform raises Stark’s curiosity. Lawson reveals it’s a Kree Starforce Uniform.

Avengers season 2 what if.jpg

Hank Pym playfully assigns amusing nicknames: Black Panther becomes Cat-Man, Mar-Vell is Space Broad, Goliath is Giant-Man, and Bucky Barnes is Silent-But-Deadly. Mar-Vell reciprocates by dubbing Hank the Crusty Guy.

Thor saves the day but has bad news

Upon reaching Brooklyn, the Avengers confront a scene of total devastation orchestrated by Peter, laying waste to an entire section of the city. Meanwhile, young Peter is at a carnival, fixating on a stand filled with stuffed animals. He telekinetically lifts a raccoon toy and obliterates the others. The Avengers shadow Quill through the Carnival; he enjoys the rollercoaster, and Peggy devises a plan to subdue him.

Ant-Man takes the lead, covering his cotton candy with ants and launching attacks with swarms of flying ants. Quill is led to a house of mirrors, where Black Panther, armed with a proton field, lies in wait. As the proton field activates, red lasers behead the stuffed raccoon toy. Enraged, Peter demolishes the entire house of mirrors, launching Black Panther through the air.

Peter lasers.jpg

Goliath manages to trap him under a metal roof, but Peter detonates it, persisting in his rampage as the Avengers scramble for a strategy to corner and neutralize him. They contemplate a retreat, but Peter attempts to destroy the Quinjet during takeoff. In the nick of time, Thor intervenes, incapacitating the kid with a lightning strike and rendering him unconscious.


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Hope saves the day and makes friends with Peter

Thor briefs the Avengers on the imminent danger posed by the child, revealing his responsibility for the destruction of Asgard and the other realms. Earth stands as the last bastion, as Ego left behind Celestial Seedlings, functioning as fuses. When a Celestial Seedling detonates, the planet is annihilated, bringing Ego closer to his Expansion.

Thor recovered Earth’s Seedling in Missouri. Stark queries why they can’t destroy it, and Thor clarifies that the seedlings are shielded by Celestial energy, only penetrable by a being of Celestial origin.

Hope Van Dyne encounters Peter. Venturing into a restricted area with Hank’s security card, she unintentionally finds herself in the holding cells with Peter. Listening to Corey Hart’s ‘Never Surrender,’ she shares her headphones with Peter, who turns somber, revealing the song was his mom’s favorite. Peter notices Hope’s tight grip on her Walkman and wonders if it belonged to her mom.

Hope and peter 222.jpg

Peter discloses that he was born on Earth in Missouri, not an alien, but was trying to return home, traveling 10 billion light years. Hope, confused, learns Ego destroyed Peter’s mom’s Walkman at the episode’s start.

Hope liberates Peter from the holding cell, dividing the Avengers on how to handle him. Using Pym particles, she shrinks Peter’s cell and advises him to catch a bus to Missouri, offering him his Walkman. Peter departs, and the Avengers apprehend Hope. She asserts that Peter doesn’t want to destroy Earth; it’s Ego, his father, orchestrating the events. Each Avenger contemplates their unique approach to dealing with the situation.

Will Peter help the Avengers?

Ignoring Ego’s telepathic attempts to contact him, Peter remains resolute. Ego realizes his son’s vessel on Earth is compromised and opts to personally conclude the Expansion. The seedling stirs, prompting the Avengers to discern the impending arrival of another alien.

As they strategize, Black Panther suggests letting the Celestials engage in their own conflict. The Avengers encounter Ego in the Mojave Desert, where he demands the seedling’s return. Refusing, the Avengers face an army of Stone Men resembling Ego. Dispatching them easily, Ego escalates, summoning a colossal statue-mountain that proves more formidable.

Thor up against Egos stone men

Peter, eager to assist, is located by Mar-Vell and Ant-Man. Winter Soldier, guided by Russian Intelligence, heads to eliminate Peter with a sniper. Ant-Man, connecting with Peter, shares a heartfelt conversation about loss, relating to their recent experiences with Hope’s mom. Simultaneously, Stark intervenes with Bucky’s radio connection, dissuading him from killing Peter by invoking Steve Rogers.

Meanwhile, Ego gains the upper hand against the Avengers, extending cosmic tendrils to seize the seedling. Ant-Man and Peter arrive in the nick of time, snatching the seedling. In a candid conversation, Ego confesses to killing Peter’s mom for the Expansion. Enraged, Peter utilizes the cosmic seedling to obliterate Ego once and for all.


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The Avengers continue to avenge Ego’s victims

Marvel peter hope and goose

After Ego’s downfall, the Avengers rejoice at Hank’s residence. Peter, now residing with him, Hope, and Mar-Vell, receives an orange cat to play with, presumably Goose. Thor asserts that even though Ego is defeated, his planet persists, and he vows to seek justice. Hank emphasizes their unity as a team, officially solidifying the Avengers. Additionally, it’s revealed that Bucky Barnes has abandoned his service and is currently unaccounted for.

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