‘What If…?’ Season 2 Episode 8 Summary & Ending Explained: What if Peggy Carter Saves 1602?

What If… Season 2 Episode 8 Summary Ending Explained What if Peggy Carter Saves 1602

In the fifth episode of ‘What If…?’, Peggy Carter grapples with the revelation that Steve Rogers is alive inside the Hydra Stomper and ends up facing him in a battle. The episode concludes with little resolution to her challenges, and to compound her troubles, Peggy finds herself transported to the year 1602, encountering Scarlet Witch Merlin, and Nick Fury. Episode 6 introduces Kahhori, recruited by Supreme Strange for an undisclosed purpose. As we approach Episode 8, the unfolding events promise to become even more bizarre, so let’s delve into what transpired.

Captain Carter falls short in preventing the abduction of Queen Hela

The scene unfolds with Loki performing Shakespeare’s Hamlet on stage, drawing boos from his brother, Prince Thor. Amidst the disapproval, a peculiar green portal begins to manifest in the sky. As the portal engulfs Loki, Captain Carter intervenes just in time to save him. However, this rescue proves to be a mere distraction; the true target is Queen Hela. Despite Peggy’s valiant efforts, Queen Hela is abducted, and Thor is promptly crowned king.

loki being sucked into portal

Peggy expresses remorse for her inability to thwart Hela’s abduction, but King Thor dismisses her apology. He orders Peggy’s arrest, but she skillfully escapes. Instead of pursuing her, Thor instructs the Scarlet Witch to summon Peggy, as she was the one responsible for bringing her into their reality. Peggy’s mission was to prevent Hela’s abduction, but since her arrival, the storms have only intensified.


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Peggy faces the daunting task of preventing the collapse of 1602 into itself

As The Watcher elucidates the dire situation to Peggy, she grasps the gravity of the predicament. She describes the intertwining of 1602 and the 21st century as akin to two pieces of gum stuck together, necessitating her to find a solution to unbind them. The Watcher offers to return Peggy to her own reality, but she steadfastly declines, refusing to abandon the fight.

Simultaneously, King Thor presides over a council meeting with his key advisors, including Happy Hogan, Fury, and Scarlet Witch. They deliberate on the course of action and discuss the imminent steps to consider. Scarlet Witch reveals that Peggy is not responsible for the reality incursions; instead, another time traveler from the future is triggering the collapse. Unbeknownst to Thor, Peggy eavesdrops from outside the window, collaborating with Fury. He clarifies her mission: she must identify and locate the first time traveler.

Peggy seizes Yorick’s skull, previously used by Loki in his Shakespeare performance, containing traces of portal energy. She brings it to Tony Stark, known for his scientific prowess even in this universe. Stark examines the skull and discovers small green crystals emitting a peculiar energy. Peggy suggests it might be radiation, but Stark is perplexed.

Tony Stark

Stark inquires if Peggy believes this energy is akin to that emitted by “The Rips.” Peggy affirms, asserting that the source of the chaos shares this energy signature, allowing them to track down the responsible party. Peggy asks Stark if he can trace it, but he explains that the magical power required for such a task is immense, and Thor’s scepter is the only conceivable source.

Given Peggy’s status as a wanted woman, Thor is unlikely to willingly hand over his scepter. The solution now lies in finding the most adept thief for the daring task ahead.

Lang, Bucky, and Rogers Hood form a renegade trio

While Loki travels by carriage, engrossed in discussing the latest Shakespearean work, his wagon falls under attack by a group of outlaws – Scott Lang, Bucky Barnes, and Rogers Hood. Peggy intervenes, and Loki’s carriage narrowly escapes. However, Rogers is incredulous at the sight of Peggy, as Margaret Carter of their world had perished many years ago.

Peggy and the outlaws convene at a tavern to discuss her plan. She willingly addresses all inquiries except those pertaining to Earth-616’s Steve Rogers. To their surprise, Rogers Hood trusts her, and they begin devising a strategy. Their meeting is disrupted by Happy Hogan and his army of Royal Yellowjackets. Possessing powers akin to the Wasp, they wreak havoc in the inn. The outlaw gang emerges victorious until Happy Hogan deploys a mechanical monster resembling the Hydra Stomper to turn the tide.

Lang and Bucky with Rogers Hood.jpg

After a brief skirmish, Peggy decides to surrender herself, instructing Steve to locate Stark and follow his directives. Peggy’s surrender serves as a diversion, allowing the remaining outlaws to escape while she is apprehended and taken to Thor.

Peggy is saved by the Hulk

Peggy finds herself imprisoned and awaiting execution, seemingly at the mercy of Red Skull. The Watcher materializes in her cell, offering her a chance to return to her own reality. Unyielding, Peggy declines. The Watcher elucidates that some worlds are destined to perish, detailing myriad scenarios where she either fails or accelerates the world’s demise.

Disregarding the counsel, Peggy breaks free from her chains, causing a commotion within the castle as guards give chase. She leads them to the cell holding Bruce Banner, and the ensuing chaos triggers his transformation into the Hulk. Peggy leaps onto Hulk’s back, and the two make a daring escape from the castle, eventually rendezvousing with Stark.

the watcher and peggy

Tony shares positive news, revealing the completion of a device designed to locate the Forerunner and return him to his rightful place. The only missing component is the royal gem powering Thor’s scepter. In a timely fashion, Rogers Hood and his band of outlaws arrive, offering assistance. Rogers returns Peggy’s lost shield, a casualty from the earlier inn brawl, as they all ponder how to obtain the crucial royal gem.


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The mission is on

Peggy, Star, Rogers Hood, Lang, Bucky, and Bruce Banner slip into the royal banquet, aiming to pilfer the scepter and set Stark’s device in motion. However, amidst the festivities, “The Rip” abruptly opens. Scarlet Witch struggles to contain it, but time grows scarce. Peggy and her crew abandon their disguises, engaging in a clash against Hogan’s guards.

peggy and rogers disguised

Rogers Hood engages Hogan in a swordfight, inadvertently severing the feather from Hogan’s hat, triggering a transformation into a Purple Hulk. Concurrently, Peggy endeavors to persuade Thor to surrender his scepter. Yet, Thor staunchly refuses and draws the newly acquired Vibranium sword, All-Father, a gift from the King of Wakanda, who is also besieged by The Rifts. Thor attacks Peggy, and when her Vibranium shield clashes with Thor’s sword, a potent wave of energy surges through the hall, imbuing Thor with electrical power.


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Who is the forerunner?

The confrontation between the outlaws and Thor’s court rages on until the Scarlet Witch intervenes, aiming to halt the conflict in the name of saving the world. She magically binds Thor, providing Fury with the opportunity to pilfer the gem. Fury successfully seizes the gem and hands it to Stark, who inserts it into the device. Although the device encounters a momentary glitch, they manage to restart it, and Peggy takes the honor of activating it. A green wave of energy sweeps through the room, revealing the Forerunner to be none other than Steve Rogers.

thor and peggy fight

Steve explains that he ended up in 1602 after an accidental encounter with a gem during his battle with Thanos. Peggy is heartbroken, realizing she must once again part ways with Steve. He consoles her, expressing confidence that somewhere in the vast expanse of existence, they eventually find a happy ending. Peggy activates the device, purging 1602 of the Forerunner. The room clears, and the Universe seemingly resets, leaving Peggy alone.

In the show’s final scene, Strange Supreme appears, informing Peggy that he has an intriguing story to share. He seeks to recruit Captain Carter, along with Kahhori and numerous other heroes, to confront Universe Killers menacing the Multiverse.

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