‘What If…’ Season 2: Who Is White Hela & How Powerful Is She?

who is white hela and how powerful is she

Approaching the conclusion of ‘What If…?’ Season 2, the narratives continue to captivate. From Peter Quill, molded by Ego to become a destroyer of worlds, to Nebula serving within the Nova Corps, the season has introduced formidable characters and revisited iconic MCU storylines. Notably, Hela’s trajectory from Odin’s formidable weapon to an eternal prisoner in Hell takes center stage in Episode 7 of ‘What If…?’. The episode unfolds as a unique redemption story, culminating in Hela’s radiant transformation into the Queen of Life. Join us as we delve into the origins and immense power of the newly unveiled White Hela.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Hela ascended to the role of the Goddess of Life and Queen of Asgard by extending mercy to overcome Odin.
  • Upon taking the Asgardian throne, her abilities underwent a profound transformation, and it is speculated that she now wields Helaforce, akin to Odinforce.
  • The narrative suggests the potential for Hela to embark on a cosmic conquest, not for the purpose of spreading death and chaos, but rather to establish equilibrium and peace alongside the Council of Ta Lo and Xu Wenwu.

Hela’s origin story underwent a reimagining

In the established MCU narrative, Odin banished Hela to Hell due to her escalating destructiveness and a foreseen threat to Asgard. However, in an alternative reality, Odin observed a similar trajectory in his firstborn daughter and opted for a nuanced change. Instead of consigning Hela to Hell, he banished her to Midgard, aiming for her to learn the vital lessons of mercy and a deeper appreciation for life, qualities she had hastily disregarded.


Much like Thor, Odin shattered Mjolnir and divested Hela of her power source. Her crown, symbolizing her authority, was cast to Midgard and rendered unattainable until she grasped the essence of the lesson intended. Hela found herself completely depowered, even experiencing mortal wounds from Wenwu’s soldiers. Nonetheless, undeterred, she sought alliances with ancient factions, driven by a relentless pursuit of vengeance against Odin, Wenwu, and Frigga.

Hela undergoes a transformative lesson on inner peace and balance at Ta Lo

When Wenwu extends an offer for Hela to reclaim her conqueror status, she discerns that serving as a subordinate would not bring her genuine happiness. In a bid to seize the Ten Rings, the source of Wenwu’s power, Hela’s endeavor proves futile. Discovered by Dijiang, she is brought to Ta Lo, where she encounters Jiayi. Jiayi imparts wisdom on the significance of inner peace and balance, elucidating how these aspects of the spirit can yield incredible but non-combative powers. Crucially, Jiayi emphasizes that Hela’s powers can only be regained upon her return to life, discouraging the use of darkness to combat darkness.

ta lo

During this journey, Jiayi prompts Hela to reflect on her true aspirations. Hela recalls a childhood memory playing with young Fenris, where Odin’s act of chaining the beast served as a lesson about loyalty to one’s commander.


Here Is How Odin Defeated Hela in the Comics & MCU

Introducing White Hela & her powers

White Hela emerged during a crucial moment when Midgard faced an attack orchestrated by Odin, driven by his desire to wield the potent 10 Rings, considering mortals unfit for such power. Surprising Odin, Hela resisted joining his conquest, leading to an intense battle where, against expectations, she gained the upper hand and demonstrated mercy.

In a pivotal turning point, Hela’s crown, typically adorned in green and black, was dislodged and returned to her. However, its colors had transformed to radiant white. This transformation symbolized Hela’s profound understanding of the value of life and mercy, transitioning her from the goddess of death to the goddess of life.

Empowered by this surge of radiant energy, Hela defeated Odin, compelling him to kneel and relinquish the throne in her favor. Assuming the leadership of Asgard, she now presumably wields Helaforce, the source of Asgardian godly powers, cementing her status as one of the MCU’s most formidable characters.

Hela and wenwo attacking thanos

Crucially, Hela employs her newfound powers for benevolent purposes, evidenced by her intervention in Thanos’ conquest, thwarting it before it could take root. Remarkably, she achieves this without relying on the Ten Rings or her Asgardian magic, demonstrating that her true strength lies within. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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