‘What if…?’ Season 2: Here’s What Sky World Is & How It’s Connected to Tesseract

heres what Sky World is and how its connected to Tesseract

Season 2 of ‘What If…?’ brought forth Kahhori and Atahraks, showcasing their incredible abilities fueled by the Space Stone. Alongside these characters, the season introduced a mystical realm known as the “Sky World,” named by the Mohawks. This enchanting world provides extraordinary powers, immortality, and serenity. However, as we discovered, departing from this realm is a complex endeavor. Let’s delve into the intricacies of this curious place and its connection to the Tesseract.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Sky World is an alternate plane accessed through the Tesseract portal located at the Forbidden Lake’s depths.
  • Inhabitants of this realm enjoy superpowers and immortality, and its celestial backdrop suggests it exists beyond Earth. There’s speculation that Sky World might be a realm within the Space Stone, mirroring the concept of other Infinity Stones housing their own realms.
  • lternatively, it could be linked to Giizhigong, a Marvel Comics God Realm and pocket dimension adjacent to Earth.

Sky World, though not on Earth, maintains an air of mystery regarding its precise location

Inhabitants found themselves in this extraordinary realm by being drawn through a portal at the lake’s bottom, housing the Space Stone within the Tesseract. The portal served as a gateway to a distinct reality where superpowers were commonplace, and the essence of the Space Stone permeated everything. Sky World exhibited diverse flora and fauna, with celestial bodies in the sky distinguishing it as a separate realm from Earth.

what is spirit world and how its connected to Tesseract

Access to Sky World was exclusive through the portal, which also served as the sole means of departure. Initially suspended in the sky, Kahhori, driven by a desire to escape what she perceived as a “prison,” succeeded in manifesting the portal behind her.

Sky World’s potential connection to the Space Stone sparks theories

Drawing from the common occurrence of Infinity Stones housing entire realms within them, the notion arises that Sky World is a manifestation within the Space Stone. The primary supporting evidence stems from the pervasive influence of Space Stone’s powers, saturating every aspect of Sky World. This stands in contrast to the Tesseract on Earth, where not all surroundings exhibit such infused energies despite the water displaying a distinct blue glow.


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Further reinforcing this theory is the observation that the animals hunted by the Mohawks possessed naturally grown scales infused with Space Stone powers. Additionally, the seemingly effortless manifestation of Space Stone’s abilities within Sky World suggests a unique connection. The immortality and temporal suspension of the Mohawks within this realm hint at a potential absence of conventional time. Although unconfirmed, this theory remains compelling until either substantiated or refuted.

mohawks using space stone powers

Is Sky World Asgard?

Sky World is distinct from Asgard, which faced destruction during Ragnarok long before Kahhori’s birth. The narrative of Kahhori and her people began with the Tesseract landing in Mohawk territory and sinking to the lake’s bottom. The ensuing conflicts over its powers led to the creation of the Forbidden Lake legend.

The Forbidden Lake became a feared locale, with Atahraks recounting numerous tribe members, including his cousin, disappearing over the years, all ending up in Sky World. Given the nonexistence of Asgard within this universe, Sky World cannot be identified as Asgard.

Sky World shares resemblances with Giizhigong from the comics

In the world of ‘What If…?’, episodes often draw inspiration from the comics, and it’s plausible that Sky World took inspiration from Giizhigong. Giizhigong is a God Realm within the Inner Planes, a spiritual dimension adjacent to Earth, serving as the expansive abode for Manidoog beings revered as gods by North America’s indigenous populations. Mystic “Orenda” energies originate from this spiritual plane, empowering the Manidoog with various supernatural abilities. Nexus points, such as Sipapu (“the Place of Emergence”), connect Giizhigong to Earth, with one situated at the confluence of the Colorado River and Little Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. Entities like Thunderbirds and Hobomokko also inhabit this spiritual plane.

Giizhigong from Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme

However, without official confirmation, this remains a possibility, akin to the previous theory, until either debunked or officially acknowledged. Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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