‘What If…?’ Season 2: How Powerful is Kahhori & How Fast Can She Run?

What If… Season 2How Powerful is Kahhori How Fast Can She Run

Season 2 of ‘What If…?’ unveiled a fresh and entirely original superhero named Kahhori, deeply rooted in Native American heritage. Empowered by the Tesseract, Kahhori exhibited a myriad of remarkable feats within the span of a single episode, leaving viewers intrigued about her potential future appearances in other MCU projects or comics. Eager to explore her capabilities, we delve into an analysis of Kahhori’s powers and abilities. Let’s embark on this journey of discovery!

Kahhori’s empowerment stemmed from the Space Stone

Originally a regular human, Kahhori’s life took a dramatic turn when she accidentally gained extraordinary powers after being drawn into the Sky World through a Tesseract hidden at the bottom of an underground lake. Initially unaware of the extent of her abilities, Kahhori gradually realized that she wielded the powers of space-time.

Given her connection to the Space Stone, one might anticipate her mastery over spatial manipulation and teleportation. However, Kahhori’s showcased abilities extended beyond mere transportation, encompassing both formidable defensive and offensive skills. Demonstrating her immense strength, she levitated massive objects, including the Sky World’s hunted creatures. Kahhori displayed a knack for manipulating various objects, from rifles and cannonballs to even controlling the movement of humans.

Kahhori goes for Queen isabella

Notably, Kahhori exhibited a remarkable proficiency in forming potent shields capable of repelling bullets and cannonballs, although she eventually faced overwhelming odds. She also showcased her spatial control by manipulating the Sky World’s portal and teleporting a group of Mohawks to the Spanish court.

In a particularly impactful scene, Kahhori unleashed a small-scale explosion, seemingly instantaneously neutralizing Rodrigo. While such explosive abilities are typically not associated with the Space Stone, one might categorize them as a form of space manipulation, showcasing the depth and versatility of Kahhori’s newfound powers.

Kahhori possessed extraordinary speed

In the Sky World, all Mohawks gained heightened abilities, including super speed, exceptional agility, and impressive acrobatic skills. However, Kahhori elevated her prowess to unparalleled levels. Whether during the hunt or while searching for her brother in the village, she moved at lightning speed, potentially surpassing the sound barrier.

Her acrobatic displays surpassed the capabilities of ordinary humans, showcasing feats that went beyond the limits of even the most skilled Olympic athletes. Empowered by the Space Stone, Kahhori demonstrated physical abilities that transcended the boundaries of human training and skill.


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Kahhori exhibits enhanced durability and apparent immortality while in the Sky World

Upon arriving in the Sky World, Atahraks enlightened Kahhori about the unique trait of immortality within the realm, ensuring that its inhabitants do not age. This immortality was visibly demonstrated when Kahhori, after falling from a significant height and colliding with a tree branch, emerged unscathed.

While it remains uncertain whether Kahhori maintains immortality in the real world, her heightened durability is evident. Enduring numerous bullets and even withstanding a cannonball striking her face, Kahhori, aside from a brief moment of unconsciousness, remained virtually unharmed. It is notable that her body underwent alterations to accommodate the extraordinary speed she now possesses, enabling her to channel the potent powers of the Space Stone.

kahhori levitation

Evil Doctor Strange needs Kahhori due to her powers

Kahhori’s formidable power, fueled by the Infinity Stone, makes her an exceptionally potent force, and the full extent of her abilities remains uncharted. Demonstrating proficiency in manipulating a massive portal, she exhibits access to the core powers linked with the Space Stone. It is evident that Evil Dr. Strange actively sought her out, likely recognizing her unparalleled capabilities, and may seek her alliance in pursuit of his nefarious plans. The depth of Kahhori’s powers positions her as a crucial player in the unfolding events, drawing the attention and interest of even the malevolent forces within the Marvel universe.

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