‘What if…?’ Season 2: Here’s Who Atahraks Is & How He Ended Up in the Sky World

Atahraks and kahorri sky world

Season 2 Episode 6 of ‘What If…?’ unveiled Kahhori, a wholly original superhero in the MCU. Alongside her, a captivating supporting cast was introduced, sharing aspects of her extraordinary powers. One notable character is Atahraks, who, having arrived in the Sky World long before Kahhori, played a pivotal role as her guide through a journey of self-discovery. As Atahraks is a fresh addition to the MCU, there lies a trove of untold stories about his past. To begin unraveling the mystery, let’s delve into the intriguing tale of how he found himself in the Sky World in the first place.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Atahraks, a Mohawk tribesman, found himself transported to the Sky World after falling into Tesseract Lake.
  • In this ethereal realm, he discovered his people living in peaceful immortality, blessed with incredible powers. Despite his extraordinary abilities, Atahraks initially hesitated to join Kahhori’s fight, believing their people were destined for tranquility, away from mortal conflicts.
  • However, he eventually joined Kahhori’s peace talks with Queen Isabella, choosing to honor the legacy of his ancestors by participating in the struggle for peace.

Atahraks found himself in the Sky World in a manner similar to Kahhori.

The apparent gift of immortality from the Sky World makes it challenging to determine Atahraks’ exact age. He recounted falling into the lake after witnessing the disappearance of numerous tribe members, including his cousin, during his youth. Given that Kahhori did not recognize him, it suggests that Atahraks entered the Sky World before her time. Additionally, Atahraks shared that he was crafted from the clay of the Turtle.

who is Atahraks

Atahraks assumed the role of Kahhori’s guide but hesitated to depart from the Sky World

Upon Kahhori’s awakening and the emergence of questions about the unfamiliar realm, Atahraks eagerly assisted her. He revealed the portal connecting to their own world and provided guidance on harnessing her newfound powers effectively.

During the hunt, where strange animals with crystalline scales were pursued, Atahraks commended Kahhori for her successes and offered guidance for any missteps. However, a fundamental disagreement arose between them concerning the purpose of the Sky World.

Atahraks believed that they were brought to this ethereal realm to escape the conflicts of the mortal world, embracing the bestowed powers and immortality. In contrast, Kahhori envisioned their presence in the Sky World as an opportunity to gain powers for a fight against outsiders and Conquistadors. Kahhori invited Atahraks to join her in the struggle, but initially, he declined.


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Atahraks joined forces with Kahhori in her battle against the Spanish crown

Ultimately, he stood alongside Kahhori and the rest of the Mohawk tribe in the confrontation against Rodrigo’s conquistadors. Later, he played a crucial role in the peace negotiations at the Spanish court with Queen Isabella. Given his formidable powers, abilities, and rational perspective, Atahraks proved to be a valuable asset. Anticipation arises for his potential involvement in future projects. Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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