Star Wars: What Is Count Dooku’s Real Name?


One of the things that has always been known about Star Wars is that the Sith Lords tend to adopt new names when they turn to the dark side. Of course, while that may be true, Count Dooku has always been referred to by the name the Jedi have used to refer to him since he was a part of the Jedi Order. He left the Jedi Order and resumed his life as the leader of his planet of Sereno. So, what was Count Dooku’s real name?

Count Dooku’s real name was always Dooku. He was often referred to as Count Dooku of Sereno, as it was never revealed whether or not he had a last name. It is possible that the ruling family of Sereno doesn’t have a family name, and that’s why Dooku was always referred to by his first name.

While some of the other villains in Star Wars have nicknames that tend to be more prominent than their full names, Dooku seems to be an exception because all of the other characters often refer to him by his actual name instead the Sith name that he was given when he turned to the dark side. So, with that said, let’s look at what Dooku’s full name was.

What Was Dooku’s Name as Jedi?

It isn’t a secret that most of the users of the dark side of the Force during the time of the Skywalker Saga used to be Jedi that were tempted to turn over from the side of the light. Some exceptions would be Darth Sidious and Darth Maul, who’ve always been users of the dark side. But one character that turned to the dark side quite late in his life was Dooku, who started off as a Jedi.

As a Jedi, Dooku was a gifted duelist that many regarded as the best of his time and was on par with the likes of Mace Windu. Due to his gifts, he eventually became a Jedi Master that trained a similarly gifted Padawan in the form of Qui-Gon Jinn. But when Dooku became disillusioned by just how blind the Jedi Order was to the corruption of the Republic, he left the Jedi. He secretly joined up with Palpatine to become a Sith Lord and the new apprentice to the dark lord of the Sith.

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When he became a Sith Lord, he became known as Darth Tyranus because Sith Lords must use new names to distinguish themselves from their older selves. As such, Dooku secretly plotted with Palpatine to overthrow the Republic by working as the Separatists’ leader. And that was when he became the prime antagonist of the Clone Wars era.

But while Dooku was known as Darth Tyranus during the Clone Wars because he carried his mantle as a Sith Lord, we all know that he didn’t always carry that name. So, what was Dooku’s name when he was still a Jedi?


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Dooku was always named Dooku because that was his given name. That means he was called Dooku when he was a Jedi and even before he joined the Jedi Order. Because he spent decades with the Jedi Order before he left, most Jedi simply refer to him as Dooku instead of using his Darth Tyranus Sith name.

Not many people call Dooku Darth Tyranus during the events of the Clone Wars because he was always known as Dooku. Sidious and a few other Separatists often called him Tyranus. But whenever he confronted the Jedi, they would call him Dooku instead.

Did Count Dooku Have a First Name?

Many other Star Wars characters are referred to by their family names. For example, not many people know that Palpatine’s name is Sheev. His family name often refers to him, but he was born Sheeve Palpatine before he became Darth Sidious. So, in that regard, did Count Dooku have a first name?

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We don’t know whether Dooku had any name other than Dooku. As such, there’s a good chance that he was always named Dooku and that this was his first name. That means that there’s a good chance that he never had a family name at all. And this would make sense if you know a bit about his background story.

Even though Dooku used to be a Jedi Master before he became a Sith Lord, he was born to a noble family on Sereno. He belonged to the ruling family on his homeworld, meaning he was born to rule. Nevertheless, because he was sensitive to the Force, he was allowed to train as a Jedi when he was young.


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But when Dooku left the Jedi Order due to his disillusionment, he returned to Sereno to take his place as the rightful leader of the planet. He is often called Count Dooku because the leaders of the planet of Sereno were called counts or countesses. And because he came from his planet’s ruling family, there’s a good chance that his family never practiced having family names.

His full name is Count Dooku of Sereno, and there’s a good chance that the ruling family of Sereno is referred to using the “of Sereno” title instead of a proper family name. This gives his family members the distinction of being the rulers of the planet of Sereno. As such, it is possible that Dooku never had a true family name due to his noble lineage on his home planet.

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