What Is Crying Obsidian in Minecraft? & What Does It Do?

What Is Crying Obsidian In Minecraft And What Does It Do?

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Minecraft 1.16 (aka the Nether update) has brought the Nether into the spotlight. Netherite has supplanted Diamond as the best material in the game; new mobs can be found, Piglin will trade or attack you. These major changes have resulted in a change in function for several existing items, which are almost exclusively associated with adventures in the Nether. One of these materials is crying obsidian. So what does crying obsidian do in Minecraft?

Crying Obsidian is also known as bleeding obsidian for its appearance, is a solid block that is rare in Minecraft world but a very useful block that can be used for teleporting and decoration. It is a block that a player should definitely know about. Crying obsidian in Minecraft is a purple block that allows players to craft the Respawn anchor or use it as a decorative material.

It is a valuable item as it is used to create a respawn anchor that is used for setting spawn points. Originally abandoned by developers to implement a change-spawn obelisk. It was brought back into the game along with Nether update on Feb 26, 2020. Read on to find more about this extremely useful material.

What Is Crying Obsidian In Minecraft?

What Is Crying Obsidian In Minecraft And What Does It Do?

It is a luminous form of Obsidian that releases purple particles wherever it is placed. In other words, it is an incredibly resilient building block.

This decorative block is found in Minecraft. It is a rare block of purple color that releases bright particles that look like crying butterflies with a purple glow on them. The light emitted is similar to a Redstone signal strength given by a comparator.

Crying Obsidian has been added as a Respawn Anchor in Minecraft 1.16. Respawn Anchors allow players to respawn in the Nether and set the point in which they will respawn.

You will need six Crying Obsidian and three Glowstone – a common material found in the Nether – to make a Respawn Anchor in Minecraft. You can build a Respawn Anchor on your own by putting all these items into your inventory and placing them on a crafting table. 

Apart from helping the player to decorate and craft respawn anchor, it emits light of level 10, unlike regular obsidian which does not emit any light. Mined using a diamond pickaxe or Netherite pickaxe, it can be mined in a shorter time than regular obsidian.

How To Obtain Crying Obsidian?

The only way to obtain Crying Obsidian is to trade with a Piglin in the Nether. Make sure you have gold armor on before trying to do so. The least gold is needed for the gold helmet.

Piglins are hostile by default, and will only trade with you if you wear gold. If you give the Piglin a gold ingot, he will reward you with an item. If the Piglin trades you Crying Obsidian for the Gold Ingot, you have an 8.84% chance of receiving it. Piglins may receive 1-3 obsidian crying ingots when they receive a gold ingot. To get crying obsidian in exchange, you normally have to offer around five gold Ingots.

The most common place to find crying Obsidian is ruined portals. Not all of the portals contain crying obsidian but there are many portals that a player can come across and chances are some of them may have it.

The final way to acquire crying obsidian is from chests located in Bastion Remnants. Bastian Remnants are dangerous places to navigate and survive. If you’re only looking for Obsidian then you can prefer the above methods to obtain it.

It is mined using Diamond Pickaxe and Netherite Pickaxe. And if you don’t have Diamond or Netherite Pickaxe then I’ve got the correct way to craft them.

How Can You Craft A Diamond Pickaxe For Mining Crying Obsidian?

Diamond pickaxe has the advantage of durability over other pickaxes (except Netherite). It can last longer than all the pickaxes in Minecraft and thus is very useful in mining for a large number of blocks. However, in normal circumstances, you do not need to mine a large amount of crying obsidian but without a Diamond pickaxe or Netherite pickaxe, you cannot extract it at all. (You can read about Netherite below)

Here’s the step-by-step guide to craft a Diamond pickaxe in Minecraft.

1.    Gather wood

Get few logs of wood from any tree that you find nearby.

2.    Create planks

With the help of the crafting table, place all the logs in a single cell of the grid to create in the output box.

  3.    Create Sticks

Now, place two planks in the center column of the crafting grid, one in each of the bottom and middle cells of your crafting table to create sticks. 

4.    Get diamonds

Mine three iron ore pieces with the help of an Iron pickaxe. You’ll get diamond ores in cave or mines of level 12-15. 

5.    Place the sticks

Then place two sticks in the center column of the crafting grid, one in each of the bottom and middle cells of your crafting table. 

6.    Place the diamonds

Put the diamond in the top-left, middle-center, and top-right cells of the crafting grid. 

7.    Get into the swing of things

Heft your diamond pickaxe and watch sunlight shining through its tip. After swinging a couple of times for checking its balance, you can use it for mining the crying obsidian or any other material.

Diamond Pickaxe has a durability of 1561.


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How To Craft A Netherite Pickaxe For Mining Crying Obsidian?

What Is Crying Obsidian In Minecraft And What Does It Do?

Netherite pickaxes are the strongest in Minecraft and one of the two pickaxes that you can use to mine crying obsidian. A new item in Minecraft was introduced in the game during the Nether update. It is the most durable pickaxe in the game, lasting longer than the rest of the pickaxes.

Here is the step-by-step process to craft a Netherite Pickaxe.

1.    Go to the Smithing table, so that you have an upgrade gear menu. 

2.    Add items as per the Netherite pickaxe recipe, 1 diamond pickaxe in the first box and 1 Netherite ingot in the second box. A Netherite pickaxe will appear in the result box. 

3.    Place the Netherite pickaxe in inventory. 

4.    Here you have created a Netherite pickaxe that can be used to mine crying obsidian. 

The durability of the Netherite pickaxe is 2031. 

The durability points of any tool are important and must be spent carefully. There are also many enchantments such as Unbreaking and mending that can be used to increase the durability and health of any item. But if you do not have items to enchant your pickaxe, then using it frugality is important. 

What Does Crying Obsidian Do?

Crying anchor has two main uses in Minecraft. It is used for decoration and creating a spawned anchor.

Dying in Minecraft is awful and dying in the Nether is even worse. You have to trek the long way from your home base to the overworld, not to mention the risk of the kit getting burned because of fire or lava. Thus, a respawn anchor is an extremely useful tool in Minecraft to quickly spawn to a set point. To craft crying obsidian into a respawn anchor, six crying obsidian and three glowstone are required that helps in setting the spawn in Nether.

The player can create respawn anchor using the Obsidian anchor that is used to set spawn points in Nether. It has zero charges at the time of crafting and can’t be used until the glowstone block is used with it. Glowstone block adds charge to the anchor upon which texture of block changes and it starts emitting light.

To set the spawn position of the player, the anchor must be charged and the player needs to click on it. The Player’s respawn position confirmation will appear on the screen that the player can see. Every time a player dies, he is spawned near the anchor after which the charge of the anchor decreases by 1.

If attempted to set spawn at a charged respawn anchor then the block explodes and is destroyed. An explosion has the power of 5 and can burn the surrounding blocks.

The purpose of Crying Obsidian is to create portals to The Nether. The purple particles released by obsidian while it is being cried light up a small space. During the Nether Update, a new block will be introduced called the crying obsidian. Additionally, Crying obsidian actually emits light, which is so different from regular obsidian.

Can You Use Crying Obsidian To Make A Portal?

Crying Obsidian can be used to make portals that can be used to travel longer distances than one can do using regular nether portals. When you form a nether portal using 8 crying obsidian, for every block in nether you will be able to travel 8 blocks in the overworld. However, if you wish to travel farther, you can build a nether portal using 16 cryings obsidian. By doing this, you are able to travel 16 blocks in the overworld for everyone in the underworld.

This is a great solution for the player who wants to travel distant biomes from home base without breaking the game. Even if the crying obsidian is not very common, having the ability to travel far away would be an interesting addition to the game.

However, if your base coincides with a boring place such as a wasteland with your only neighbor being a basalt delta without bastions, the nether becomes very boring and forces you to go over the top to move around.

Nether portals beneath the sea

The nether portal cannot be placed underwater at the moment. However, it shouldn’t change exactly as you would expect it to. If you put crying obsidian in the same frame as the regular nether portal, you will be able to see it.

A good reason to do so is:

1. Since nether portals aren’t waterlogged gable, a lot of people have underwater conduit-powered bases, which makes accessing the nether a challenge. This can ruin the existing ambiance of the base. 

2. Bartering with Piglins will get you Crying Obsidian, which is mostly found in the nether. Making an underwater portal would be a better option because you can make more things with it, and go directly from the fire nether to the water nether, but this would require more experience and would be later in the game.

3. A crying obsidian was added to the game in the nether update. Having another use for this block would be great, and since it is a different type of obsidian instead of a whole new block, it won’t be too hard. Additionally, crying obsidian is called crying obsidian, which refers to water. 

4. The overworld is connected to the nether, so why not include the underwater parts of the overworld? It shouldn’t be possible right from the beginning, but as you play through the game, you should be able to unlock access from the ocean to the nether, so you can have more freedom with your builds. 

Deep Nether

By making a portal similar to the nether portal, you can get there with the new block crying obsidian. When you are in the nether, you can turn on the portal. There are many lava fire magma blocks in the portal, making it difficult to travel there because of the lava. The terrain will be filled with lava islands, hot surfaces, and a boss you have to kill if you want great loot.

Located in deep nether castle, you need to defeat 3 different types of guardians to get to the boss. These types of guardians are scattered around the castle. The boss will spawn in the boss room.

Now that we have learned how to make a portal using Crying obsidian, let’s learn how to make Crying obsidian. 


How to Make a Nether Portal in Minecraft?

How To Make Crying Obsidian In Minecraft?

What Is Crying Obsidian In Minecraft And What Does It Do?

Minecraft introduces crying obsidian in the Nether update and similar to regular obsidian in appearance, but unlike regular obsidian blocks, it glows with purple light and also emits purple color particles.  

Let us see how we can make a crying obsidian portal in Survival Mode.

1. Search for a ruined portal.

Find a ruined portal. Ruined portals spawn in the game naturally. They look similar to a nether portal with misses’ pieces. Found in Overworld as well as in the Nether dimension, it is available in every biome within both these dimensions including underground and underwater. 

2. Locate a crying obsidian block.

Search for a crying obsidian block. Look for the frame of the ruined portal but in a broken portal it may be found lying nearby on the ground. It’s simple to spot because of its purple glow. It may happen that crying obsidian is not present In the ruined portal that you’re looking for. Then you should search in other ruined portals. 

3. Next use a Diamond or Netherite pickaxe to mine the crying obsidian.

Use the pickaxe in your hand to use it. Hold the pickaxe in your hand by selecting it in the Hotbar. 

4. Obsidian is crying. Mine it.

The block will break when a small piece of crying obsidian appears. As soon as it touches the ground, it will float. You should grab it as soon as you can.

How Do You Make Obsidian Cry?

This easter egg allows players to change the texture of crying obsidian to old crying obsidian in the Minecraft Programmer art resource pack.

It is clear that Crying obsidian has practical uses, but I like to refer to Crying obsidian as Stoic obsidian; it is resilient, strong, purple while giving your Nether a regal appearance. The list goes on.

Crying obsidian is a rare item, which makes it even more desirable, and its utility makes it even more valuable. 

Is Crying Obsidian Stronger Than Regular Obsidian?

 Crying obsidian has greater resilience and durability than regular obsidian. Because it is useful in so many cases, it is a solid block that every player should have. It is more resistant to explosions and can withstand higher blast damage.

As with obsidian, crying obsidian is a resilient building material. With a blast resistance of 1,200, it is very durable. Additionally, it cannot be pushed by pistons or destroyed by the ender dragon. The respawn anchor is a block that enables players to respawn in the Nether.

The explosion resistance of obsidian, along with the blast resistance of anvils in survival mode, makes it suitable for building explosion-resistant structures. The ender dragon is also unable to destroy Obsidian, nor can it be pushed by pistons.

 The entity can be placed in your inventory and can be obtained through Survival. The texture of Crying Obsidian may differ from that of Obsidian so that you can integrate it into the walls of your home. The only pickaxe you can use to mine it is either a diamond or a Netherite one. You will permanently ruin the block if you use anything else.

Crying obsidian is explosion-proof. Even adding more TNT doesn’t do any harm to it. Hence, the structure that it builds is rock solid and can be used as a protective material in many cases.

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