What Is Shinjutsu in Naruto, How Strong Is It & How Does It Compare to Other Techniques?

What is Shinjutsu in Naruto, How Strong Is It & How Does It Compare to Other Techniques?

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A jutsu is a mystical art (or technique) used by ninjas in battle. The use of the jutsu requires the use of chakra. To perform the ninja technique, two chakra energies are combined and released. By forming hand seals, the ninja is capable of performing the desired technique. Due to a large number of hand seal combinations, there is the potential for new techniques not yet discovered. In this article, we are going to focus on a very special form of jutsu, the Shinjutsu, as it was seen in the Naruto franchise. We are going to tell you what it is, how strong it is and how it compares to some other techniques.

Shinjutsu is the highest level of martial arts, and it is predominantly practiced by Ōtsutsuki clan members. This kind of technique use is regarded as a phenomenon on par with miracles. Amado asserts that all forms of ninjutsu are only attempts at imitating the original shinjutsu techniques. These techniques are not that numerous and are very rare in the series.

The rest of this article is going to tell you the small number of details we know about Shinjutsu and how it compares to other techniques. We have decided to give you a list of the known Sghinjutsu techniques as well, as we thought that the best way for you to fully understand the value of these techniques is to see what they are and what they can do.

What is Shinjutsu in Naruto?

Shinjutsu is the highest level of martial arts, and it is predominantly practiced by Ōtsutsuki clan members. This kind of technique use is regarded as a phenomenon on par with miracles. Amado asserts that all forms of ninjutsu are only attempts at imitating the original shinjutsu techniques. These techniques are not that numerous and are very rare in the series. This is, sadly, all we know about these techniques, as they are quite obscure and the only thing we can do is an individual analysis of each of the techniques that will illustrate just how important and powerful they are.


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Types of Shinjutsu

The known Shinjutsu techniques are:

Claw Mark

Claw Marks

The Claw Mark is a technique used by Code. Code is capable of leaving marks of black studded bands on any surface, extending several meters away from him. Once applied, Code can freely and instantly move to any of them, even if they are in a different space-time. Only Code is able to move through them, however, he can move another individual along with him.



Daikokuten is a technique accessible through Isshiki Ōtsutsuki’s dōjutsu. The technique allows Isshiki to store objects that he has previously reduced in size using Sukunahikona in a dimension where there is no flow of time. Isshiki can retrieve them at will and increase their size for various purposes. The objects are released and enlarged at such a speed that an individual like Koji Kashin in Sage Mode was taken by surprise. Apparently, among the objects, he can release are a series of large black cubes that he can freely manipulate, and have the ability to inhibit sensory abilities.

Disruption Cube

Isshiki27s Cube

Large black cubes that can hinder Sensor Type people’s skills can be summoned by the user. The Compression Rasengan in the anime had the ability to harm one of the cubes.


K3Fma data

When triggered, Kama substantially increases the user’s physical prowess and jutsu capability and has the ability to absorb strikes that use chakra, such as ninjutsu. Kâma can be employed to open rifts to any location at will, including extraterrestrial dimensions, as a support for Space-Time Ninjutsu. Since only Jigen was able to use it by himself, Boruto and Kawaki had to work together to use it, suggesting that this power is highly sophisticated.

Kâma from Kawaki and Boruto can be heard resonating when they are close together. They seem to be able to release whatever they have previously absorbed when their Kamas resonate. The source of this resonance appears to be Kama, which Kawaki obtained via Isshiki (via Jigen) and Boruto from Momoshiki. According to Isshiki and Amado, it was this resonance that made it possible for Kawaki and Boruto’s Kama to escape more quickly than they had anticipated.


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Although Kawaki’s Kâma can synchronize with Jigen’s to create a space-time fissure, the two do not resonate because Kawaki did not experience this abrupt growth before coming into contact with Boruto. When Kawaki first met Boruto, he was able to engage the seal at will, and three years later, so could Boruto. Jigen was fully capable of triggering the seal whenever he desired.

Kawaki’s adjacent activation of his Kama also had the potential to forcefully activate Boruto’s Kama. With science’s help, Isshiki was able to transmit his kama from Jigen to other people, however with a poor success rate due to the fact that out of the fifteen test subjects that have been revealed, thirteen were verified to be dead, with Kawaki being the sole compatible recipient. A doorway to Jigen’s location might be opened by forcing Kawaki’s Kama to synchronize with his own. Jigen also demonstrated the capacity to absorb the chakra of beast-like entities.

Kāma Rift

K3Fma Rift 1

The Time-Space Ninjutsu of the Ōtsutsuki Clan is this method. The user makes a rift that allows him to travel as well as others, including to other dimensions. Jigen may surprise targets and bring them close to him using the portal structure, and he can also quickly avoid opponent strikes. Ōtsutsuki can synchronize this technique with the Kāma-bearer, which enables him to use the mark to travel to the host’s location.

To avoid the Fuuinjutsu, two Kama bearers might work together to open a breach between their marks. Similar to how Isshiki transferred Kawaki using Naruto’s chakra, which was utilized to power the latter’s mechanical arm, the user can create a rift to teleport the target towards themselves even if the target wearer does not possess Kama.

Rasengan: “Unison”

The Rasengan Unison

The Rasengan: “Unison” happens when one person pours their energy into the other while activating their individual Kāma, substantially enhancing the Rasengan’s size and explosive strength.

Reflection Shinjutsu

Daemon Repels Kawaki

With the aid of this shinjutsu, a person can reflect an opponent’s strikes back at them. Even the mere consideration of attacking the user will reflect the attacker’s anticipated move back at them. Daemon’s palms must be in contact with another person in order for this power to work, extending to that person as well.



The Senrigan is the dōjutsu of Ada. With the aid of this power, the user is able to travel back in time to any moment between their birth and the present and hear and see everything that was happening at that time.


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Isshiki Ōtsutsuki developed a technique known as “Sukunahikona” that enables items to instantly alter in size, shrinking to a microscopic scale before growing or returning to their original size. For the human eye, resizing occurs too quickly, so when objects return to their original size, they seem to emerge out of thin air.

After Kaguya’s treachery, Isshiki Ōtsutsuki employed this technique when on the verge of death to penetrate Jigen’s body, enabling him to survive in it like a parasite before taking control of his mind. This move is employed both offensively and defensively by Isshiki Ōtsutsuki. Before engaging in combat, he adjusts the stakes’ size, throws them at the adversary, and then abruptly returns to the original size.

As a result, the enemy has little time to dodge the assault and finds it difficult to anticipate it coming. Isshiki can also alter his size to deflect strikes and combine this with the absorbing power of his kama. He might also utilize this to protect himself against things that Kama cannot absorb, like putting out natural flames.

Isshiki can shrink a portion of the target object as well, for example, causing a building to collapse or eliminating a portion of the roof. Shrinking is not limited to the entire item. When Isshiki is in his normal form, he may use this method to store objects in the pocket dimension without the need for hand seals, unlike when Isshiki is in Jigen’s body.


This actually brings us to the end of our coverage of the known Shinjutsu techniques. There probably are more, but the series is slowly moving forward and digging deeper into the lore, which is why we’ll probably have to update this article in the future.

How does the Shinjutsu’s strength compare to other techniques?

It is difficult to assess the power of all the known Shinjutsu techniques as a group. Individually, each technique is among the strongest in the whole series, so it would be necessary to analyze each technique individually for a proper comparison. What we do know is that the Shinjutsu are considered to be exceptionally valuable and powerful, as they are on par with miracles. Now, whether every Shinjutsu technique is equally powerful is debatable, but the Shinjutsu as a whole are certainly among the most powerful techniques in the whole series.

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