What is the DC Equivalent of the Infinity Stones?

What is the DC Equivalent of the Infinity Stones?

Infinity Stones were at the center of the MCU from the moment they were introduced. They were sought out by the main villain Thanos, who wanted to assemble them and use them to delete half of the universe. Since they are such a prevailing part of the MCU it would be logical to question if they have a DC counterpart. So what are the infinity stones in DC universe?

DC doesn’t have a direct equivalent of the Infinity Stones but depending on the perspective from which you look at them they could be substituted by The Emotional Spectrum Power Rings, Mother boxes, and The Anti-Life equation.

If you would like to know more about these items and how they differ from the Infinity Stones and what are some of the characteristics they share keep reading.

What is the DC equivalent of the Infinity Stones?

Although DC has its fair share of magical heroes and some character like Raven and John Constantine are among fan-favorite characters. As such, there are a plethora of magical items that can match the Infinity Stones.

That being said, Infinity Stones are a set and a collection of items that have the same power does not exist in the DC Universe. Despite this, we can find a few similar items depending on the different perspectives applied to Infinity Stones.

A power equivalent- The Emotional Spectrum Power Rings

What is the DC Equivalent of the Infinity Stones?

In the sense of a collection of items with similar power, the DC version of Infinity Stones would be The Emotional Spectrum Power Rings.

All sentient beings in the universe fuel the Emotional Electromagnetic Spectrum with their emotions. The spectrum was channeled into creating seven unique forms of energy each corresponding with one color. Eventually, some races decided to harness the power of their energy.

There is a prophecy regarding The Emotional Spectrum saying that the energy will be harnessed by the Lantern Corp which will eventually go to war with each other fueled by the Darkest Night Prophecy in an event known as the War of Light.


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The seven colors of the spectrum and their correspondent emotions are red for rage, orange for Avarice, yellow for fear, green for willpower, blue for hope, indigo for compassion, and violet for love. There is also the addition of black and white lights which represent life and death. 

People who feel a great deal of range can use the red ring and tap into the red light. Although it provides the user with a lot of power it corrupts the hearth and blood. 

Orange ring harnesses their power from enormous greed. The wielders of orange rings are able to use the orange light to steal the identities of people they kill.

The yellow light uses the emotion of fear and causes its wielders to instill fear in others. One of the most popular yellow rings is Sinestro.

The green light has the least influence on the wielder of the ring, but can only be used by people possessing the strongest of wills. Green Lanterns are an organization that ensures peace in the universe.

The blue light represents hope and it can be wielded by anyone who is capable of bringing hope for the future to others. It is the most powerful light and as such the most difficult to master and understand. It can only function to the fullest of its abilities in the proximity of the Green Light and often increases its power by draining yellow, orange, and red light.

Indigo light can be harvested by anyone who has great compassion for others. The power is most often used to heal sick and wounded beings. The wielders of this color can often use the power of other colors and even become members of other corps for a time.


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Violet light can only be used by ones feeling great love or the ones who lost a great love. They use their powers through the Star Saphire which helps them in fulfilling their purpose of spreading love. 

The rings exist as separate entities but there was an occasion when they were all wielded by a single person. Most people believed it was impossible but they were proven wrong when Kyle Rayner, a member of the Green Lantern Corps members wielded all of the Emotional Spectrum rings at the same time.

This allowed him to harness the power of the entire Emotional Spectrum at once, however, this took an enormous toll on him once the Rings were removed. He began to bleed and became considerably weakened, which left him helpless before the Oans. 

A central point of the movie universe- Mother Boxes

What is the DC Equivalent of the Infinity Stones?

Infinity Stones were the center of the overarching plot in the MCU for the last 10 years all the way until Endgame. DCEU is not as big as MCU and doesn’t have many overarching plot points, but the closest thing to Marvel’s plot including Thanos is the Man of Steel trilogy. From that perspective, the equivalent of the Infinity Stones would be the Mother boxes.

The Mother boxes were first introduced during the Justice Language movie as perpetual energy matrixes of Apokoliptian origin. The movie portrayal differs a bit from the comics since they were originally depicted as supercomputers, but the narrative was extended to the movies in a way as well.

In the movies, mother boxes were brought to Earth by Steppenwolf during his first invasion of Earth. He intended to use the Mother boxes to terraform the Earth to be just like Apokolips. 

However, he was defeated after humans, Amazons and Atlantians united and left them on Earth. To ensure this never happens again, each group was entrusted with protecting one of the leftover Mother boxes.


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In the comics, Mother Boxes were created using Element X, the purest form of creation which is capable of defeating anything from the Dark multiverse. The boxes were created by a New Genesian scientist Himon.

Although a part of their power was the terraforming ability which was shown in the movies their original power set goes beyond that with capabilities of teleportation and energy manipulation. The powers boxes possess are so enormous that not even their original users, the Gods of New Genesis understood them or knew their full extent.

These other abilities are also touched upon in the movies where we see the boxes being used by Silas Stone to save his son’s life and thus creating Cyborg. The box repaired all the injuries Victor sustained and merged him with the nearby lab technology.


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The sentient aspect of the boxes wasn’t explored as much in the movies but is very present in the comics. The boxes were shown bonding with their owners and self-destructing after their death. The boxes were also shown to sacrifice themselves for causes they found worthy.

There are also a few artifacts with similar powers such as the Father boxes, which are an Apokoliptian version of the boxes, and the orphan box, created by Father Time. Both possess almost the same powers as the Mother boxes and derive their powers from the Source.

An item of interest to the main villain-The Anti-Life Equation

What is the DC Equivalent of the Infinity Stones?

In case you didn’t notice despite the obscene amount of foreshadowing in the MCU movies during the last 10 years, Thanos is after the Infinity Stones so he could unite them and use them to achieve his goals.

Although there are a few different villains who could be considered the DC equivalent of Thanos, most people will settle on Darkseid, and Darkseid’s Infinity Stones is The Anti-Life Equation.

The Anti-Life Equation is a transcendental mathematical equation and allows the person who knows it to dominate any sentient race by controlling their wills.


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The formula essentially implies that once it comes down to it all life is hopeless and it can be mathematically proven. This perpetuates the idea that any resistance to this concept is pointless and ultimately causes despair and a state of giving up in people who saw the formula.

The formula can be written in any human language, however, it usually displays itself with fiery alien symbols. It contains a combination of human emotions that will render your opponent in a complete state of despair. 

The only known antidote to the Anti-Life Equation is the Metron Emblem which embodies the ideals of freedom and hope. Once people subjected to the Equation are presented with the Metron Emblem its effects are lessened significantly. Metron Emblem starts to take its effect once the person is presented with its symbol.

Darkseid uses the Equation by speaking it out loud to people he wished to affect and then taking control of their minds once the Equation starts taking its effects.

Besides being the main objective of the biggest villain in the DC universe, Anti-Life Equation doesn’t have any big similarities with the Infinity Stones and their powers.

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