What Is Darkseid’s True Form & How Powerful Is It?

what is darkseids true form and how powerful is he

Everything you know about the rule of Apokalips applies only to the Darkseid we all know and love (All Hail Darkseid!) from the Prime-Earth continuity of DC Comics. But, this powerful deity is just a fragment of Darkseid, i.e., his true form. True form, we say? Yes! There is a running rumor that the Darkseid we all know is just one of an infinite number of avatars of the true Darkseid. So, who is that true Darkseid, you wonder? Let us see.

Darkseid’s true form explained

People usually perceive Darkseid as the New God we’ve seen in the comics. Yes, the guy who conquers planets and loses to Doomsday, Superman, Batman, and others. But, we must stress that much of this is still shrouded in mystery, which seems to be only one of Darkseid’s forms.

In The Multiversity Guidebook, the Highfather, also a New God and Darkseid’s brother, states that each reality – past, present, and future – has its own version (avatar) of Darkseid. This means that Darkseid is actually an omnipresent, non-corporeal being fragmented so that he can be present in every possible reality.

As far as we know, only actual multiversal deities (The Presence in DC Comics and The One Above All in Marvel) and Dr. Manhattan have these abilities, which would put Darkseid – his true form, that is – very high on the list of the most powerful beings in the history of comic books.

What is Darkseid's True Form?

Sadly, not much is known besides this remark by his brother. Throughout the history of comic books, Darkseid’s true form did make several cameo-type appearances, but it was never fully revealed, nor did it play a major part in most storylines. Why? Simply because the true Darkseid doesn’t really care about such trivial things. He is so powerful and above the general concepts of reality that he doesn’t even bother intervening, opting to just send some of his avatars to do the job.


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So, when did this true form actually appear?

In Final Crisis, Darkseid is said to be able to cast a gigantic shadow above the whole Multiverse, thus proving that he transcends all of reality and existence and not just the ones we’ve most often seen him in.

Darkseid’s multiversal presence

Likewise, the Flash (Barry Allen) stated that his falling is so dangerous that he would take the whole multiverse down with him. Darkseid falling would destroy existence. He was also able to create a singularity so powerful that it was swallowing up the Multiverse itself, as the Green Lanterns witnessed.

In the Pre-Crisis area, Darkseid was able to take control of a total of 3,000,000 Daxamites (humanoid aliens with powers similar to Kryptonians) without any help whatsoever.

How powerful is Darkseid’s true form?

Now that we’ve given the character some thought let us see how powerful the true Darkseid actually is.

First, we must say that Darkseid’s true form has the same abilities as any of his avatars. This alone makes him immensely powerful, but that’s actually not his limit. Namely, in his true form, Darkseid is more of an abstract entity than a true being. He is a non-corporeal god that exists on a higher level of existence itself. He is usually depicted as being the god most often associated with evil and tyranny, which suits him perfectly if you think about it.

As for his exact abilities, they are as numerous as they are unknown. He can transcend reality and change his shape and size. He can manipulate creation and death (as he is a god), devour a person’s mind and soul, manipulate reality, and even create black holes (see above). He is also god-level immortal as if the other powers weren’t enough.

And this is what we know about Darkseid’s true form. For real, this time. The thing is that this guy is really mysterious, and not much is known about him; even his existence, albeit confirmed, is shrouded in mystery. No one knows what he looks like, and why he hasn’t caused more trouble than he did is still a mystery, so we can only hope that the writers at DC will give us more information sooner rather than later.


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This is the story of Darkseid’s true form. The avatars, powerful as they are, are just weaklings compared to the New God’s true form, which transcends regular existence and is, in a lot of ways, unfathomable to us mortals. We’ve seen just how powerful that form is and what it can do (roughly, as no one really knows the true extent of Darkseid’s true powers), and all we can say before we wrap this up is – All Hail Darkseid!

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