What Is the Sea Train in One Piece, Who Made It & How Does It Work?

What Is the Sea Train in One Piece, Who Made It & How Does It Work?

Pirates usually travel by sea and to do that, they usually travel by ship. Their own ship. Now, you’ve rarely seen pirates travel by other means, but Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece is a pirate series that likes to change things and in it, you will find means of transportation not often seen in pirate stories. One of them is a maritime train known as the Sea Train, which is an uncommon, but fairly popular means of transport. In this article, we have decided to tell you everything we know about the Sea Train.

The Sea Train is a train navigating on the surface of the sea via floating rails. It is a means of transport. At the moment, there are three: two built by Tom, a legendary shipbuilder from the city of Water 7, and one built by Galley-La Company. There are additional sea trains shown in the New World, but they are not considered canon since they appeared only in one of the movies.

The rest of this article is going to focus on the Sea Train, as we intend to tell you everything we know about it. It’s a rather intriguing issue because the Sea Train is not a vitally important plot element, but we have decided to tell you everything we do know about it and its origins. Be careful, as there are bound to be some spoilers ahead.

What is the Sea Train in One Piece?

A sea train is a locomotive that crosses the surface of the sea. To date, only three examples of them are known: the first two built by Tom and his company Tom’s Workers, and a third built by the Galley-La Company. To further open up the Water 7 trade, Tom began designing and building this means of transportation. The first maritime train was a prototype that could not be used commercially, due to risks and low security. Next, a second train was built that was used commercially due to the safety improvements compared to its predecessor.

During the events of the Water 7 saga, the Puffing Tom was lost and the Rocketman was seriously damaged. This led Iceburg to design and build, with the help of the Galley-La Company, a third party known as “Puffing Ice”. We are now going to present each of the sea trains individually.


The first sea train that served as a prototype. It has the same characteristics as the Puffing Tom, but with the particularity of being faster and not having brakes, which makes it uncontrollable. This meant that it was never used for the transport of passengers or goods. Ultimately, it would be used by the Straw Hat Pirates as a last resort to get to Enies Lobby, where it would be destroyed.

The Rocketman was a gray engine with a shark face painted on the front. It consisted of a locomotive and a passenger car. Like the Puffing Tom, it had a 4-4-0 arrangement and is capable of going through water, even without tracks, as well as on land. The Rocketman was a failed prototype as he could only travel at dangerously high speeds without derailing and had no means of braking. This meant that once the Rocketman reached his top speed, he would keep running nonstop, making him too dangerous to be used for commercial purposes.

Puffing Tom

The second maritime train and the first to be used for transporting people and/or goods due to the improvements it offered compared to its predecessor. Its construction acquitted Tom in the trial for building the Roger Pirates’ ship at first.

The Puffing Tom is based on historic 19th-century American steam locomotives. It is a custom-built 4-4-0 with a streamlined locomotive boiler and smokebox and an inverted cowcatcher. It has the word “Water 7” painted on its sign and can ride on water and along tracks to improve its speed. The color scheme was green and red with orange and yellow lining.

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In addition to his locomotive, the Puffing Tom carries several passenger cars. During their journey to Enies Lobby several of them were destroyed by both the Straw Hat Pirates and the Franky Family. The Puffing Tom also has freight cars, only one of which is briefly shown, a flatbed car, with which the wood is transported to Water 7.

Puffing Ice

The Puffing Ice is very similar in design to its predecessor, the Puffing Tom. The biggest visible difference is that the Puffing Ice has a smaller caldera. The only other glaring cosmetic differences are the number 2 and the word “ICE” on his forehead.

Other Sea Trains

Sea trains were used as transportation by the people who lived in a small archipelago where the Straw Hat Pirates landed. Several maritime train lines connect Dock Island and Secon Island, as well as other surrounding islands. The rail system was much more elaborate than that used by Water 7, employing signals and crossings to make travel easier. The trains themselves were also more modern and refined, their design inspired by the 3700 City Class locomotives used by the Great Western Railway.

These sea trains have not been described with more precision and are not considered to be part of the canon.

Who built the Sea Trains in One Piece?

Around 24 years ago, Tom was considering building a sea train proper, when he was arrested by World Government agents who were looking for the fish-man for the crime of building Gol D. Roger’s ship, the Oro Jackson. At the same time, Water 7’s remoteness and proximity to a large number of sea kings made the city an undesirable port for trade, slowly eroding the economy of the city and all of its inhabitants.

With the construction of his “steam rowboat”, Tom effectively built a sea train with which he saved Water 7’s economy and returning trade, as well as his own life. The judge who presided over Tom’s trial agreed to postpone Tom’s crimes for ten years. If he was successful in building the sea train, he would be cleared of all charges against him.

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When Tom started building the train, he had already built the prototype of a steam engine called Rocketman. He later continued the elaboration of the project by building an upgraded version of his prototype, the Puffing Tom, which was originally only connected to Enies Lobby. However, over the next four years, he built rails to three nearby islands: St. Poplar, Pucci, and San Faldo. By design, a sea train is more or less immune to changes in the weather, the train’s momentum and speed allow it to move quickly in any situation, even against an Aqua Laguna.

How does the Sea Train in One Piece work?

Although they are very unusual means of transport, sea trains seem to work like regular land trains. As the train passes over the track, a device near the wheels causes an underwater resonance to drive away the sea kings. The tracks lie just below the ocean surface and sway with the tides to prevent wave damage. The tracks require occasional maintenance, as it is only used to increase the speed of the train on the surface of the ocean, as well as a guide to its destination.

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