What Is the Second Selection in Blue Lock? Explained

blue lock second selection

With the second cour of Blue Lock Season 1 rolling out, fans are eager to see what all of these amazing characters have in store. The premise is based on the Second Selection, a new phase for our favorite footballers to get through, and anime fans are keen to find out what the Second Selection in Blue Lock is as a result.

The Second Selection Rivalry Battle comprises 4 stages involving tasks or matches, each of which becomes progressively more challenging. The Second Selection phase in Blue Lock starts off with 125 strikers from the First Selection Phase, with the aim of creating a 5-man Clear Team who will participate in a training camp with the world’s best players.

Although the Second Selection may seem complex, it primarily revolves around footballers progressing to the next stages – with a winning team at the end of the Second Selection. Stick around to find out everything there is to know about the Second Selection in Blue Lock, including the entire process as well as the results.

What is the Second Selection in Blue Lock?

Up until Season 1’s second cour, Blue Lock anime fans have only gotten to enjoy seeing Blue Lock players play with their teammates in the First Selection. However, the Second Selection has brought a flood of new challenges and team-ups as well, with numerous possible match-ups and edge-of-your-seat entertainment to boot.

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The Second Selection was initially featured as the third Arc of the Blue Lock manga series and it comprises 125 candidates from each of the 5 stratum, all of which were included in the First Selection phase in Blue Lock. The entire phase involves the candidates participating in a Rivalry Battle, which is a level-based selection process where players can only progress to the next stage by clearing the previous stage.


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All players who manage to get through the entire Second Selection Rivalry Battle process will be able to participate in an esteemed strength training camp after earning their way. The strength training camp will start off with an incredible 5v5 match, where the top candidates will be taking on the best players from all over the world.

How Do Candidates Pass the Second Selection in Blue Lock?

Blue Lock players can get through the Second Selection phase by successfully clearing all four of its stages, and players could potentially end up going back and forth between each of the stages as well. The ultimate goal of the Second Selection is for the winning players to end up creating a 5-man team by the end of the process.

On the other hand, players who are on the losing end of each stage are “eliminated” or sent back to the previous stages. Jinpachi Ego states that the only way to successfully clear the entire Second Selection process is to create chemical reactions with others in order to combine their weapons and produce an unstoppable football team.

blue lock 3rd arc

Those who are eliminated in the process may also get another chance by means of a secret loser’s qualifier, known as a Wild Card, although this is only applicable within Stage 2. Each of the four stages differs in some way or another, and the details of each Second Selection Rivalry Battle stage have been described below.

Second Selection Stage 1: Individual Match

The first stage of the Second Selection process is an individual match, with a striker going up against a Blue Lock Man – a holographic goalkeeper. The strikers will be tasked with the challenge of scoring 100 goals within 90 minutes and must pass within a limited area.

While the challenge may be relatively simple at first, the difficulty level will increase significantly after 30 goals, and more holograms will be added to the field. The additional holograms that were added will begin moving rapidly across the field after 60 goals, alongside the balls being sent to the faster and spinning.

Second Selection Stage 2: Elimination Match

Stage 2 involves a match between teams of 2, and it’s also the first elimination aspect of the Second Selection Rivalry Battle. This stage acts as a means for players to begin forming their three-man teams for Stage 3 of the Second Selection.

The players will need to win a match against their opponents in order to progress, and the winning 2-man team will be able to select one player from the losing team and take them along to the next stage. Players who do not get chosen from Stage 2 will be automatically eliminated.

Second Selection Stage 3: 3v3 Match

Stage 3 involves players participating in 3v3 matches, and the first team to score 5 goals will win. Following the same rules described in Second Selection Stage 2, the winning team will be able to choose one player from the losing team, thus creating a 4-man team, and the losing team will have to return to Second Selection Stage 2.

Second Selection Stage 4: 4v4 Match

Stage 4 of the Second Selection Rivalry Battle involves the newfound 4-man teams participating in 4v4 matches. Once again, the first team to score 5 goals is the winning team and will get the chance to choose a player from the opponent’s team.


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This will ultimately result in creating a winning 5-man team by the end of the Second Selection Stage 4. Similar to previous stages, the remaining members of the losing team will need to return back to Stage 3.

Once a team of 5 is assembled, they will become a Clear Team and will move on to the next phase – taking on the world’s best players in a 5v5 match. However, winning is not necessary for this match, it’s more important for the Clear Team to successfully keep up with their opponents and participate.

Second Selection Results

Prior to the start of the Second Selection process, the Blue Lock players were ranked based on their performance in the First Selection. With that being said, these rankings may not mean much with such a challenging and volatile selection process.

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Below are the results for each of the matches comprised within the Second Selection stages, including the chosen footballers from losing teams:

StageBlue Lock Manga ChaptersTeam WhiteTeam RedResult
2Chapter 51 to Chapter 54

Chapter 89 (offscreen)
Isagi and Nagi (W)

Shidou and Igarashi (W)
Baro and Naruhaya (L)

Reo and Kunigami (L)
Baro joins the other team

Reo joins the other team
3Chapter 45 to Chapter 48

Chapter 50 (Offscreen)

Chapter 59 to Chapter 66
Isagi, Bachira, Nagi (L)

Unknown members (W)

Isagi, Nagi, Baro (W)
Rin Itoshi, Jyubei Aryu, Aoshi Tokimitsu (W)

Naruhaya, Baro, Nishioka (L)

Kunigami, Chigiri, Reo (L)
Bachira joins the other team

Nishioka joins the other team

Chigiri joins the other team
4Chapter 73 to Chapter 85Isagi, Nagi, Baro, Chigiri (L)Rin, Jyubei, Tokimitsu, Bachira (W)Isagi joins the other team

Asahi Naruhaya, Wataru Kuon, Yudai Imamura, and Okuhito were eliminated, while Rensuke Kunigami was the participating Wild Card. The Second Selection process saw a total of 7 Clear Teams out of the 125 Blue Lock players, seen below:

  • 1st Clear Team: Rin, Aryu, Tokimitsu, Bachira, Isagi
  • 2nd Clear Team: Nagi, Baro, Chigiri, Zantetsu, Kiyora
  • 3rd Clear Team: Karasu, Otoya, Yukimiya, Himizu, Yuzu
  • 4th Clear Team: Nanase, Tsunzaki, Hiiragi, Endoji, Haiji
  • 5th Clear Team: Niko, Hiori, Saramadara, Ishikari, Nishioka
  • 6th Clear Team: Raichi, Gagamaru, Wanima, Shiguma, Tanaka
  • 7th Clear Team: Shidou, Igarashi, Reo, Sokura, Kurona

That’s everything there is to know about the Second Selection in Blue Lock so far, with images thanks to the Blue Lock Wiki. Blue Lock footballers still have much to get through, with the Third Selection process on the way, so there’s certainly still tons more to look forward to in upcoming Blue Lock episodes.

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