When Does ‘Dragon Ball Daima’ Take Place? Timeline Explained!

When Does Dragon Ball Daima Take Place? Timeline Explained!

After a long wait, Dragon Ball is finally back with a completely new anime series – Dragon Ball Daima. As far as we know, the series will premiere in Fall 2024, and while details are still scarce, we know some important details. Aside from the fact that Toriyama himself is working on the project, it has been revealed that the series will take back to the past, but not in the most direct way imaginable. Namely, our heroes will be reverted back to their child forms, but it doesn’t seem like the timeline will change. This might sound confusing, but we have decided to write this article to tell you all we know about the timeline of Dragon Ball Daima.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • According to the official announcement, Dragon Ball Daima is the most recent Dragon Ball anime that will premiere in Fall 2024.
  • The series will involve Akira Toriyama in a major capacity as he works on the story, settings, and many designs. In his own words, he is “actually putting a lot more into this than usual!”
  • The plot will see Goku and the Z-Fighters reverted back to their child forms by Shenron after a mysterious new villain wished for it. As far as we can understand, this will not mess up the timeline in any way.

The timeline of Daima is not yet known, but it seems that nothing will change

So, in October 2023, during the Dragon Ball Special Panel at New York Comic Con 2023, it was revealed that a new Dragon Ball anime was in the works. Called Dragon Ball Daima, the series won’t premiere until Fall 2024, but even the fact that it was announced made many fans happy. Another thing that made many fans very happy was that the series will be a rush of nostalgia, as the main characters will revert back to their child forms in the series.

Yes, Kid Goku and the others will reappear again as a new, enigmatic villain summoned Shenron and wished for Goku and the Z-Fighters to revert to their child forms. While not completely original, this plot seems like it is going to be executed in a better way than the last time, as Toriyama himself will be involved in a major way, as per this announcement:

Hello. I’m Akira Toriyama.

I’m currently working on a new Dragon Ball.
The title is “Dragon Ball DAIMA”.

“DAIMA” is a made-up term, which in Japanese characters would be “大魔” or in English would be something like “Evil.”

Due to a conspiracy, Goku and his friends are turned small.
In order to fix things, they’ll head off to a new world!
It’s a grand adventure with intense action in an unknown and mysterious world.
Since Goku has to make up for his petite size, he uses his Nyoibo (Power Pole) to fight, something not seen in a long time.

I came up with the story and settings, as well as a lot of the designs.
I’m actually putting a lot more into this than usual!

Things will unfold that close in on the mysteries of the Dragon Ball world.
Hope you all enjoy these different-from-usual battles that are cute and powerful!!
— Akira Toriyama


As you can see, Toriyama has, indeed, confirmed that he is responsible for the plot and the designs, which will retain the charm of the original Dragon Ball anime, but with better animation and effects. But what about the plot?


When Does ‘Dragon Ball Daima’ Take Place? Timeline Explained!

Okay, we know that the characters will be kids again, but what does that mean for the timeline? How will that affect the currently established chronology of Dragon Ball? Well, we cannot state anything official at this moment, as there are no details yet (the series comes out in a year, so there is still a lot of time), but from what we can understand at this point in time, is that this won’t affect the timeline in any way.

Namely, from what Toriyama said and from what we could see in the teaser, the characters won’t be going back in time in any way. Shenron will just turn them back into kids, and they will be sent to another world, which will expand the lore. Of course, this might change in the future, as the number of information we have here is quite scarce, but as far as things stand now, there won’t be any timeline interferences here.

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