Is ‘Dragon Ball Daima’ Canon? Explained

is dragon ball daima canon

The Dragon Ball universe, initiated by Akira Toriyama in 1984, has since expanded into a vast web of storylines and alternate realities. With its recent addition, ‘Dragon Ball Daima’, fans have been eager to understand its place within this universe. So, the burning question is, is ‘Dragon Ball Daima’ considered canon?

Dragon Ball’s new chapter

Revealed to a buzzing audience at New York Comic Con, ‘Dragon Ball Daima’ is set to bring new perspectives to the Dragon Ball world. It nestles right between the timelines of ‘Dragon Ball Z’ and ‘Dragon Ball Super,’ offering a story distinct from earlier plots. This specific positioning within the series’ chronology has ignited discussions about whether it’s canonical.

Daima and the Dragon Ball continuity

Delving into this chapter’s connection with the broader Dragon Ball narrative is essential to understanding its significance. The series bridges the gap between Majin Buu’s defeat in ‘Dragon Ball Z’ and the arrival of the new threats in ‘Dragon Ball Super.’ It’s a period where many beloved characters evolved, and fans like me were longing for more content from this era. Thankfully, ‘Dragon Ball Daima is indeed canon.


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What sets ‘Daima’ apart from previous iterations is its unique premise. Because of a new adversary, Goku and the Z-Fighters are transformed into children. It echoes shades of ‘Dragon Ball GT,’ where Goku undergoes a similar transformation due to the Black Dragon Balls. However, while GT has always been debated regarding its canonical status, ‘Daima’ is officially recognized as part of the main story.

Toei Animation, the powerhouse behind most of the Dragon Ball animated series, will bring ‘Daima’ to life. It’s slated for release in Fall 2024, and the anticipation among fans, including myself, is palpable.

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