Where To Find D’s Brother Darian In Elden Ring? (Quest Guide)

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Elden Ring is full of different quests that are interconnected with one another and aren’t really very informative in relation to what you need to do. That said, D’s questline may not be the easiest quest to solve because it involves locating his brother, Darian. Of course, the clues tend to be very difficult to find. So, where do you find D’s brother Darian in Elden Ring?

D’s brother, Darian, can be found near the Valiant Gargoyles boss arena, which is in Nokron, Eternal City. You have to go to the Siofra Aqueduct to find D. However, he will be unresponsive unless you have in your inventory D’s armor, which you need to get from D himself through different means.

The quest regarding D and his brother is one of the quests that are connected to other quests. That means that you may need some help when it comes to how you can finish this questline, considering that there is another quest involved here. As such, we are here to teach you how to find D’s brother and complete this somewhat confusing quest.

Where To Find D’s Brother In Elden Ring

One of the things that can make Elden Ring a bit too difficult for some players is the fact that the quests that you may want to complete aren’t necessarily easy enough to the point that you only have to follow the directions. As such, it can be difficult for most players to go through the game because of the fact that even the side quests can be difficult.

A good example of what makes Elden Ring’s quests a bit complicated is the quest to find D’s brother, Darian. Normally, Darian is actually easy to find, as long as you already have access to the location where you can find him. But the tricky part comes later on. First things first, where can you find D’s brother in Elden Ring?

D’s brother, Darian, can be found in the Siofra Aqueduct, which is located in Nokron, Eternal City. You have to go near the Valiant Gargoyles boss arena for you to be able to spot Darian. The Valiant Gargoyles boss arena is closest to the Aqueduct-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace northeast from the Ancestral Woods Site of Grace. You will be able to get to the boss arena by dropping down from the closest cliff to the Site of Grace.

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You will be able to find D’s brother sleeping on a ledge just close to the arena. The problem here is that you won’t be able to do anything to him because he will be unresponsive the entire time. However, if you have D’s armor in your inventory, you will be able to interact with him. That’s why you need to have the armor and that you should give the armor to Darian.


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This basically means that you need to go to D first before you can actually interact with his brother. And what makes this quest a bit tricky is that it is intertwined with another quest, which you also need to know how to complete.

D’s Brother Darian Quest Guide

First of all, you won’t be able to find D’s brother in his location if you haven’t completed the quests that you can get from Rogier and Fia. That’s why it’s important that you first need to complete those quests first.

You will be able to meet D at Stormhill after accepting his quest to look for the Deathroot item. From there, you will need to investigate a town that has a Tibia Mariner that you need to defeat first.

After you complete D’s quest to find the Deathroot, you need to speak to him for him to offer his services to you. From there, you can now begin Rogier’s quest. After finishing Rogier’s quest, that’s when you have to go to him in the Roundtable Hold before you finish his questline.

From there, go to Fia, who will ask a favor from you. She will give you a dagger, which you should return to the dagger’s owner. After that, speak to D at the Roundtable Hold. He will tell you to give him the weapon because he knows who it belongs to. Fia is the hooded woman who’s going to ask for a hug in the Roundtable Hold.

elden ring fia hug hold

You need to leave the area first and then return to it. Upon returning to the Roundtable Hold, Fia will be inside a room kneeling beside D’s body because she had killed him while you were away.

From there, you can loot D’s body so that you can obtain his armor. Fia will disappear from the room after you have obtained D’s armor. And you can also go to Rogier, who you will notice is going to be unresponsive.

Speak to him again so that you will be able to collect some items and a letter. After collecting Rogier’s letter, you will see that D has a twin brother at Nokron, which is the place we explained prior. That is when you can now look for D’s brother, Darian, in the location we previously mentioned. 

After locating D’s brother, interact with him so that you can hand him D’s armor. From there, you can now go to Deeproot Depths to continue Fia’s storyline. This will trigger a boss battle with her. You need to defeat her so that you can finish her questline.

Following the battle with Fia, she will ask if she can hug you. Simply allow her to do so, and she’ll ask you to find the Cursemark of Death. This is once again a quest that’s connected to another questline because you can only obtain the item from Renna/Ranni’s questline. After obtaining the item, give it to Fia.

Reset the area by leaving it and then resting at a Site of Grace. Go back to Fia so that she can teleport you into a dream state, where you should defeat the Lichdragon Fortissax. After defeating the boss, which is a very tough one that is considered a Legend, you will be awarded the Mending Rune of the Death-Prince, which should bring you back to Fia in the Deeproot Depths.


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Leave the area to reset it. Upon returning to that area, you will find D’s brother has killed Fia. You can now collect both Fia’s and D’s armor to end the questline. Of course, defeating the dragon we mentioned above will also reward you 90,000 runes and the Remembrance of the Lichdragon.

You can go to Enia in the Roundtable Hold to trade the Remembrance of the Lichdragon for Fortissax’s Lightning Spear or the Death Lighting, which are both very powerful and useful incantations.

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