Where To Find Mohg, Lord Of Blood, In Elden Ring? (& How To Beat Him)

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Elden Ring is a challenging game that’s full of challenging creatures that you can find just about anywhere. The regular bosses that you have to fight through in the story are already tough enough as they are, but the optional bosses are even more difficult to defeat, especially if you aren’t skilled enough. That said, Mohg, Lord of Blood, is a difficult opponent that should be more than rewarding if you beat him. But where can you find Mohg, and how do you beat him?

You can find Mohg in the Mohgwyn Palace, which you can access through a teleporter found in the western part of the Consecrated Snowfield. Once in the Palace, you can cheese your way through Mohg if you don’t enter through the fog wall and if you climb your way through tombstones into his chamber.

Even though there are some players that probably don’t recommend cheesing a boss, cheesing Mohg is a good way for you to earn a lot of runes early on in the game without a lot of effort. That said, let’s take a look at how you can cheese Mohg and defeat him without having to exert a ton of effort.

Where To Find Mohg, Lord Of Blood, In Elden Ring

As you probably already know, there are tons of different bosses all throughout the huge map of Elden Ring. Some of them are optional and secret bosses that you have to find through equally secretive means. One such boss is Mohg, Lord of Blood, which is one of the demi-gods in Elden Ring. And plenty of people want to look for Mohg because he has great rewards and can even be rewarding enough to strengthen any player early on as long as you know what to do.

So, if you want to find Mohg, you can find him in Mohgwyn Palace. However, you have to do a lot of different things to get to Mohgwyn Palace, as this isn’t something that you can simply stumble into while you are wandering all over the map. Think of it as a place that you can only access by doing a few side quests.

Where To Find Mohg Lord Of Blood In Elden Ring How To Beat Him

To reach Mohgwyn palace, you need to first get the Haligtree Secret Medallion so that you can use it at the Grand Lift of Rold, which you can find in East of Leyndell in the Forbidden Lands. The Haligtree Secret Medallion will allow you to access a place called the Consecrated Snowfield.

You can get the Haligtree Secret Medallion by getting its two parts. The first can be found in the Village of the Albinaurics in Liurnia. There will be a pot near the site of grace. Hit the pot to reveal a man named Albus because he has one of the halves of this medallion.

Meanwhile, the other half of the medallion can be found in the basements near the end of Castle Sol, which you can access by going to the Mountaintop of the Giants. You have to go through the bosses in these areas, and that means that you should be strong enough to handle whatever the game throws at you. That’s why, to reach Mohg, you need to be experienced and skilled enough in the game.


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In the Consecrated Snowfield, you can go through the west so that you will be able to find a hidden teleporter that can take you to Mohgwyn’s Palace. You can find this teleporter in the western part of the Consecrated Snowfield, close to where the Sanguine Noble can be found. You have to defeat the Sanguine Noble before you can reach the palace.

While Mohgwyn’s Palace isn’t a nice place to be in because of how difficult some of the opponents there are, the good news is that it is relatively small compared to other places in Elden Ring. Go through the tunnel where you spawn so that you can reach the palace. When you reach the palace, you can trigger the boss fight with Mohg, Lord of Blood, by entering the fog wall.

How To Beat Mohg, Lord Of Blood

Mohg, Lord of Blood, is an incredibly difficult boss fight that will require you to be at your best. That is, of course, if you do it the conventional way. You can still beat him without having to go through the conventional way, but there are some players who prefer to do it the right way. In that regard, let’s look at the two methods of beating Mohg.

How To Beat Mohg, Lord Of Blood, The Conventional Way

If you want to use the Conventional Way of defeating Mohg, we recommend that you get Mohg’s Shackle first because it’s going to be very important in the boss fight. You can do so by going to the Roundtable Hold and by talking to the red NPC, who will give you the Sewer Gaol Key. Go to the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds in Leyndell Royal Capital, where you can explore and pick up Mohg’s Shackle just behind one of the crustacean monsters in the Catacombs entrance.

Make sure you equip Mohg’s Shackle before you head on to fight Mohg in his arena. From there, you can try to assess him first before attempting to actually defeat him. But we’ll give you the rundown of what Mohg often does.

  • Melee attacks: In most cases, Mohg will do two swings with his weapon. Be careful with the second swing because he will do a lounge to get closer to you.
  • Slash and explosion: When you’re close enough, Mohg will also sometimes slash the air and cause an explosion. That means that you shouldn’t be anywhere near where he slashes even after you rolled through the initial attack.
  • Blood pool: If you are a bit far from him, Mohg will throw pools of blood at you. Flames will erupt from these pools. And if you are hit by the flames, your bleeding will also increase.
  • Nihil Blood Rings: This is a spell that will create a red ring around your Tarnished. You won’t be able to avoid this.

You will only be able to use Mohg’s Shackle during the first phase of the boss battle against Mohg. Using the shackle will temporarily stun him. Make sure you use the item when you are in a bind so that you can get an opening to heal or attack him with your deadliest combos.

When Mohg reaches around half of his HP, he will cast another Nihil Blood Ring so that you will have three on you. He will also cast an ability that will damage you while healing himself. During this time, your only choice is to use your flasks so that you’ll be able to recover your HP.


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However, if you have the Purifying Crystal Tear, you can protect yourself from the effects of this attack. A barrier will protect you from getting damaged by Mohg’s spell. That means that you can throw your attacks at him while he is in the middle of casting this spell.

After this, Mohg will enter phase 2. Now, his bleeding slash will leave trails of blood that will also explode and cause bleeding. You will also see him charging at you by skewering you with his weapon. Once you see him charging up for an attack, be ready to dodge. Finally, he will also float and spray pools of blood in a wide area.

Learning to avoid those attacks will allow you to find an opening that you need to attack him with a few strikes before going on the defensive again. 

How To Cheese Mohg, Lord Of Blood

The good news is that there is a method that you can use to cheese your way through your fight with Mohg. All you need to do is to stop where the fog wall is and then take off all of your weapons and armor. You will be able to see a few tombstones in front of the fog wall.

Jump on those tombstones to reach an area that will allow you to enter the arena or chamber without having to go through the fog wall. Removing your equipment will allow you to stay lighter so that it will be easier for you to jump

Doing this method will allow you to enter the arena without causing Mohg to go aggressive. That’s because, in any boss fight, it’s the fog that will trigger the boss to go aggressive. Simply put, Mohg will just stand there. And the good news is that you are still going to get the rewards by beating him this way.

Note: This is yet to be patched as of this writing. But there is a possibility that the devs might end up patching this cheese method in the future by allowing Mohg to go aggressive or by taking away those tombstones.

What Do You Get By Beating Mohg, Lord Of Blood?

By beating Mohg, Lord of Blood, you will be able to get 420,000 runes, which are more than enough to make you stronger. You will also receive Mohg’s Great Rune and the Remembrance of the Blood Lord.

You can trade the Remembrance of the Blood Lord with Enia back in the Roundtable Hold. You can choose to trade it for the Bloodboon Incantation or Moghwyn’s Sacred Spear. If you want both, you can choose to duplicate the Remembrance of the Blood Lord.


Spear users may want to get Moghwyn’s Sacred Spear because of how it will allow you to have a powerful spear that can deal fire damage. The spear scales with Str, Dex, and Arc and requires 24 Str, 14 Dex, and 27 Arc.

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