Where to Watch 1923? Is It on Paramount, Netflix, Amazon, or HBO?


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One of the most popular TV shows in America is Yellowstone, which follows the story of the Dutton family and their ranch that’s close to Yellowstone National Park, as most of the problems concerning the entire family stem from this ranch. The popularity of Yellowstone allowed it to have its own universe, as it has a few spin-offs already. 1923 is the newest spin-off of Yellowstone, as it is a sequel story to the original series. So, where can you watch 1923?

You can watch 1923 on Paramount+ and on the Paramount Network. It isn’t available on any other streaming service, although you can stream Paramount+ from Prime Video as long as you are subscribed to Paramount+. As such, you won’t be able to watch it on any other streaming service provider.

Fans of Yellowstone should be delighted to know that 1923 is easier than ever to watch because you can stream it directly from the Paramount+ streaming service provider. In that regard, all you need to do is to subscribe to Paramount+ if you want to watch the series anytime and anywhere. But if you don’t have Paramount+, you can catch it on the Paramount Network around 9 pm ET every Sunday.

What Is 1923 About?

Fans of American drama shows are quite familiar with Yellowstone, which stands as one of the most popular series in America. In a nutshell, Yellowstone is like The Sopranos, with the exception that it is set on a ranch and follows a family of cow-herding people that have been on this ranch for more than a hundred years already. Of course, it is the fact that Yellowstone is popular that allowed it to have numerous spin-off shows that all take place in the same universe but in different timelines.


As mentioned, Yellowstone takes place on a family ranch that is owned by the Dutton family, which has been on this land for more than a hundred years. We saw that in the 1883 series, which is the earliest spin-off shows to Yellowstone in terms of its timeline. In fact, 1883 focuses more on how the Dutton family started on the ranch that is now the subject of the problems and controversies that the Duttons face during the Yellowstone storyline. And while there is no direct sequel to 1883, this series has a follow-up storyline in the form of 1923.

Set in 1923, this series is another Yellowstone prequel that tells the history of the Dutton family 40 years after the events of 1883, which established the beginnings of the Dutton family’s ranch. Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, the story follows Jacob Dutton, who is actually the brother of James Dutton from 1883. And that explains why the main character of 1923 is already on the older side of things.


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“This is the story of what it has taken to survive, for that person to survive its complicated moral context, and it’s a juicy, juicy story, and I love it,” Harrison Ford said

“We’re presenting a couple who in a relationship that when it’s gone that long becomes a partnership,” Helen Mirren said. “And so, they are partners as much as anything, of course, they’re husband and wife, but their real kind of equal partners in which you would have to be dealing with that kind of environment.”

But while 1923 is set mainly in 1923, it also follows a storyline that spans several years, as it will actually reach the 1930s. This is a new generation of the Dutton family, as the main storyline will show us how the entire family deals with some of the greatest problems of the early part of the 20th century, such as the end of Prohibition and the Great Depression. As such, it’s going to be intriguing to see how the 1920s and 30s versions of the Dutton family would deal with these problems.

1923 scene.jpg

These are two people with a very strong bond to each other who are facing really complicated circumstances,” Ford added. “Their lives are totally wrapped up in each other. There’s very little that sustains them other than themselves and the hard work and investment they put into their future and their family. It is a tough life, and it’s full of not just physical challenges but moral ones as well.”

Of course, the series is set nearly a hundred years before the events of the main Yellowstone series, and that means that the characters in 1923 are direct ancestors of the Duttons we met in Yellowstone. As such, 1923 allows us to see how the Duttons of that generation are different from the ones that started the entire ranch in 1883 and the ones who are having problems because of the ranch in our modern time period.

Where To Watch 1923?

If you want to watch 1923, you should know that this show is similar to both Yellowstone and 1883 in that it was created for the Paramount Network. That means that you can watch 1923 on-demand by subscribing to Paramount Network’s streaming service provider, which is Paramount+.


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Of course, not everyone in the world can access the Paramount+ app. That means that you can use a VPN to access the Paramount+ app by changing your location to the United States. But you still have to pay for the monthly subscription for Paramount+ so that you can watch 1923 and the other Paramount Network shows that are based in the same universe as the entire Yellowstone franchise.

For those who don’t want to pay for a Paramount+ subscription, 1923 is available on the Paramount Network. But you have to catch it during its air date and time, which is around 9 pm on Sundays. Considering that we aren’t sure whether or not the Paramount Network has specific schedules for the re-runs of 1923, it is best for you to subscribe to Paramount+ if you want to be able to access the 1923 episodes at your most convenient time and location.

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