Does Kayce Die in Yellowstone Season 5? Here’s What Could Happen to Him

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Yellowstone Season 5 is in full effect, and so many things are happening at once that the fans are dying to see more every week while waiting for new episodes to drop. The Duttons are, as usual, going through some hard, dark times, and one of the fellows having it the hardest is Kayce Dutton, John’s only remaining biological son. But does Kayce die in Yellowstone Season 5, too?

Kayce Dutton is still alive after Episode 5 of Yellowstone Season 5. However, his future in the series might be in jeopardy, as the promo for Episode 6 gave some unsettling clues that something bad is about to happen. Kayce already went through a lot this season, and his death could happen in many ways.

That being said, he is an absolute fan-favorite character and John Dutton’s only son that’s still alive. Through all the heartbreak that happened throughout Season 5, one has to stay on the edge of their seat and expect the unexpected. Without further ado, here’s how Kayce could potentially die in Yellowstone Season 5.

Who is Kayce Dutton in Yellowstone?

For those who are just tuning in the outstanding, Kevin Costner-led show, or those who are just bad with names, let’s just quickly explain who Kayce Dutton is and why fans love the character so much.

Kayce Dutton is John Dutton’s only biological son that’s still alive. He started in the show as the bad seed of the family, or the ‘black sheep,’ if you will. However, even at his worst moments, you just can’t help but love his charisma and his love towards other members of the family.

As the Duttons slowly lose members – especially after the death of Kayce’s older brother, Lee – Kayce returns to the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch and becomes his father’s most reliable ally, both in business and in life. So much so that he took over John’s position as the Livestock Commissioner.


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However, that doesn’t mean his life is all peaches and oranges. On the contrary, Kayce probably faced more tragedy than anybody in the Dutton family, except for John, obviously. Kayce and his wife, Monica, had a baby boy, and the baby died shortly after being born.

Kayce felt tremendous guilt over both his brother’s and son’s deaths, which culminated in the fifth episode of the season, where we can see Monica trying to comfort him. After being away for a while, Kayce has now returned to the ranch to help with the annual cattle branding, somewhat seeing the work on the ranch as the light at the end of a tunnel.

However, as they head to the big event, things could go horribly wrong faster than one might anticipate.

Does Kayce die in Yellowstone Season 5?

Before you continue reading, just note that nothing has been made official, and Kayce is still alive and well at the time of writing this article, between Episodes 5 and 6 of Yellowstone Season 5. Therefore, take everything with a grain of salt, as it could all end up going in a totally different direction than what we predict or anticipate.

So, the last scene of Episode 5 saw Kayce, Tate, and other members of the Dutton family ride off on their way to the cattle branding event. However, the undertone of the scenes feels kind of gloomy, which immediately sparked some doubt in fans’ minds that somebody is getting hurt – and it seems that the preview for Episode 6 very well confirmed it.

First, there’s a scene of an ambulance helicopter flying in, clearly answering an emergency where someone got badly hurt – bad enough that a chopper needed to be sent to help. Then we see a short frame of John Dutton hugging someone in comfort. 

That someone might be the person who got hurt – or someone close to the person that got hurt. Perhaps, his wife? I mean, it’s clearly not Monica in the shot, but you can see where I’m going with this. And there’s more that makes everyone believe that Kayce is the next in line to face something incredibly tragic. 

He’s had visions that indicate something bad might happen or that he’ll have to choose which way to go. Also, Kayce faced so much tragedy that it almost seems as if it’s following him from the get-go, and it’s only a matter of time before it catches up with him.


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Now, there are numerous ways in which Kayce could die in the next episode – or by the end of Season 5. It could be a tragic accident, either in his car or during the cattle branding event. Moreover, Market Equities has been looking for revenge ever since John Dutton cut their funding, and it feels like the perfect moment for them to strike. 

Perhaps they’ll be responsible for Kayce’s ultimate demise? It remains to be seen. That being said, I’m not sure if the fans would actually approve of this happening. Here’s why.

How would Kayce dying impact Yellowstone?

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So, let’s say that Kayce will actually die, either in the next episode or by the end of this season of Yellowstone. How would it impact the show?

Well, for starters, the fans would probably riot. Kayce is a beloved character, not because he’s perfect, but because he’s flawed, and yet, despite everything, he always seems to do the right thing, even though he’s been dealt a crappy hand at almost every deal life gives him.

Also, it would leave his wife, Monica, with another colossal tragedy. Imagine losing your newborn and then losing your spouse almost immediately after. It would just be devastating.


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And what about John? I’ve seen rumors that John would be the next character to pass away, leaving the torch to Kayce. But, if it goes the other way around, it would mean that John lost his last biological son, essentially ending his line of the Dutton family – at least from a biological standpoint.

To recap, I believe that it’s absolutely possible that Kayce will die somewhere in the future of the show – I just don’t see it happening so soon and so abruptly. 

Perhaps some sort of an accident happens in the next episode of the show, or maybe Market Equities will strike their vengeance, but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens when Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 6 comes out on December 11.

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