15 Best Shows Like Netflix’s Kaleidoscope to Watch Next

shows like kaleidoscope

One of the shows that you might want to watch if you’re into unique storylines that revolve around heists is Netflix’s Kaleidoscope. Of course, what makes Kaleidoscope so unique is the fact that it has an intriguing way of allowing you to watch it, as its episodes can be watched in any order. Outside of that, it doesn’t differ a lot from other storylines that follow the classic heist formula of a team of thieves working on a plan to become filthy rich.

If you’re planning on watching shows that have a similar plotline or format to Kaleidoscope, you’re actually in luck. That’s because there are a lot of different shows that are quite similar to this heist storyline. While some of these storylines aren’t that different from one another, you may still want to check them out. So, with that said, let’s look at the best shows like Netflix’s Kaleidoscope.

15. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch (2018)


What It’s About: Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is an innovative series that follows the usual dark sci-fi storyline that has always made the Black Mirror series quite popular. This one-shot episode follows the story of an 80s video game developer that ended up questioning reality while he was making sense of a mad writer’s dark fantasy novel. And what makes it quite interesting is the fact that you can control the events of the storyline by choosing the actions of the main character.


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Why It’s Like Kaleidoscope: The one thing that makes Black Mirror: Bandersnatch quite similar to Kaleidoscope is the fact that they are both innovations of Netflix. While Bandersnatch is the most interactive series yet due to how you can control the actions of the character and the flow of the story, Kaleidoscope is unique in its own way due to how random the episode sequence is.

14. Mr. Robot (2015 – 2019)

mr robot.jpg

What It’s About: Mr. Robot follows the story of a cybersecurity engineer that works as an ethical hacker at night. However, one day, he was hired by a group of underground hackers run by a man called Mr. Robot so that they could overthrow huge corporations with their hacking skills. As such, he is now torn between choosing his profession as a cybersecurity engineer working for companies or as a hacker that has personal beliefs regarding how evil corporations in America can be.

Why It’s Like Kaleidoscope: Both Mr. Robot and Kaleidoscope follow stories that are all about the little people looking to “take it to the man” by using their skills to try to bring down powerful groups and corporations. In that regard, Mr. Robot focuses more on cybersecurity and hacking. On the other hand, Kaleidoscope focuses more on the classic heist formula.

13. Good Girls (2018 – 2021)

good girls

What It’s About: Good Girls follows the story of sisters that are struggling to make ends meet for their family due to the problems they face in their own marriages and jobs. In that regard, they look to take back control of their lives and fix their financial problems by robbing a local supermarket despite the fact that they aren’t equipped to do so. And they enlist the help of their best friend, who also has financial problems because of her problems regarding her daughter’s medical bills.

Why It’s Like Kaleidoscope: Like Kaleidoscope, Good Girls follows a heist storyline, albeit on a smaller scale, due to the fact that it only involves a small supermarket. Of course, the thing about Good Girls is that it is a lot more comedic in terms of its nature compared to Kaleidoscope. It also follows a lighter storyline that doesn’t come with the same kind of drama and darker tones that other heist storylines tend to have.

12. Narcos (2015 – 2017)


What It’s About: Narcos is one of the most popular series that follows a rather grounded storyline. In Narcos, we follow the story of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar during his rise to power as one of the most notorious people in the world of illegal narcotics. Of course, the storyline also allows us to see Escobar’s eventual demise. And while there aren’t any true heists in Narcos, the thing is that it also has a storyline that follows illegal activities that lead to quick cash.

Why It’s Like Kaleidoscope: Like Kaleidoscope, Narcos is based on a true story. Of course, Kaleidoscope is a highly fictionalized version of true events that happened in history, whereas Narcos follows the life of real-life drug lord Pablo Escobar. In that regard, the story of this series is more realistic due to how it follows Escobar’s life, albeit there are some changes and additions.

11. Breaking Bad (2008 – 2013)

breaking bad

What It’s About: Breaking Bad is one of the most popular and successful shows of all time as it follows the story of a chemistry teacher named Walter White who tries to make some quick cash for his family after learning that he has terminal lung cancer. In that regard, he uses his skills as a chemistry teacher to cook up meth as he wants to give his family a better future after he eventually and inevitably kicks the bucket. 

Why It’s Like Kaleidoscope: Aside from the fact that they both feature Giancarlo Esposito in important roles, Breaking Bad is similar to Kaleidoscope because of the fact that they both follow storylines that focus on illegal activities that lead to cash. Of course, the thing that makes Breaking Bad so intriguing is the fact that the character is a modern-day Robin Hood that does illegal things for the sake of good.

10. Better Call Saul (2015 – 2022)

Better Call Saul.jpg

What It’s About: Better Call Saul is a spin-off series that takes place in the same universe as Breaking Bad, and that’s why they have similar characters and similarly serious themes. In Better Call Saul, the star is a lawyer named Saul Goodman, who works as the attorney of a meth kingpin. It is a dark and intriguing storyline that allows you to see what goes on in the minds of characters that have questionable morals in life. And this is what makes it very intriguing and interesting.


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Why It’s Like Kaleidoscope: Better Call Saul also stars Giancarlo Esposito in a huge role, and that is what makes it very similar to Kaleidoscope. Aside from that, they follow characters with morally ambiguous actions and goals. As such, they are both similarly themed storylines that fans should be able to enjoy.

9. Who Killed Sara? (2021 – Present)

who killed sara

What It’s About: The title of the series says it all, as it starts with the question of who killed Sara. This Mexican series follows the story of a man looking for answers and redemption after he was wrongfully imprisoned when he was framed for the murder of his sister, Sara. In that regard, the entire series follows his quest for the truth as we are taken back to the past, where he got involved with a rich family that is quite possibly involved in the death of his sister.

Why It’s Like Kaleidoscope: Like Kaleidoscope, Who Killed Sara? is a very dramatic storyline that is able to tell an intriguing story that revolves around a simple man and his search for the truth. Of course, there aren’t any large heists in Who Killed Sara? but we can see the story of one man taking on powerful people, just like how the characters in Kaleidoscope take on the system.

8. Sherlock (2010 – Present)


What It’s About: The Sherlock series is one that follows a modern-day version of Sherlock Holmes and his trusty companion, John Watson. This series allows us to get into the mind of Sherlock as he uses his intelligence and deductive skills to solve different types of mysteries involving different personalities that are quite dangerous and are just as intelligent as he is. In that regard, Sherlock takes us on a journey that tells the story of what it would be like if Sherlock actually lived in today’s modern world.

Why It’s Like Kaleidoscope: Sherlock is a series that is similar to Kaleidoscope in the sense that we have characters that use their brains effectively to achieve their goals. Of course, there are differences in their storylines and plots, but they are both similar due to how they have characters that have their own inner demons.

7. White Lines (2020)

white lines

What It’s About: While it only lasted one season, White Lines was quite interesting to fans of Money Heist because it was from the mind of the same creator. In this series, we follow the story of a character that is looking to find the truth behind her brother’s disappearance. Of course, considering that it was made by the creator of Money Heist, the element of mystery is quite prominent in this Spanish series, which takes place on a different side of Spain.

Why It’s Like Kaleidoscope: While heists aren’t the main focus of White Lines, the same intriguing story can be found in this series as it has a tone that can be quite similar to the serious tone that Kaleidoscope takes. Of course, they are different in their storylines and approach, but they are still similar in terms of how they allow us to see characters that are completely human and flawed in their own right.

6. Sky Rojo (2021 – Present)

sky rojo.jpg

What It’s About: Sky Rojo follows the story of three sex workers that are on the run from men who tried to control their lives. In that regard, this is a fast-paced and clever series that will allow you to keep your eyes glued on your screen due to how engaging its storyline is. While the characters don’t have a specific destination in mind, their goal is to find financial independence and get as far away from the people that robbed them of freedom as possible.


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Why It’s Like Kaleidoscope: Sky Rojo focuses on a storyline that may be different compared to Kaleidoscope but is still similar to it in the sense that it allows you to see how clever the characters are when it comes to seeking financial independence and freedom. They both have different characters with different backgrounds, but they are the same in terms of how dramatic and high-octane they are.

5. Heist (2021)


What It’s About: Heist isn’t a fictional story but is actually a documentary series that you can watch on Netflix. It is a documentary that focuses on heists, and that means that it allows you to see different heists and crimes that happened in real life. As such, the documentary will allow you to see different heists and how the people actually pulled off their plans of stealing a lot of money from different large organizations. 

Why It’s Like Kaleidoscope: Of course, the first reason why Heist is similar to Kaleidoscope is the fact that they both follow the stories of characters that planned and pulled off heists. But the difference between them lies in the fact that Heist follows a more realistic storyline compared to Kaleidoscope due to the fact that the latter is actually a fictional series instead of one that happened in real life.

4. Ozark (2017 – 2022)


What It’s About: When it comes to some of the most successful dark crime dramas on Netflix, Ozark is near the top of the list. The story follows an entire family that had to move to the Ozarks to get involved with a money laundering scheme involving a Mexican drug cartel. In that regard, they struggle to find a way to pull off their money laundering scheme to perfection while making sure that they don’t get on the bad side of the drug cartel. It is a very intriguing story of an entire family that has loose morals.

Why It’s Like Kaleidoscope: The thing that makes Ozark similar to Kaleidoscope is the fact that they both follow characters that are morally ambiguous in the way they do about their business. Of course, in Ozark, the main characters are money launderers that are great at what they do and are making a lot of money by working for a drug cartel. On the other hand, in Kaleidoscope, the characters are looking to pull off the heist of a century against a large corporation and a powerful man.

3. Lupin (2021 – Present)


What It’s About: Lupin is actually the third-most-popular international series on Netflix, as it is only behind Squid Game and Money Heist in that regard. You probably are already aware of what this series is all about because the name “Lupin” is one of the most popular names in history when it comes to fictional thieves.

Inspired by the story of French gentleman thief Arsene Lupin, the Lupin series follows the story of Assane, who goes on a quest for revenge due to the fact that his father was wrongfully accused of theft 25 years ago. In that regard, the entire series follows a dramatic storyline with engaging and intriguing characters in events that are full of twists and turns.

Why It’s Like Kaleidoscope: Of course, the very reason why Lupin is so similar to Kaleidoscope is the fact that they both follow characters that steal from rich people. While Lupin’s goal is more personal, the fact that he works as a thief is what makes him similar to the characters of Kaleidoscope. However, the difference lies in how Lupin steals quite often compared to the Kaleidoscope characters that are looking to pull off one big heist that could quite possibly set them up nicely for generations to come.

2. Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area (2022 – Present)

money heist korea

What It’s About: Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area is basically the Korean version of the Spanish Money Heist as it sought to follow the successful footsteps of its original version. In this Korean Money Heist, a character called the Professor is looking to find a way to steal from the Korean mint during a time when South and North Korea have already unified their economies into one. In that regard, the Professor employs the help of several experts in their own fields as he tries to pull off an elaborate heist that he carefully and meticulously planned from the start.


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Why It’s Like Kaleidoscope: Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area is very similar to Kaleidoscope due to how they both follow characters that are looking to pull off a huge heist. However, the difference here is that the heist in Kaleidoscope is a lot more peaceful compared to the violent and dramatic heist that took place in Money Heist: Korea. Still, they both have unique storylines that will keep you glued to your screens.

1. Money Heist (2017 – 2021)

money heist

What It’s About: Money Heist is one of the biggest Netflix releases of all time, as it has captivated audiences from around the world in its four-year run on the streaming giant. The story of this series follows the Professor, a smart man who employed the help of several other thieves and experts to try to rob the Royal Mint of Spain by printing billions in euros.

Of course, the thieves that he recruited all have nothing to lose but have their own individual reasons for wanting to join the heist. And the drama comes when things don’t go the Professor’s way, and the authorities try to strategize a way that would allow them to get to the true mastermind of this heist.

Why It’s Like Kaleidoscope: Money Heist is probably the most similar series to Kaleidoscope in terms of the goals of the characters, and we’re talking about the fact that they are looking to steal billions. However, the thing that makes Money Heist different from Kaleidoscope is that it focuses on the heist itself and was able to deliver the events of the heist in a very dramatic manner. On the other hand, Kaleidoscope can be dramatic but also focuses on the backstories of the main characters involved in the heist.

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