Where Was The Snow Girl Filmed? Filming Locations Revealed

the snow girl locations

The Snow Girl is a new Netflix series based on a novel by Javier Castillo, a bestselling Spanish author. The story is a harrowing tale about the kidnapping of a little girl, the ugly side of journalism, the dark side of the Internet, and so much more. Seeing that the show is a Spanish Netflix original, fans wondered, where was The Snow Girl filmed?

The Snow Girl was filmed exclusively in Spain, from start to finish. Most of the 6-episode series was filmed in Malaga, where the story began, as well as El Palo, a beautiful beachfront neighborhood of Malaga. Some scenes were shot in Madrid, Spain’s capital and the country’s largest city.

It’s a story that will absolutely shake you to the core. It’s frightening, disturbing, and plays with the deepest fears of every parent in the world – having your child taken from you. On a brighter note, the scenery is absolutely breathtaking. If you want to know where those amazing scenes were shot, keep reading this article.

What is The Snow Girl about?

The Snow Girl was originally titled La Chica de Nieve, as it is a Spanish Netflix original series based on the novel of the same name. The novel was written by Javier Castillo, who was inspired by an incident with his own daughter one day when he lost sight of her and worried he’ll never see her again.

Now, the story isn’t actually based on a true story but rather an absolutely fictionalized tale that was inspired by the author’s ugly experience. So, what is The Snow Girl about?

The show takes place in the Spanish city of Malaga in 2010, where a family attends the Three Wise Kings parade. It goes horribly wrong, as their little daughter, Amaya, is kidnapped during the parade.

The parents are helped by a journalist who gives it her all to find the young girl while the police conduct their own investigation. It reveals more than anyone had bargained for – a twisted, dark, child pornography website run by the very same people who abducted little Amaya.

As we learn, the journalist investigating the story also fell victim to the same people behind the website years ago, making the story that much more personal for her.

Overall, The Snow Girl is a hard, terrifying story of kidnapping and the struggles of the family and everyone involved. But it’s also a powerful social commentary on the darkest problems of society, sensationalism, and more.


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The Snow Girl Filming Locations

Malaga, Spain

The parade where little Amaya was kidnapped took place in Malaga, Spain. And accordingly, most of the show was filmed in the actual city of Malaga.

Malaga is a popular, beautiful port city in southern Spain, namely the Costa del Sol that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea (or one of its parts, the Alboran Sea). 

It is known for beautiful high-rise hotels, breathtaking beaches, and wonderful tourist attractions. On top of that, you can find the two splendid, colossal citadels located on hilltops, known as Alcazaba and Bibralfaro.

The latter is in ruins, but both present amazing tourist attractions for guests from all over the world. Another breathtaking sight in the city – which you can also spot in some of the scenes in the show, is La Manquita, a phenomenal Renaissance cathedral.

El Palo, Malaga, Spain

I wanted to put El Palo as a separate filming location for The Snow Girl because most of the action takes place here. However, El Palo is actually a part of Malaga, being one of its most popular beachfront neighborhoods. It’s known for its spectacular, long, sandy beaches, incredible fine-dining offer, and fishing traditions dating back centuries.

To add to the beauty of El Palo, you can find picturesque, distinct, traditional green and yellow houses all along the shores. El Palo is also a great spot for kayaking, diving, bikinis, paddleboarding, and much more.

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Madrid, Spain

Last but not least, some of the scenes in The Snow Girl were filmed in Spain’s capital city, Madrid. Madrid is the Royal city of Spain, located at the very heart of the country in Central Spain. It’s known for a lot of things, but mostly its wonderful parts, breathtaking architecture, historic landmarks, boulevards, and more.

Some of the most notable locations in Madrid, which you could probably notice in the show, are the renowned Prado Museum, Plaza Mayor, the Royal Palace, Puerta de Alcala, and more. For sports fans, you’ll probably want to visit Santiago Bernabeu, the home of Real Madrid and one of the most well-known stadiums in the world.


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Where to watch The Snow Girl?

The Snow Girl is a Spanish Netflix original series, meaning you can watch it exclusively on Netflix. It premiered on January 27, 2023, meaning it’s available for streaming right now. 

The 6-episode series was directed by David Ulloa and Laura Alvea. It’s based on a book by Javier Castillo, adapted into a screenplay by Jesus Mesas Silva and Javier Andres Roig. 

The main stars of the show are Milena Smit, Jose Coronado, Aixa Villagran, Jessica Sherman, Tristan Ulloa, Cecilia Freire, and others. You can find the full cast & crew list here.

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