Where Will Teonna Rainwater Hide in 1923? Will She Meet the Duttons?

Teonna Renaud and Runs His Horse

Teonna Rainwater’s (Amina Nieves) story laid bare the horrific atrocities faced by children from Native American families in church boarding schools in the 20th century. Few Native American characters got to impact the film industry as Teonna has in 1923, as fans love her way more than the main show’s Native American characters. All of Yellowstoneverse is now wondering where her story eventually merges with that of the Duttons and whether she ever met them in 1923.

In Nothing Left To Loose, Teonna, Pete, and Runs His Horse have reached Wyoming and are still headed south towards the Comanche reservation on the Washita River, Oklahoma. The trip to Oklahoma was meant to throw the authorities off their trail, but the detectives already figured it out and are headed there by train. If Oklahoma does not offer the refuge she needs, Teonna might still come back to Montana and exploit her father’s friendship with the Duttons to seek refuge on the Yellowstone.

Runs His Horse doesn’t like the Duttons very much, but he respects Jacob Dutton and gladly accepts his gift of Banner’s sheep meant to save the starving tribe on the rez. With his daughter’s life in danger, there is nothing he will not do to save her, and talking to the Duttons is not out of the question. So, how might Teonna’s journey lead back to Montana? And if so, will the Duttons take her in?

Where were Teonna and her father headed in the 1923 Season Finale?

Teonna Rainwater Runs His Horse and Pete More Clouds 1923 Finale

Runs His Horse told Teonna and Pete that he knows some Comanches on the Washita river and that it would be easy to disappear there. That means the three of them are headed south toward Oklahoma rather than Canada.

Father Renaud assumed that Teonna would head North to Canada, but the detectives reminded him that he had underestimated Teonna. The detective said, Teonna was operating like a Coyote, and she would look to hide in a place where she could fit in.

The detective also figured out that the Comanche reservation in Oklahoma was their destination and told the group to get a train and get there before Teonna and her father. That effectively rules out her father’s option as the safe destination for Teonna.


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The episode ended with Teonna and her party in Wyoming. Runs His Horse said that their destination was still far, and Teonna said there was no turning back now. They have no clue that Renaud and the detectives are ahead of them.

A battle between Teonna’s and Renaud’s parties seems inevitable when they meet in Oklahoma, and Runs His Horse might sacrifice his life to save Teonna. Whether he resorts to the Duttons for help remains to be seen, but that might be the only way to keep Teonna safe right under the authorities’ noses.

Will Teonna Rainwater marry Pete?

Pete More Clouds and Teonna Rainwater in 1923 1

As of the end of the first season of 1923, Teonna and Pete are not officially married but are in a relationship. Runs His Horse doesn’t really approve of it, but Pete also loves Teonna, and their relationship seems unstoppable. Their marriage is, therefore, a real possibility if they manage to escape from Father Renaud and the detectives.

Teonna also loves Pete More Clouds despite her father’s disapproval of the relationship. She broke down and cried in Pete’s arms, something she hadn’t done at any point in the show, meaning she really loves him and feels safe with him.

Seeing Teonna find some happiness after the pain she endured in Father Renaud’s hellish school was a relief for many fans. Her possible marriage to Pete also brings the theory of her being the matriarch of the Rainwater family alive.

Pete More Clouds is smart, as he proved when the priest captured him. The Pete and Teonna team will give Teonna better chances of surviving in their unequal, cruel world.

The show hasn’t confirmed Teonna’s marriage to Pete yet, but since Teonna already said she wants love now and not later, it may well have happened. Runs His Horse didn’t have much to say against it either because he was relieved that his daughter found some peace.

Is Teonna’s father the chief of the Broken Rock reservation?

Runs His Horse in 1923

Paramount hasn’t given much attention to the leadership structure of the rez in 1923 but Runs His Horse is the closest person to a leader that the show has revealed. Other members of the tribe, including Hank, respect and look up to him.

Jacob Dutton also confirmed this when he instructed Zane to give Banner’s confiscated sheep to Runs His Horse. Despite hating the Duttons, Runs His Horse accepted the gift and told Zane to thank Jacob on his behalf.

Runs His Horse branded the two priests that Hank and Teonna killed with the words “child killer,” which means he was aware of the killing of children in the boarding schools. It was also his way of sending a message to the authorities in a bid to make a case for his daughter.


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If he is the reservation chief, then it would mean that Yellowstone’s Thomas Rainwater likely comes from the bloodline of chiefs. The government doesn’t seem to recognize Runs His Horse’s position as chief in 1923, so it might only be known to his people if he really is the chief.

Runs His Horse is still a smart horseman who understands his culture and people well. He said he knew leaders in the Comanche reservation on the Washita River, proving just how widely connected he is.

Will Teonna Rainwater meet the Duttons?

Aminah Nieves and Henry Ford 1923

Teonna is headed South while on the run from the detectives as of the end of Nothing Left To Lose, which means she will be even further away from Yellowstone. Her legal problems are not over yet, and meeting with the Duttons is still possible.

In 1893, the Indian man told James Dutton that the Native Americans would reclaim the land from the Duttons in Seven generations. John Dutton’s grandchildren are the seventh generation of Duttons, which means Thomas Rainwater might fulfill that prophecy.

If the show builds Teonna’s storyline based on that prophecy, then Teonna’s descendants will be the ones to meet the Duttons and probably not Teonna.

Teonna can still return to Montana to escape from Renaud and the detectives. The authorities might not be keen on looking for her on the Yellowstone ranch if the Duttons offer her refuge.

If Teonna hides on the Yellowstone, then a friendship between the ranch and the reservation will be created. Jacob already extended an olive branch to Runs His Horse with the gift of sheep.

The rez won’t fancy the idea of having Whitfield’s mining company on the land any more than the Duttons. The Rainwaters and the Duttonc could join hands against Donald Whitfield, turning 1923’s second season into the story of the underdogs, which will be more interesting. However, this is just speculation because Paramount is yet to release details of the cast and plot of the second season of 1923.

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