Who Does Thorfinn End Up Together with in Vinland Saga?

thorfinn and gudrid

One of the things that we know about Thorfinn in Vinland Saga is that he can be somewhat of an emotionless person that only focused on killing Askeladd during the early part of the storyline. However, in season 2, he became a shell of his former self as he doesn’t even have the will to live anymore. But season 2 is all about his transformation as a person that now cares for the friends that he made along the way and the people he formed relationships with. So, speaking of relationships, who does Thorfinn end up with in Vinland Saga?

Thorfinn ends up with a strange girl named Gudrid, who joined Thorfinn and his company after she fled from her husband, who she married in an arranged marriage. Gudrid ended up professing her love for Thorfinn sometime during the Eastern Expedition arc as they got married after returning from the east.

It can be quite odd that Thorfinn actually has a love interest in Vinland Saga, considering that he was never someone who actually liked forming relationships with other people. However, his growth as a person also included his drive to meet new people and make friends that share the same goal. That is why he eventually ended up getting married to Gudrid.

Who Does Thorfinn End Up Together With In Vinland Saga?

Ever since Thorfinn was introduced as the main character of Vinland Saga, the one thing that fans were quick to realize was the fact that he isn’t really someone who was interested in other people at all. That was because he grew up with one sole reason for living—revenge. He wanted to take revenge on Askeladd for the death of his father, and that was why his life was geared toward that one singular goal.

askeladd and thorfinn

Nevertheless, season 2 allowed us to see an entirely different Thorfinn that had transformed due to the death of Askeladd. He had lost his will to live when Canute killed the man that Thorfinn always wanted to kill. As such, when he became a slave during the Farmland arc of the storyline, Thorfinn was a shell of his former self and had no emotions whatsoever. He didn’t want to form relationships with other people and was merely going through the motions to the point that he actually wanted to die.

But being on Ketil’s farm changed Thorfinn to the point that he actually learned how to make friends after he realized that he needed to atone for all of the people that he killed in the past. The first true friend that he made was Einar, who shared his dream of establishing a new world that was free from slavery. But Thorfinn also formed relationships with the other people on the farm, including the likes of Arnheid and Snake.

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It was Thorfinn’s time on Ketil’s farm that transformed him into a more sympathetic character that now cared about how other people feel. He turned into someone that was now willing to let people in and make them understand the things that went through when he was still just a young boy and an angry teenager. As such, it goes without saying that he became a person that could actually fall in love.

Of course, it does sound weird that an emotionless young man ends up falling in love with someone. But that actually happens in the manga storyline of Vinland Saga. So, who does Thorfinn end up together with in Vinland Saga?

Thorfinn, at one point in the future, will meet a young woman named Gudrid. After Gudrid decided to join Thorfinn and his friends in their quest to get to the east and eventually sail west to get to Vinland, where they can establish a paradise free of slavery and cruelty. Sometime during the expedition east and before their return to Iceland, Thorfinn and Gudrid marry one another after Gudrid admitted that she loved Thorfinn.

Who Is Gudrid?

As mentioned, Thorfinn is going to marry a girl named Gudrid and will even have a family with her during the storyline of Vinland Saga. This is a great development on the part of Thorfinn, who we thought was never going to form relationships with other people. But who exactly is Gudrid?


At some point in the future of the storyline, Thorfinn and company will meet a young woman that was running from her husband. We are talking about Gudrid, who was a widowed woman that was forced into marriage by her family. As such, she wanted to flee from her second husband due to the fact that she never chose him. And she decided to tag along with Thorfinn and his friends on their journey to the east.

The thing about Gudrid is that she tends to be a strange woman when you compare her to the other women during that time as she cared more about her freedom to choose. She also wanted to live a life of adventure instead of getting cooped up in domestic life with a man that she never loved. And that was one of the reasons why she ended up joining Thorfinn’s company in their journey.

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Despite the fact that Gudrid went on a journey with Thorfinn during the Eastern Expedition arc, her husband, Sigurd, continued to chase after her. That was how Thorfinn and his friends ended up getting into trouble with Sigurd. Nevertheless, because Gudrid was one of them, they were more than willing to protect her.

Like Thorfinn and Einar, Gudrid dreams of establishing a settlement where they were free to choose whatever they wanted to be in life. That was the reason why she shared the same dream of going to Vinland with Thorfinn. And during the Eastern Expedition arc, she ended up professing her love for Thorfinn as they got married right before they returned to Iceland after a successful adventure to the east.

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