Who Has the Highest Kill Count in One Piece? Top 10 Characters, Ranked

one piece kill counts

The One Piece saga features tragic deaths, from loveable characters to countless innocents along the way. Some of the most powerful villains have usually been responsible for these deaths, but many anime fans are still curious to know who has the highest kill count in One Piece overall.

Besides the World Government, Donquixote Doflamingo is considered the deadliest character in One Piece, with the highest kill count overall. This is followed by characters like Dracule Mihawk, Blackbeard, Akainu, and others, although there is no way to discern exactly how many people were killed by each of these characters.

Although the World Government technically has the most kills overall in One Piece, there are many other contenders that have extremely high kill counts, either due to killing others single-handedly or as a result of more indirect means. Below are the Top 10 characters with the highest kill counts in One Piece, ranked according to their threat levels and assumed body counts.

10. Zoro

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Zoro is one of the most well-loved main characters in One Piece, with a heroic personality and a ton of combat skills. While Zoro is not quick to kill anyone like others on this list, he does take the lives of his opponents where necessary – specifically villains or those who stand in his way.


One Piece: How Strong Is Zoro Really? Who Can He Beat?

He has hunted countless pirates and killed numerous marines and bounty hunters. As of more recent chapters, Zoro has also slayed many ninjas – now amassing a bounty of 1,111,000,000 Beri.

9. Crocodile


Crocodile is the supposed mother of Luffy and the former president of the mysterious crime syndicate Baroque Works. Also known as “Desert King” Sir Crocodile or “Mr. 0”, Crocodile is willing to kill anyone and does not think twice about taking another’s life – particularly those who insult him, even threatening to kill Robin for laughing.

It’s known that Crocodile has killed quite a few people, with a bounty of 1,965,000,000 Beri, and he ordered the destruction of the entire city of Nanohana. He sent out storms when he took over Alabasta, which would have killed quite a lot of civilians – in addition to many others who would pass away due to dehydration.

8. Rob Lucci

rob lucci

Rob Lucci was initially introduced as part of CP9 as the assassin unit’s strongest member in history. Being a skilled and powerful assassin, there’s no telling what his total kill count could be – but it’s assumed to be pretty high.

He is more known for killing specific people rather than slaughtering masses on a whim (apart from killing 500 soldiers and an entire pirate crew in his past). But he has been killing many people since he was only a teenager and had been assassinating targets ever since.

7. Big Mom

big mom

Big Mom is an outlandishly dangerous villain in One Piece with a ruthless personality and vicious mindset, topped with Linlin’s terrifying Devil Fruit power. In addition to cannibalizing her friends as a child, she is known for being quick to kill just about anyone – whether by her own hand or by using her many Big Mom Pirates members.

To date, Charlotte Linlin has amassed a shocking bounty of 4,388,000,000 Beri for all her crimes. It’s unknown how many people she has killed, but she has gone on many blind rampages that have likely killed thousands of innocents in the process.


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6. Shiryu


Shiryu is one of the Ten Titanic Captains of the Blackbeard Pirates, taking the role of captain of the Second Ship. He was well-known for the mass slaughter of prisoners, which occurred many years prior to Shiryu being imprisoned in Level 6.

He was initially introduced as the ex-Head Jailer of Impel Down, but he was placed on death row after being persecuted for his excessively violent and murderous acts against prisoners and other jailers. Impel Down has thousands of human guards across all levels, so it can be assumed that the number of prisoners is much higher.

impel down

That being said, there is still a ton of mystery regarding exactly how many prisoners were killed – many assume it’s in the hundreds, possibly thousands. He was eventually released temporarily in order to help quell the prison riot caused by Luffy and others, after which he decided to join the Blackbeard Pirates.

5. Enel


Enel is the former tyrannical “God” of Skypiea, who destroyed his homeland using his Devil Fruit powers – after which he decided to take over Skypiea with his followers.

He has no regard for taking lives, having killed thousands at a time and planning to kill everyone in Skypeia even after he took over. He has an extreme God complex and often kills his own followers as well – there is really no telling just how much blood is on Enel’s hands.

4. Akainu


Commonly known as “Akainu,” Sakazuki is willing to kill any Marine who disagrees with him – let alone stands in his way. He orders Issho to kill Law and Luffy, the loveable Ace, and all the civilians at Ohara.

Many One Piece fans believe that Sakazuki killed many people due to his “absolute justice” approach. Considering that Sakazuki has also destroyed islands with his buster call, it’s hard to determine his specific kill count – it could lie somewhere in the thousands.

3. Blackbeard


More commonly known as “Blackbeard,” Marshall D. Teach is one of the Four Emperors and the only known person to successfully wield two Devil Fruits simultaneously. He is extremely vicious and deceiving, mercilessly killing a fellow crewmate after spending about two decades on the ship.

It’s unknown exactly how many people Marshall D. Teach has actually killed. However, based on his reputation and his insanely high bounty of 3,996,000,000 Beri, most One Piece fans have assumed that his kill count must be immeasurable.

2. Dracule Mihawk


Dracule “Hawl Eyes” Mihawk is extremely powerful, being the strongest swordsman in the World and a former Warlord of the Sea. He was known as the “Marine Hunter” in the past, but fans still don’t know too much about each of his kills.


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It’s known that he has killed thousands of people at least, having slayed an entire fleet of 5,000 pirates at one point. Dracule Mihawk also has an extremely high bounty of 3,590,000,000 Beri, implying that he has definitely taken far more lives than fans might expect.

1. Donquixote Doflamingo

Donquixote Doflamingo

Making it to the top of this list is none other than Donquixote Doflamingo, infamous for the mass genocide plot that destroyed islands and massacred countless people in the process. Oddly enough, he goes by “Joker” with a frozen bounty of only 340,000,000 Beri.

He is possibly the most dangerous villain in One Piece, even killing his own family, but he is particularly deadly due to the amount of power he has over the entire One Piece universe. Donquixote Doflamingo has been using others to inflict pain and suffering for many years, having his family kill people for petty reasons since he was a child.

As a result, there is no way to tell just how many people have died due to Donquixote Doflamingo’s actions – he wiped out several towns just to kill the person who proposed to Baby 5. Either way, most One Piece fans are certain he has the highest kill count apart from the World Government itself.

Those are the Top 10 characters with the highest kill counts in One Piece, ranked with images thanks to the One Piece Wiki. Of course, since there is no exact figure for each of these characters, the ranking is always up for debate – either way, these One Piece characters are certainly forces to be reckoned with.

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