Is Crocodile a Girl & Is He Luffy’s Mom? (Theory Explained)

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There are tons of fascinating and even wild One Piece theories out there, many of which focus on far more mysterious topics, but nothing stops amine lovers from breaking down some of the most everyday aspects of protagonists’ lives. Countless One Piece fans still have questions about Luffy’s biological mother – with many believing Crocodile to be a girl and be Luffy’s mom.

Coincidental and circumstantial evidence indicates Crocodile may have been a female from birth, changed to a male as a result of Iva’s gender-altering Devil Fruit powers – potentially supported by canon details and strategic One Piece imagery. Some visual cues and behavioral changes point to Crocodile being Luffy’s biological mother (Croco-Mom) before the change, although nothing has been confirmed.

While the theory might seem hard to believe at first, plenty of dedicated One Piece fans support it – with this now being dubbed as the “Croco-Mom” theory within the community. Stick around to find out everything you need to know about the idea of Crocodile being a woman and being Luffy’s mother in One Piece – topped with some shreds of evidence that might just have you convinced!

Is Crocodile a Girl?

Crocodile appears to be a male throughout the entire One Piece storyline, and the character does lack of what is viewed as “feminine” in terms of physical features. Crocodile was initially introduced within the One Piece manga back in 2009 during the Impel Down arc, meeting Luffy and Iva – where it’s revealed that they knew each other since their rookie days. He apparently teases Crocodile using the name “Croco-boy”, threatening to expose a secret from the past – as seen below thanks to nizam jaffar:

Of course, this could mean absolutely anything within the One Piece universe. So, what makes fans interpret Crocodile’s secret in this specific context? Well, things became slightly more ambiguous when Iva revealed that he has gender-switching hormone powers via his Devil Fruit – quite an interesting detail that might feel random otherwise.

crocodile one piece

Using this as a base, many fans started believing that Iva used his Devil Fruit powers on Crocodile, transforming her from a woman into a man by means of triggering ‘natural’ male hormones. The type of secret that was alluded to, the relationship between Crocodile and Iva, as well as the Devil Fruit power reveal all seem to add up.


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It definitely paints “Croco-boy” in a mocking and smug light. Of course, none of this has been confirmed, but there’s definitely some evidence that could spin this theory in a more plausible direction. The theory only gained more traction when Oda released a sketch of the Warlords as kids, seen below thanks to SK Anime, which would have been well before the One Piece storyline began.

crocodile child one piece

Some fans might say that Crocodile resembles a young boy here, while most fans state that the image does not actually portray ‘typical’ male features – even as a child. In fact, the resemblance in terms of Crocodile’s eyes, lashes, petite facial frame, longer hair, and slim neck/shoulder area resemble Boa Hancock’s features (if compared to anyone else in the One Piece universe).


The only other evidence that depicts Crocodile’s past is a brief snippet of Roger’s execution, as seen below thanks to Cutty Flam. But, coincidentally, Crocodile is the only character shown from the back instead of the front in both the anime and the manga.

However, an interesting note is that Crocodile as a ‘male’ is usually seen with a cigar to the left, while the ‘feminine’ sketch shows Crocodile with a cigar to the right – also seen in the above execution scene. If fans know anything about Oda, it’s that he loves to tease theories, continuing with One Piece Chapter 938’s cover page featuring Crocodile and titled “A Woman’s Secret” / “Her Secret” of all things.

one piece crocodile female

Knowing Oda, one coincidence too many makes a plausible theory, so it’s far more likely to be a reference to Croco-Mom in some sense. In addition, Crocodile’s character is very much linked to gender overall in other aspects as well, which only furthers the theory’s support.

Is Crocodile Luffy’s Mom? (Croco-Mom Theory Explained)

Luffy leads the show in the One Piece universe, being the primary protagonist ready to take on countless adventures alongside his fellow Straw Hat Pirates. There are still a ton of questions, such as Luffy’s true fate in the One Piece world and Luffy’s primary love interest, but a burning question many fans have concerns his ancestry.

Fans do have some information about Luffy’s father, but countless fans wonder who Luffy’s mother is to this day – especially since the reveal scene described Luffy and Ace as “stepbrothers”. Surprisingly, many believe that Luffy’s mother could be none other than Crocodile, the ex-Warlord.

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Needless to say, the entire basis of this theory would rely on Crocodile being a female from birth – if that aspect is proven to be incorrect, it would of course throw a wrench into the works. Even then, Croco-Mom being Luffy’s mom is a completely different story, assuming that Crocodile had a relationship with Monkey D. Dragon. Many fans argue this theory since Crocodile tries to kill Luffy twice, once during Alabasta, although it’s possible Crocodile would not recognize her own son after so long.


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There are a few things that could mean Crocodile is his mom, primarily stemming from Crocodile’s connection to the Okama Kingdom. Plus, there are currently two special “mafia” specials, seen below thanks to ProLucK7, in which Luffy is portrayed with a remarkably accurate resemblance to the Crocodile we have seen thus far.

With all that being said, there hasn’t been much more ‘proof’ – unless we consider Crocodile’s odd behavior and change of character after Luffy’s lineage was revealed at Marineford, seen below thanks to OnePieceChannel2013. Similar to the convenient frame change during Roger’s execution, Crocodile’s reaction is not shown when Luffy’s father is revealed.

Unless Crocodile had a sudden change of heart and personality off-screen, odds are that the sudden shift was due to the reveal. Shortly after, Crocodile and Daz Bones even help keep Mihawk busy so that Luffy could progress unscathed – this was even questioned by Mihawk, as there was really no reason to aid Luffy at all.

From this point, Crocodile’s behavior becomes even wilder, to the point where he steps up to take on Akainu just to help Luffy escape. This is in addition to using Sables to carry them to safety, as seen below thanks to OathandOblivion13.

Considering that Crocodile generally prefers leaving the ‘weak’ behind, all of this is pretty odd. The manga also shows Crocodile standing beside Whitebeard, his enemy, all just to help Luffy.

There definitely isn’t anything to completely validate Croco-mom, but the accuracy of this theory just keeps becoming more and more real, now topped with fanart showing how Crocodile might have looked before the change, as seen below. Plus, Oda’s suspiciously strategic depictions and Crocodile’s solid maternal instinct for Luffy just add more fuel to the fire.


For more info on the Croco-Mom theory, check out the video below by Anime no Mi:

Although there is nothing solid to prove that Crocodile is indeed Luffy’s mother, there’s nothing concrete to disprove it either. It may be frustrating having to guess your favorite anime character’s origins and heritage, but most animes have a foundation filled with ambiguous plotholes and room for fan interpretations – it’s partially what makes the best anime series so special!

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