All 20 One Piece Deaths Ranked by Sadness (with Videos)

15 Saddest Deaths in One Piece (Ranked)

Death is always a sad thing; it is not necessarily tragic, but it is always sad. It is present in fiction as much as it is in real life and the fictional deaths from our favorite series can hit us as hard as real-life deaths do. And while One Piece doesn’t really kill off its characters that often, a fair amount of characters have died so far and some of these scenes were truly heartbreaking. In this article, we are going bring you a list of the 20 saddest deaths in One Piece as they happened.

20. Izou

Izo And Maha Defeat Each Other

During the Wano Country Arc, Izou descends to the castle’s first basement after disposing of the opponents that were on the first floor. After slugging it out with a few bestial pirates, he feels a pain in his gut. He turned around and brandished his gun in the direction of the intruders he had heard sneaking in, hoping Kiku and Kin’emon got away with it. He confronts the two CP-AIGISO agents while they continue on their route, arguing that they should focus on their top priority, the pirates from the straw hat gang. They move Izou to the side, but he stops them by aiming his gun at the two men. Izou fought the two agents despite the fact that they were outnumbered and was ultimately slain after being struck by a Shigan from Maha, albeit he was able to take Maha down with him.

19. Fisher Tiger

When Tiger makes his way back, Koala is the only one who thanks him and at least says goodbye from afar. Little do they know, however, that Koala’s return was a trap, and that the residents of Koala’s hometown made a deal with the Navy to free the child from captivity. Out of sight of Koala’s village, Tiger is suddenly surrounded by a naval unit under Rear Admiral Strawberry, and his ship is captured and sunk by the navy.

He and his crew fight for survival: while Arlong, Hatchan, and Kuroobi send half the crew to sea with the Navy, Jinbe, Aladin, Makro, and the other half rush to the aid of their captain, who was badly wounded by the Navy unit in the battle. but still fighting. The gang manages to hijack a navy ship and escape with Tiger, but the captain has been mortally wounded and needs a blood donation.


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Although the ship has enough blood of his blood type in stock, Tiger refuses to accept human blood. In the ship’s infirmary, he tearfully confesses that he himself was once a slave to the World Nobles. As he dies, Tiger realizes that he has lived according to his own selfish goals and that Otohime’s way of seeking peace with people is the right one

18. Mother Carmel

Although Mother Carmel wasn’t really the best of characters, her death is still quite sad. At some point, Mother comes into contact with members of the Cipher Pol. She eventually convinces the men to buy Linlin from her for a huge sum of money. She finally announces that this is her last sale. Shortly after, she is seen celebrating Linlin’s birthday with the other children. When Linlin finished eating, Mother and the other children disappeared leaving torn clothes. From what we know, Linlin’s Hunger Pangs disorder kicked in and she unknowingly ate everyone around her; it is not known whether she realized, at some point, what she had done.

During all of her Tea Parties, Linlin places a picture of Mother Carmel in front of her on the table. If Carmel’s image is damaged, Big Mom then goes into a psychological crisis, which leaves her vulnerable enough to be harmed physically. To this day, Linlin has no knowledge of Carmel’s true nature.

17. Donquixote Homing

Homing being hunted and feeling in danger, then called for Mary Geoise so that his sons and his wife return there, which the Celestial Dragons refused. Indeed, for the latter, Homing and his family were no longer Celestial Dragons and have become human. They thought that Homing must accept his choice and give up his title permanently. Following this, Homing and his children lived in shame.

For the first time in their existence, the Don Quixote family felt pain. Later, Homing’s wife died of illness, and the surviving family were captured by locals. They were tortured, and targeted with arrows. Doflamingo then swore out loud that he would kill his father if they made it out alive. This sentence terrified the inhabitants and shocked his brother. Doflamingo unknowingly used Royal Haki, which allowed them to escape. Following this, Homing was murdered by his son, as announced, killed by a pistol.

16. Ashura Doji

After taunting them and explaining Momonosuke’s failed escape attempt and how his execution was proceeding, Kanjuro confronted Kikunojo. He was ultimately defeated and left bleeding on the ground, and Kin’emon solemnly dropped her hat on his head as a show of respect. Despite his defeat, Kikunojo failed to kill him, so Kanjuro eventually regained consciousness despite being fatally wounded. With the remaining forces, he had he created an ink copy of Kozuki Oden, arriving with it at the Red Scabbards posing as the real one.


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He initially got most of them to believe him but both Ashura Doji and Raizo claimed that he must be an impostor, leading to the chaos that resulted in Ashura being stabbed. Upon being discovered he claimed that he would kill Momonosuke as he made his way to him, using the Oden clone explosives that ended up engulfing Ashura as he was pushed out of the room.

15. Russian

Senor Pink went on a mission with the Donquixote Pirates. During this time Gimlet fell ill with a fever. Russian desperately tried to call him but could not find him and Gimlet died. When Pink returned, she told him about the death of her son and revealed that she knew that he was not a banker, because when he tried to call the bank they told him that Pink had never worked there.

She later fled from him during a storm until she fell victim to a landslide, which left her in an incurable vegetative state. Despite this, Senor Pink visited her in the hospital every day in the hope that she would get better. One day Pink put on Gimlet’s hat and got her to smile at her, so he started dressing like a baby to make her smile. Shortly after entering the vegetative state, Russian died.

14. Jaguar D. Saul

After interrogating Olvia, Saul, disgusted by the Navy’s methods, decides to disobey the World Government and let her escape. Before long, they were shipwrecked after a storm, so he was sent adrift on the sea until he luckily reached Ohara. There, he befriended Nico Robin without knowing that she was Olvia’s daughter and met the latter again. After promising Olvia to get Robin off the island alive, Saul was frozen to death by Vice Admiral Kuzan.

But as he died, Saul smiled (as did Roger and Ace) and did so to cheer Robin up, telling her that the sea was vast and that one day he would find people who would care for her and protect her. Saul and Aokiji were friends, so Saul’s sacrifice made Aokiji respect her wish and let Robin escape, but not before telling him that he himself would catch her another time.

13. Otohime

One day in Gyoncorde Square, the box that held all of the collected signatures suddenly caught fire in the signatures, caused by a human hired by Hody. In the confusion, Otohime was shot through the heart by Hody Jones. (However, the same human hired by Hody would be framed for the murder). Her children immediately came to his side.

Fukaboshi swore revenge, but Otohime told him not to be mad at her. With her dying breath, Otohime reminded her sons of their promise to protect Shirahoshi. As she died, she touched the little fingers of her children for the last time. Her murder led to widespread commotion on Fish-Man Island at the time.


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Even after her death, her ideals lived on. She was given a burial in the Forest of the Sea. Her daughter missed her funeral due to being imprisoned in the Rigid Tower to protect her from Vander Decken IX. During her ten years in that tower, Shirahoshi wishes to pay her respects, as she lived with the knowledge that there were so many unspoken words between them.

12. Scarlett

After seeing the incidents at the Royal Palace and Acacia, Kyros decides to go and tells Rebecca and Scarlett to wait for him at the Field of Flowers. After that, Kyros is turned into a toy by Sugar, for which Scarlett and Rebecca completely forget him, as well as his promise to wait for him in the Field of Flowers.

After observing how the entire kingdom burned, Scarlett and Rebecca are persecuted by Diamante and his henchmen in order to eliminate all lineage of the previous royal family, but Kyros, already turned into a toy, saves them. Two days later, he goes into town to buy food for Rebecca but is shot by Diamante, fatally wounding her.

Kyros fails to arrive in time to save her, and ends up hearing her last words to give food to Rebecca, then she dies without having remembered her husband Kyros with whom she was in love. Kyros, carries Scarlett’s corpse to the flower field, where Rebecca is, bringing with him the food he got for her, after Kyros and Rebecca hid, they bury Scarlett in the flower field and make a grave for her, due to Failing to save Scarlett, Kyros swears to protect Rebecca forever, even though she doesn’t remember him as her father.

11. Pedro

Pudding and Chiffon approached the group and Pedro commented that they should have tied Pudding up when they had the chance. After observing Pudding’s personality disorder, Pedro and the rest were surprised. Big Mom then attacked them again and they continued their escape without Sanji, who had left with Pudding and Chiffon to prepare the cake with them. The entire group ran towards the Thousand Sunny and came into conflict with Perospero and Katakuri, who were on board.

After this, Pedro told Carrot not to be disturbed by those events, as he believed that the Straw Hats would bring the dawn of the world. When Perospero stalled the Sunny with candy, Pedro unsuccessfully attacked Perospero with Perospero’s sword and was quickly subdued. However, Pedro ignited his stash of dynamite from his jacket, causing a massive explosion with the intention of finishing off Perospero and freeing Chopper and Brook from Perospero’s candy in a suicidal act.

10. Yasuie

Yasuie continues the speech by expressing what she thinks of Orochi, admitting that she designed and distributed the Kozuki family flyers as a joke, stating that the crescent moon tattoo was just a passing fashion long ago, and revealing the dirty methods that the current shogun used to rise to power with Kaido’s help and by killing the daimyos who opposed him.

In the past, when he was the daimyo of Hakumai, Yasuie discovered the servants of Oden attempting to steal the region’s treasury to help their lord and, instead of punishing them, giving them more of what they wanted to steal so that they could increase their education, buy some clothes and don’t tarnish Oden’s name.

The guards realize that they have unjustly arrested those they thought were conspirators, who unbeknownst to them have been given directions to a new meeting point. Toko and the three following him reach Rasetsu just as Orochi and his guards shoot Yasuie. The servants of Oden and the inhabitants of Ebisu now mourn Yasuie’s death.

9. Gol D. Roger

In the last days of Roger’s reign, he had achieved more wealth, power, and fame than anyone could imagine. Though now known as the “Pirate King”, Roger was well aware of his own mortality and secretly disbanded his crew. Before his death, he told Rayleigh that he would not die. He also informed Whitebeard that he was going to die before his execution; whether he was referring to his illness or his giving himself up to the Marines is still unknown.

At some point, he met Rouge, a woman who lived in Baterilla, and who would later become the mother of his son, Ace. Roger eventually turned himself into the Marines and was sentenced to be executed. While in prison he asked Garp to take care of his child when he is gone, saying that a child should not be labeled a criminal because of his family ties.

Even though Garp said he had no obligation to do it, Roger knew he was going to do it anyway. Thinking it would make an example of him to prevent others from becoming pirates, he immediately set his execution in Loguetown. But when he was about to die, Roger shouted his famous last words. The swords of the executioners fell and the greatest pirate of all, died, with a smile.

8. Dr. Hiluluk

Kureha arrives at Hiriluk’s house, to check if he has already died, to which she sees Chopper wounded and the mushroom on the table, to which she begins to yell at Chopper, asking him what that mushroom was doing there. He replied that he brought, to cure the doctor, but she hits him telling him that mushroom is poisonous and that because of them, he will die in a few hours.

Chopper cries inconsolably thinking about what he had done and runs to look for his father, but he was in the castle facing his fate. Wapol had set him up with the doctors, completing his ruse by saying that it was just a strategy to kill them and that if the doctors were sick they would never call Hiriluk. He ends with the conclusion that he is glad that the doctors are not sick and that the kingdom still has hope for life.

Hiriluk finally states that a monster would arrive shortly, and asks not to be hurt because she was his son. Hiriluk contemplates how at his words Dalton is crying, knowing that there is still hope in humans, as he taught his son. Finally, the doctor takes a drink that activates a bomb that was taken as a last attempt to end the tyrant of Wapol. Chopper reaches the hill, where the castle was, but it’s too late, the explosion has already occurred.


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7. Bell-mère

When Arlong and his crew were in front of her house, Arlong was about to open the door, but before he could open it Bell-mère came out and pointed a shotgun at his mouth, but he easily disarmed her saying what was happening. Arlong explained that she had to pay him for saving her life. But having all his money could only save her life or only that of her two daughters.

Since Arlong had no knowledge of her daughters, Genzo advised Bell-mère to pay for her life. Bell-mère gave the money, but she saw Nami and Nojiko walking towards the forest crying, then she declared to Arlong that she was not paying for her, but for her daughters, that she would rather die than give up being a mother and that her daughters feel rejected.

Then Arlong pointed a gun at her head, and when he was about to pull the trigger she told Nami that he was sorry she was not from a rich family and could not buy them everything they wanted. And just before her execution, she told them “I love you”.

6. Donquixote Rosinante

Rosinante placed Law in a treasure chest that the Donquixote Pirates looted, and placed a silent field with his Calm technique around the boy, thus allowing him to sneak around undetected. Rosinante then allowed himself to be caught, to serve as a distraction; the Donquixote Pirates violently attacked him for his betrayal.

Doflamingo then arrived, and after discovering that Law had already eaten the Ope Ope no Mi, he angrily shot Rosinante several times before leaving; Rosinante couldn’t shoot Doflamingo because he noted that it was very similar to the cue shot in terms of kindness. As he was about to die, Rosinante made sure to stay alive long enough to ensure that Law escaped undetected.

But before he died he addressed some final words to Law telling him that he was now free of his and Doflamingo’s disease. Rosinante then passed away with a smile. Law then stood by Rosinante’s body again and wept for his deceased friend. Law honored Rosinante’s final wishes, respecting and looking up to him with great respect for saving his life and swearing revenge by destroying Doflamingo.

5. Whitebeard 

All the marines are speechless to see Teach and his new companions. The Blackbeard Pirates escaped from Impel Down leaving the prison in a bad state and passed the gates of justice because previously the marine guard posts had been hypnotized to let every ship pass.

Teach admits that everything he did to join the Fleet of Seven was necessary to ensure that he could reach Impel Down and free prisoners to enlist in his crew, but now he no longer needs them and therefore renounces the title. Whitebeard attacks Teach with his power and destroys the gallows, but he and his companions are saved.

Blackbeard uses the Dark Dark and prevents his opponent from delivering his most powerful blows, absorbing their effects, but is still wounded by the emperor’s naginata and then hit by a shock wave. But Teach survives and orders his companions to kill Whitebeard; all of them shoot him numerous times and stab him with their repeating blades.

In his last minutes of life, Whitebeard looks back on his last meeting with Roger, during which the pirate king spoke to him about D.’s will and the mystery that surrounds her. He then reveals to Teach that he is not the man Roger is waiting for and that someone will soon arrive who will wreak a war on the whole world. He confirms that One Piece really exists, after which he dies on his feet.

4. Kozuki Oden

After recognizing Shinobu (which she began to help them) and repelling dozens of Kaidou Oden’s subordinates, he managed to make a great cut to the pirate. Immediately after that Oden heard a fake Momonosuke asking him for help, which Kaidou took advantage of to defeat him with a single blow with his kanabo. After placating all of his enemies, the Beasts Pirates imprisoned Oden and his subordinates, sentencing them to death by being boiled in three days.

Three days later Oden and his vassals were about to be publicly executed, so Oden asked to be released. After discussing it with Kaidou, he agreed to endure an hour being boiled to be released. After speaking, Oden quickly entered the boiling pot and began to hold his subordinates with a board so they wouldn’t burn.

As everyone saw his determination, Oden began to endure said execution minute by minute. Shortly after this and to the surprise of all present, Oden was able to resist the agreed time inside the oil. However, Orochi was not satisfied with this and decided to change the method of execution from boiling alive to being shot by the firing squad at the last minute.

Aware of the threat, Oden threw the Nine Red Scabbards out of the cauldron with the last of his strength, telling them to do whatever they can to finally open Wano Country to the outside world. After exchanging a few words with Kaidou, he gave an exhausted and very emaciated Oden a shot in the head to end his suffering. Finally, Oden’s body fell into the oil, and the samurai died with a wide smile.

3. Going Merry

Having escaped Enies Lobby on the Going Merry, all seemed well in the world of the Straw Hats. Unfortunately, the joy was short-lived. The Going Merry suddenly broke up in the middle of the ocean. Fortunately, a Galley-La ship, carrying workers and Iceburg, and others showed up to rescue the passengers aboard the Going Merry in time.

Having left Water 7 for Enies Lobby, Iceburg found the Going Merry lying on one of Water 7’s shorelines. The ship then apparently asked Iceburg to fix it. After Iceburg arranged for one more trip, the ship suddenly set off on its own in the rough seas, braving the storm that was brewing at the time. He told the Straw Hats. He also told them that the ship was in a state completely beyond repair and needed to finally rest in peace.

With a heavy heart, Luffy set fire to the ship giving it a Viking funeral, since according to him the bottom of the ocean is dark and lonely. Just as he began to burn, snow began to fall (apparently the Going Merry’s tears). Although the crew apologized for not taking such good care of it, the Going Merry did not show any ill will towards the team. As he explained, it was because the team really looked after him, which he appreciated. With his last words and a tearful farewell from his former team, the Going Merry finally died.

2. Brook

The Rumbar Pirates toured many places in the Grand Line. Just before reaching the “New World”, Captain Yorki became seriously ill, for which he had to leave the crew, since the doctor did not know the illness that afflicted him and that it would probably be fatal (probably the same one that had Nami but nothing is confirmed).

Yorki was transferred back to West Blue and Brook took over as captain momentarily. It is here that he won (for reasons still unknown) his first bounty of 33,000,000 Berrys. Yorki’s whereabouts are unknown, but it is believed that he may or is dead. Tragically, upon reaching the “New World”, at the Florian Triangle, the Rumbar Pirates faced a deadly and powerful enemy (for now unknown), who, in a very dirty move, threw poisoned arrows at them, wounding the doctor and killing him instantly.

When the Rumbar Pirates were already traveling without a doctor, all the members began to die, including Brook. Before they died they played one last song that Brook recorded on a sound dial, brought from Skypiea by a trader, and that he would take to Laboon in the hope that Brook’s ability would work.

1. Portgas D. Ace

Ace collapses to the ground from the wound received from Akainu. His companions open fire on the admiral to protect him, but to no avail because of his Rogia fruit. The second attempt to hit Ace is stopped by Jinbe, Marco, and Vista, but Akainu doesn’t mind because he’s sure the pirate is done for. Luffy begs the Whitebeard Pirates to do something for his brother, but the wound is incurable; not even the power of Iva is able to save his life.

Ace thinks back to his childhood and the question that he accompanied him all his life: to understand if he had the right to be born and to live. People used to say that if Gol D. Roger had a child, he would have to be tortured and killed for the simple fact of existing, and each time Ace beat them violently.

The boy thanks Luffy for having loved him and asks him to relay that same message to his companions as well. After that he dies, while his Vivre Card is completely consumed. Luffy tries to restrain himself, but bursts into tears.

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