Who Is Deepa in Boruto? Everything You Need to Know

Who Is Deepa in Boruto? Everything You Need to Know

Since its debut, Boruto, the sequel to Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto franchise, has become a story in its own right, more so since Kishimoto himself took over the story. Now, the Boruto series has introduced us to a variety of new characters, some of which have proven themselves to be quite intriguing and worthy of an individual analysis. Such a character is Deepa, a villain from the Boruto series. In this article, we are going to tell you everything we know about Deepa in Boruto.

Deepa was one of the “Interns” of the Kara organization. At some point in his life, Deepa was modified with Ninja Scientific Tools and became part of the Kara organization. Five years before the events of Valley Country, Deepa and Victor teamed up to create an artificial Divine Tree behind the organization’s back. He was ultimately killed for his betrayal.

This article is going to focus solely on Deepa and his story. You’re going to find out all the relevant biographical information about him, as well as get answers to some related questions. Deepa is an interesting new character from the Boruto series, so it is completely understandable that people want to know more about him and that is why we have decided to write this guide for you.

Deepa in Boruto explained

Deepa was present when Jigen called a meeting with the Interns, informing them of the destruction of one of their facilities in Ame by an External. In the Land of the Valleys, Deepa looked at the pass while eating a fruit before falling from a stone pillar. When a sample of Hashirama Senju’s cells was stolen from Victor’s company, Deepa was tasked with recovering it.

He learned that he was sold in the Land of Silence. Victor insisted on being as secretive as possible in his mission, but Deepa wouldn’t listen. Upon arriving in the village, Deepa went to a bar and ate there while all of its other occupants were dead. He carelessly paid for his meal and left. While investigating Fūshu Castle, he learned that Sakuya had recently been killed, allegedly by the Konoha shinobi.

Deepa then slaughtered several looters to extract all available information. He quickly found the Team 7 shinobi. Realizing they didn’t have Hashirama’s cells, he demanded to be told where she was. Omoi and his Kumo team decided to confront Deepa while Team 7 continued on their way to recover Hashirama’s cells from the real culprits.

Deepa Vs Kumo Shinobi

Despite the efforts of the Kumo jōnin, Deepa was able to easily counter each of their attacks, quickly eliminating her enemies. In the end, Deepa soundly defeated Omoi and began to interrogate him about the location of the First Hokage’s cells. As he refused to speak, Kakui and Marui refusing to let Omoi die, revealed that the target was on its way to the Land of Mist.

Deepa quickly killed Omoi’s teammates, choosing to spare the latter as he had promised, before traveling to the Land of Mist. He quickly caught up with the two remaining members of the Mist Quadruplets and Team 7, hitting the former with a surprise attack. As Deepa calmly showed off her waterproof body, Victor arrived, deciding that Deepa was taking too long and causing too much of a mess.

Victor quickly confronted the two jōnin while Deepa confronted the genin, much to her annoyance. The genin tried to coordinate their efforts, but Deepa’s technique proved unfazed and quickly defeated them. Asaka, the last of the quadruplets, offered to hand over Hashirama’s cells, a proposal which Deepa happily accepted, but was then tricked by Asaka, who used his kinjutsu to attack him, but failed.

As Deepa turned her attention back to the injured Boruto, Deepa was surprised by Mitsuki’s Sage Mode. Although unable to harm Deepa, it slows him down long enough for Mitsuki to retreat with his teammates. Reluctantly, Deepa decided not to pursue them as he had accomplished his goal of retrieving the cells.

Upon returning to Victor’s lab, they argued over their respective position within Kara, Deepa was sent to retrieve another important item. His mission took him to the Land of the Wind where, after eating in a restaurant, he slaughtered everyone inside. As he left, he was spotted by Team 10, but chose to ignore them.

Later, he found Team 10 and Team Shinki who dug up a damaged puppet of Urashiki Ōtsutsuki. That was Deepa’s goal and he demanded to have it. When they refused, he attacked them with his carbon cubes. He was impressed with how Shinki’s Iron Filings resisted his attacks, which prompted him to fight more seriously.

They then executed a strategy to restrain and take down Deepa, only for their final assault to prove to be powerless. After defeating them, he noticed smoke rising from his hand. Deepa grabs the puppet, but she is destroyed by Shinki’s last act of defiance before fainting. Although the children made her fail her mission, Deepa calmly left them alone and left.

Upon returning to Victor’s company, he made no effort to pass unnoticed, storming the main entrance and killing the guard who tried to stop him. Victor was again annoyed by Deepa’s lack of restraint. As Deepa reported that his mission was a failure, he decided to go take a nap while Victor took care of an inspection of the Daimyo of the Land of Valleys.

Victor reminded Deepa that the experiment was nearing its final stage and Deepa retorted that it was Victor’s responsibility, since he was only interested in enjoying the results. Eventually, Victor succeeds in his experiment to recreate the God Tree. The experiment caused major tremors in the area, alerting Deepa, who was annoyed that Victor had performed the final test early and without him.

Deepa confronts Super Compression Rasengan

Deepa went to investigate and found Boruto and Sarada, vaguely remembering them. As he began to savor the final stages of the experience, Boruto was enraged to hear Deepa’s thirst for power coming from the Chakra Fruit. Deepa corrected the genin, insisting that he had no desire to eat the fruit, just relish the taste, as a way to experience the purest flavor the world has to offer.

From there, Boruto and Sarada swore to defeat Deepa, who taunted them. Despite the genin’s improved skills and even Mitsuki’s sudden return, Deepa’s carbon powers proved more infallible than ever, easily putting them on the defensive with her barrage of attacks, unfazed by their attacks. He laughs at their continued stubbornness in refusing defeat, soon becoming annoyed that none of them show the slightest sign of desperation.

Boruto approached to perform his new Compressed Swirling Orb. As Deepa laughed at this effort, he was quickly surprised to see Boruto’s technique pierce his resistant skin. Recognizing the danger, Deepa unleashed the final level of her carbon-based defense, wrapping herself in armor to finally fend off Boruto. As Deepa laughed at her opponent’s failed attempt, he saw the Divine Tree die.

Horrified, Deepa was furious to be robbed of a chance to taste the fruit. This distraction gave Boruto and his team an opening to strike with their Hyper-Compressed Whirling Orb, piercing Deepa’s armor and causing him to explode. As Deepa was reeling from the defeat, he lamented that he missed what might have been the best taste he had ever had before being crushed to death by falling debris.

Was Deepa a member of Kara?

As you could have learned from our text, Deepa was indeed a member Kara, although, as an intern, he was a very low-rank member of this organization. This why no one really cared that much about his life.

Who killed Deepa in Boruto?

Deepa in Kara27s hideout

To hide the evidence of his betrayal and convince others of his innocence, Victor retrieved Deepa’s remaining body parts and used falsified evidence to blame him for the fiasco. Not trusting Victor’s word, Jigen tasked Amado with restoring Deepa’s brain in order to interrogate him about what really happened in the Valley Country, keeping her disembodied head in a tank. With this information, Koji Kashin was assigned to assassinate Victor and after surviving its use, Jigen ordered Amado to destroy Deepa’s head, which was completely dissolved.

Deepa’s powers and abilities

As a Kara intern whose body had been modified with ninja science tools by Amado, Deepa was considered completely monstrous in terms of power and ability, with her skills considered superhuman. He was able to defeat Kumo jōnin without a serious fight, Omoi considering him to have no weaknesses.

Deepas Armour

Specializing in close quarters combat, he was incredibly fast and fierce at taijutsu, able to take down most enemies with a single blow and could easily pressure to finally defeat a kenjutsu master like Omoi, despite the aid of two swordsmen. accomplished.

He was also very strong, able to effortlessly lift a grown man into the air with one hand. He had considerable aim, capable of nonchalantly throwing a simple kitchen knife into the target of a dart board without even looking.

What was Deepa’s Jutsu?

Deepa can use the Inton to project an image of himself to speak with people from a distance. Deepa could control the molecular bonding of the carbon he is exposed to, whether in contact with him or in his body. By rearranging them appropriately, his body had become resilient. This turned his skin black and reflective like metal, which also turned the edges of his fingers into razor-sharp talons.

He could control the change to affect any or all parts of his body. His body has grown so resilient that he is able to endure Raiton’s attacks unflinchingly and calmly block blades or chakra-enhanced blows with his bare hands. Even explosions and powerful techniques like the Rasengan had almost no effect on him.


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Its metallic form also greatly increased its strength, as a simple finger swipe could knock an enemy off its feet and its serious blows were strong enough to pierce a person’s chest. Additionally, he could freely manipulate any raw carbon around him, shaping it into myriad shapes. He could seamlessly manipulate an immense number of targets at once in various formations and hurl them with powerful percussive force like a relentless barrage of projectiles.

He could also condense his projectiles for even more devastating attacks, one of which destroyed a massive Iron Filings wall that Shinki had erected. As a final defense, Deepa could combine the two natures of her technique, encasing herself in massive armor of nigh-impenetrable power. The maximum strength of his armor’s defensive and offensive power was visible through the diamond-refined carbon. Deepa admitted that this armor had flaws, but didn’t elaborate.

Is Naruto stronger than Deepa?

This one’s a no-brainer really. Namely, however formidable Deepa was, he was a very small cog in the structure of the organisation Kara. This means that he wasn’t really all that powerful and knowing we’re actually comparing him with, arguably, the strongest character from the whole franchise, we can only conclude that Naruto would kick Deepa’s ass so hard that he wouldn’t really have even a theoretical chance to defeat him.

Was Deepa a cannibal?

A known gourmet, he liked to taste as many different flavors as he could in the world. Due to his deranged nature, he had become a cannibal, eager to taste the blood and flesh of his enemies as it intrigued him. At the same time, he was a very random man.

While he slaughtered people on a whim, he was remarkably calm and saw no need to kill someone who couldn’t fight back. His greatest wish was to taste the fruit of the Divine Tree itself, which he described as having the purest flavor in the world.

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