Who Is Éile in The Witcher: Blood Origin? Meet Sophia Brown’s Character


December 25th is indeed going to be a merry one for all fans of the Witcher series, as the new series titled Witcher: Blood Origin hits Netflix. The new series aims to expand the universe and serve as a prequel to the ongoing Witcher series. Since it serves as a prequel it’s set 1,200 years before the events of the first series and as such introduces a variety of new characters. In today’s post we’re going to focus on one character in particular so let’s see who exactly is Éile in Witcher: Blood Origin and the actress behind the character, Sophia Brown. 

Éile also going by the name the Lark is an elite warrior trained to serve as an elite “royal” guard for the Raven Clan. Even though Éile had a clear-cut path in front of her, she decided to abandon her duties as a warrior and instead serve as a traveling musician and through her amazing talent, lead the battle in a completely different way. Éile is played by Sophia Brown, a promising new actress with several prominent roles behind her. 

Now that you know who exactly Éile is, it’s time to analyze her character and the actress behind the character in more depth. If you’re interested in more details stay with us and keep reading!

Who is Éile in Witcher: Blood Origin 

The new series titled Witcher: Blood Origin serves as a prequel to the main series and aims to expand already existing lore. It’s going to deal with the time before one specific event that forever changed the Continent – The Conjunction of Spheres. This was the event that brought magic, humans, and monsters to the Witcher’s world and as such we’re going to get greater insight into the events that led to it.

Since the series is set 1200 years before the events of the main series we’re going to be introduced to a plethora of new characters, and one of those characters is Éile. So who exactly is Éile and what is her role in the new series? 

Éile belonged to the Raven Clan, a clan famous for its combat exploits, and as such, she was born and bred to take up arms and perfect her combat skills. She was trained by Scian the blade mistress and while Scian helped her to perfect her skills with the blade, she also introduced her to music which completely changed Éile’s life. Éile was forced to choose between what she was born to, between her clan and her honor, and between what she wanted to do. 

Music held more interest to her than combat and she decided to abandon both her clan and her craft to seek a new path for herself. She is still a formidable opponent to face as her skills with the blades hadn’t just vanished overnight as can be seen in her character introduction video. 

It’s obvious that throughout the series Éile’s character will face an identity crisis between what her clan wants and what her heart wants, and we will have the pleasure of seeing exactly how her character will develop and follow her on that amazing journey. She will be joined on her journey by Fjall from the Dog Clan and Scian from the Ghost Clan.


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Who is Sophia Brown? 

Éile is played by Sophia Brown. She is a 30-year-old actress on the rise with many prominent roles behind her. She is most famous for her parts in Giri/Haji (2019), Disobedience (2017), and The Capture (2019). Sophia Brown was born in Northampton and was trained in the art of acting from a young age. She graduated from Arts Educational Schools, in London, and the Identity School of Acting in Brixton. She is likewise skilled in several performance arts such as ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance which she also studied at the Identity School of Acting in Brixton. 

When it comes to the Witcher: Blood Origin, she is scheduled to appear in all six episodes as Éile. 


Witcher: Blood Origin will follow a cast of completely different characters, each following a unique and specific path in order to display what life was like before the Conjunction of Spheres. One such character is Éile, we learned from her character introduction that she was trained to serve as an elite warrior but instead decided to pick up the instruments and instead serve as a “warrior with a voice of a goddess”. In her character introduction video, Sophia Brown claims 

“She feels shame in not being the person that the people she loves wanted her to be”

And as such, we will probably follow her path to new life and her redemption as she figures out that she doesn’t necessarily need to handle a weapon to lead warriors and prove herself worthy of her clan’s respect and love. 

For more details, we’re going to have to wait for Witcher: The Blood Origin to be released. The series is expected to release on Netflix on December 25th. 

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