Who Is Scían in The Witcher: Blood Origin? Meet Michelle Yeoh’s Character


Witcher: Blood origin is set to arrive on Netflix on December 25th, the series will expand on the existing universe and serves as the prequel for the main series. Considering that it’s set 1200 years before the main series we’re going to be introduced to a plethora of new and exciting characters. One such character is Scían played by Michelle Yeoh, so let’s analyze the character in a bit more depth. Who exactly is Scían and what is her role in the new Witcher: Blood origin series? 

Scían is a talented blade master and the last member of the Ghost Clan of elves. Her clan was wiped out by the King of Xintrea after they refused to bend their knee and fight for him. She joined Éile of the Raven Clan on her quest for revenge to reclaim her ancestral blade Soulreaver. 

Now that you know who Scían is it’s time to analyze the character in a bit more depth. If you want to find out all about this talented blade master and the actress behind it, stay with us and keep reading!

Who is Scían in Witcher: Blood Origin?

Witcher: Blood Origin is set to serve as the prequel to the main series and introduce us to how the world of Witcher looked before the event called “Conjunction of Spheres”. The Conjunction of Spheres was a magical event that brought humans, magic, and monsters in general to the Continent which was previously inhabited by Elves and Dwarves.

Elves, of course, we’re divided into numerous clans and often enough those clans were involved in conflicts due to failing to resolve matters peacefully. 

One of those numerous elven clans, the Ghost Clan, was almost completely wiped out by the King Of Xintrea and his forces because they refused to fight for him in yet another growing conflict. Scían managed to survive saved by the Raven clan, she served as a sword mother to Éile, but introduced her to the music as well and was in part responsible for Éile breaking off from the clan and following her own path in life.

We’re introduced to the Scían as she lives in solitude in Black Sands as a hermit, Éile manages to talk her into joining her on her quest by mentioning Soulreaver. An ancestral blade belonging to the Ghost Clan. We will most likely see Scían on her journey to retrieve the blade and in a way to avenge her clan as the loss of it must be weighing heavily on her soul and is in part the reason why Scían decided to seclude herself.

The journey of Éile and Scían will in part be a spiritual one, as both of them have some demons in the past that they need to resolve. For Éile, it’s the fact that she abandoned her clan’s duty and for Scían it will be a journey to make peace with her ancestors and her long-lost clan. The connection between the two is visible and tangible as both of their fates are intertwined. 


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Michelle Yeoh stars as Scían in one more action-oriented role 

Michelle Yeoh rose to prominence back in the ’90 as she played numerous roles in Hong Kong action films performing her own stunts even though she has no formal martial arts training whatsoever. Her most famous roles include Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Everything Everywhere All at Once, Supercop, Crazy Rich Asians, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, and many other action-oriented roles. 

We can see from her character introduction that Michelle plays a very action-oriented role once again serving as a blade master for the Ghost Clan and blade mother for Éile after she was adopted into the Raven Clan. 


Serving as a prequel to the main series, Witcher: Blood Origin will introduce us to plenty of new and exciting characters that will tell us a story of what the world was like before the Conjunction of Spheres. We’re going to be given greater insight into the lives of many elven tribes and their prominent members such as Éile or the Raven Clan and Scían of the Ghost Clan. Scían served as a blade mother for Éile, due to Raven Clan adopting her into their own ranks after her own Ghost Clan was completely exterminated.

Scían and Éile share a special connection due to Scían training her with blades from a young age and also introducing her to music, which Éile wholeheartedly accepted as her new path in life. Scían will answer Éile’s calls for help once again as she joins her and Fjall on a journey to retrieve her Clan’s sacred blade Soulreaver.  We’re counting the days till the Witcher: Blood Origin release on Netflix, it’s expected that the series will release on December 25th.

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