Who Is Fjall in The Witcher: Blood Origin? Meet Laurence O’Fuarain’s Character

Fjall stoneheart

Witcher: Blood Origin is the new show in the Witcher universe serving as a prequel to the main series. The series is going to introduce us to numerous new characters, three main characters, in particular, Scían played by Michelle Yeoh, Éile played by Sarah Brown and Fjall played by Laurence O’Fuarain. All three characters are going to depart on an important journey and form an unlikely bond of camaraderie. Before we start analyzing the character in a bit more depth, let’s see who exactly is Fjall, Laurence O’Fuarain’s character in the new Witcher: Blood Origin series.

Fjall Stoneheart is a disgraced elven warrior that belongs to the Dog Clan. Fjall is deeply scared by the death of his brother and is unable to perform his duties to the fullest. As a member of the Dog Clan, he is sworn to protect the King of Xintrea but his worldview clashes with the worldview shared by the rest of his clan. He will be disgraced and ousted from his clan and will set on a path to redemption by joining Éile and Scían.

Now that we know in short who Fjall is, it’s time to analyze his character in a bit more depth. If you’re interested what’s the connection between Laurence O’Fuarain’s character and the rest of the main cast, stay with us and keep reading!

Who is Fjall in Witcher: Blood Origin?

Witcher: Blood Origin takes us back 1200 years into the past before the event called the Conjunction of Spheres took place. The Conjunction of Spheres was the event that brought to the world of Witcher, humans, monsters, and magic. Before that, the Continent was inhabited by Elves and Dwarves primarily. Elves were scattered into clans, often the clans came into conflict one with another due to opposing worldviews. The many elven clans presented to us in the Witcher have warrior traditions and put great emphasis on honor and loyalty. Fjall Stoneheart comes from one such Clan called the Dog Clan. Dog Clan is a clan tasked with the protection of the King of Xintrea, a duty they look seriously upon.

While the event will be discussed in more detail in the series itself we know that Fjall Stoneheart lost his brother on the battlefield, his brother was trying to save him and it cost him his life. Fjall now has trouble re-integrating himself into the clan due to deep wounds and traumatic experiences that he has lived through. The clan soon rejects him and he is free to choose his own path. On his adventure, he will be joined by Éile of the Raven Clan, and Scían of the Ghost Clan.

Things get interesting due to the fact that all three members of their band of outcasts have a shared history. Fjall belongs to the same clan responsible for wiping out the Ghost Clan, of which Scían is the sole survivor. Scían in turn taught Éile everything about the art of sword fighting and served as her sword mother.

Each member of the group has deep wounds from the past that they need to heal in order to move on with their lives.
Éile needs to make a name for herself separate from what her clan expects her to do. Scían needs to locate her ancestral blade called Soulreaver which was taken during the time when Dog Clan massacred the Ghost Clan, and Fjall needs to clear his name and face the traumas of his past.

As such, the series will serve as a spiritual journey for all three elven outcasts, and hopefully, we will learn even more about their unique clans as well as what led to the conflict.


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Who is Laurence O’Fuarain the actor playing Fjall Stoneheart?

Laurence O’Fuarain is an Irish actor best known for his roles in Game of Thrones (2016), the Vikings, and Into the Badlands series. Originally he studied advertising and marketing at the Institute of Technology in Tallaght and got into acting by chance.
Even though he played mostly smaller roles in the famous Game of Thrones and Vikings series, this allowed him to make a name for himself and secure bigger roles playing Vern in the film Viking Destiny.

From his acting profile, we can see that Laurence O’Fuarain perfectly matches the role of Fjall as he has experience with roles of similar caliber.


Witcher: Blood Origin will serve as a prequel to the main series and will introduce us to numerous new characters, and one character, in particular, stands out from the crowd – Fjall Stoneheart. Fjall is one of the three main characters right next to Éile and Scían. He was born into a Dog Clan, sworn protectors of the King of Xintrea. A traumatic event that left his brother dead on the battlefield will lead to discord between Fjall and the rest of his clan which will result in him being banished. As such, we will witness Fjall’s spiritual journey as well, as he seeks a path toward forgiveness and redemption.

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