Who Is Firecracker in The Boys Season 4? Meet Valorie Curry’s Original Character


After what was an amazing and explosive third season of The Boys, things are only going to get better when it comes to the future of the series as we are headed to the fourth season that’s only going to be more outrageous and surprising. Of course, similar to what happened in the previous seasons, we are going to see new characters in season 4 of The Boys, and one of them is Firecracker. So, who is Firecracker in The Boys season 4?

Firecracker is an entirely original character created for season 4 of The Boys. She wasn’t adapted from the comic books as she was solely created for the live-action version of The Boys series. In that regard, there aren’t a lot of things known about her except for the fact that she will be played by Valerie Curry.

It isn’t unusual for The Boys series to introduce new characters that were never in the comic books, as the live-action version has become its own entirely new entity, especially after it deviated from the events in the source material. As such, adding someone like Firecracker should be a welcome direction for The Boys, especially with what the fourth season has in store for us.

Who Is Firecracker In The Boys Season 4?

Ever since The Boys premiered, it has become one of the most popular series in the world due to how it has become a lot more outrageous, vulgar, and unapologetic compared to all of the other series you could ever watch. In that regard, it was able to become so popular that it had just concluded a third season that promised to be the best in the series so far. Of course, due to the show’s massive popularity, season 4 is well on its way.

Of course, we all know for a fact that The Boys has always been about regular humans in the form of the Boys trying to kill Homelander and quite possibly all of the other supes in the world due to how corrupt and spoiled they are. And we have seen a lot of different supes coming and going throughout the three seasons that we have seen from The Boys so far.

As supes have been coming and going, it is only natural for The Boys to add more characters that could spice things up. We saw this in the previous seasons, especially in season 3, when there were a lot of different supes that were added into the mix to make things more interesting as far as the direction of the series is concerned. And that means that things could play out the same in season 4, which is set to add more characters into the equation.

With that said, Eric Kripke, the showrunner of The Boys, announced that he had already cast new characters that will be added to season 4 of the series. One such character is named Firecracker, who we could assume is a supe. So, who is Firecracker in The Boys season 4?

Unlike some of the characters that we saw in the earlier seasons of The Boys, Firecracker is actually an entirely new character that was made exclusively for the live-action adaptation of The Boys. That means that she is an original character that cannot be found in the comic books as she was written and created only for the live-action version.

Considering that Firecracker was never in the comic books, we know little to nothing about her because of the fact that her character is yet to be revealed. But Kripke, in his tweet, did say, “These new Supes are some of the best & craziest ever written for #TheBoys. You are going to love them. And by love, I mean be absolutely horrified & a tiny bit nauseous. WELCOME TO THE FAMILY YOU GUYS.”

As such, it can be expected that Firecracker is set to follow the usual format of The Boys in the sense that she will be a supe that is going to horrify people in a way that fans of the series have gotten used to. We could even make the assumption that she is a brutal supe that’s going to have a personality and tendencies that are similar to other supes in the sense that she is corrupt and that she doesn’t care about normal people.


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It is quite possible that Firecracker is also going to be one of the new additions to The Seven, whose ranks became thinner at the end of season 3. We do know that Starlight quit on The Seven after the huge exposé that she did near the end of the series. Of course, Homelander killed both Supersonic and Black Noir. Meanwhile, Queen Maeve was presumed to be dead but is simply hiding in plain sight as a regular human being.

This means that the only remaining members of The Seven are Homelander, A-Train, and the Deep. You can’t call a group “The Seven” with only three members, and that’s why there is a huge possibility that Vought will fill the ranks up with new supes in season 4. This could mean that Firecracker might end up being one of the new members of The Seven and is someone that Homelander could rely on, especially after Black Noir’s demise.

Who Plays Firecracker In The Boys Season 4?

Valorie Curry

While we don’t know a lot about Firecracker in the upcoming season 4 of The Boys, what we do know is that Eric Kripke announced that the actress that will be playing her role is Valorie Curry, who isn’t the most prominent name in the industry but has seen her fair share of good roles as an actress.

Valorie Curry’s most prominent role is in a video game called Detroit: Become Human. However, she did appear in movies like Twilight: Breaking Dawn and Blair Witch. She also appeared as one of the main characters of The Lost Symbol, which is a series based on Dan Brown’s bestselling novel.