Who Is Ikada in Boruto? Everything You Need to Know

Who Is Ikada in Boruto? Everything You Need to Know

The Naruto spin-off/sequel Boruto has become a story of its own. Now that Kishimoto has taken over the sequel to his beloved franchise, we can enjoy new stories about the next generation of shinobi. These stories have introduced us to a variety of new characters and Ikada Funato is one of those characters. In this article, we are going to tell you everything we know about Ikada Funato in Boruto.

Ikada Funato is a character appearing in the Boturo series. He is a young boy from the Land of Water and a member of the Funato Clan. He made his debut in Episode 239 of the Boruto anime, titled “The Boy from the Isle of Shipbuilders”. He is a shipbuilding apprentice with exceptional skills and is currently working as an apprentice of Kajiki’s. In Japanese, his name means “raft”.

This article is going to focus solely on Ikada Funto and his story. You’re going to find out all the relevant biographical information about him, as well as get answers to some related questions. Ikada Funto is an interesting new character from the Boruto series, so it is completely understandable that people want to know more about him and that is why we have decided to write this guide for you.

Ikada Funata in Boruto explained

Ikada, born in the northern seas of the Land of Water, was the youngest son of the chieftain of the Funato clan, Araumi. From an early age, he did not feel at home and developed a passion for boats. Ikada ends up leaving the clan to pursue his dream, which his family does not take well, except for his older sister, Seiren, who had helped him.

The two siblings stayed in touch. After failing to hold steady employment, Kajiki took on Ikada as an apprentice. While traveling with his master, Ikada stumbled upon an abandoned ship. Approaching it, he noticed that Boruto Uzumaki had fallen off the boat and had secretly jumped out to save him before anyone noticed.

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Once back on his master’s ship, they arrived at the ship, which was piloted by a joint effort of a group of ninja from Kiri and Konoha. They were later attacked by the Funato clan after saving the citizens of Dotō Island, who were also on the ship. Kajiki inspected the ship’s engine. Boruto immediately stated that Ikada had recently saved him from drowning, but the latter insisted that he had no idea what Boruto was talking about.

Unable to repair the engine, Kajiki preferred to tow the ship back to its port to be repaired properly. Halfway through, they learned that Ikada had not stocked enough copies of a critical engine part. Boruto agreed to go with Ikada to retrieve the piece, traveling in his personal boat. Along the way, they ran into a storm and happened to come across a drowning fisherman.

Left with no choice, Ikada turned and dived to save him, revealing his webbed hands to Boruto and admitting that he had saved Boruto before. Boruto was unaffected by Ikada’s condition, however, promising not to tell anyone. After retrieving the part, Ikada and Boruto returned to base, where Ikada was tasked with completing engine repairs.

What episodes does Ikada appear in?

Ikada made his debut in Episode 239, titled “The Boy from the Isle of Shipbuilders”. In the episode, Denki is unable to repair the damaged parts of the boat, Kagura thinks they will have to use a lifeboat to seek help from the nearest island. Boruto suffers heatstroke and falls into the ocean, where he is rescued by someone with webbed fingers.

When he comes to, Iwabee tells him that he just passed out from heat stroke on the boat. Another boat approaches them, the boy on the boat reminds Boruto of the figure he saw. Boruto asks the boy if he was the one who dived in to save him. The boy is confused and the other man tells him that the boy was with him the whole time.

Boruto remains certain that he fell in the ocean, even though everyone says otherwise. Kagura recognizes the man as Kajiki, a prominent boat builder from an island north of Kiri. The boy brags that Kajiki is the best boat builder in all of the Land of Water and is scolded by Kajiki. The boy introduces himself as Ikada, Kajiki’s apprentice, and claims that most of them are Konoha shinobi.

Kagura explains their situation and, deciding that he cannot repair the ship on the spot, Kajiki asks Ikada to prepare their ship to tow the damaged one. They reach Shipbuilder Island and Ikada offers to show them around. Boruto remembers that whoever saved him had webbed hands, but Ikada shows that his aren’t and Boruto apologizes.

The refugees from Dotō Island are allowed to stay and Kagura asks for a boat to return to Kiri, but they have all been requisitioned to go fight against the Funato. Kajiki adds that he can repair their ship, but will demand retribution and asks Team 5 for help, Boruto also offers his help. Kagura, Sarada and the swordsmen want to contact the Mizukage, Mitsuki and Kawaki will stay at the port.

On an island controlled by the Funato, Araumi receives reports from his children, updating him on their military strength. Tenma arrives and informs them of the loss of their Mobile Fortress and those responsible. Isari recalls that Kagura was the warden of Araumi’s prison and that he fought a Konoha shinobi during the escape.

Both Araumi and Isari tell Tenma not to worry, as the fortress served its purpose and was only a tool, all that matters is defeating their enemies in the end. Kajiki determines what needs to be repaired and updated in the stolen Funato ship and Denki demands to know more about the engine to be ready if something happens again.

Boruto returns the notebook to Ikada when the latter drops it. They overhear the other artisans discussing the Funato, with some understanding their reservations about the daimyō and sharing the rumors that the Shinonome 1 is causing trouble for fishermen by disturbing the currents. Ikada explains that the Fourth Mizukage has unified previously independent islands, which explains their lack of unity.

Kagura manages to contact Misuno, who reports that Chōjūrō has gone to the front lines and suspects that he will soon order Kagura to do the same. Misuno leaves to join Chôjûrô. Buntan complains about their situation. Kawaki is embarrassed by Mitsuki following him. Kajiki berates Ikada for letting an important part of the engine be stolen from the stock and doesn’t want to let him go get any more because of the Funato’s activity.

Boruto offers to go with him to protect him from the Funato while he retrieves the missing piece. Kajiki gives his permission, so Ikada and Boruto set off on a small ship made by Ikada. It was the first ship he made, his dream being to travel the world in a ship of his own making. They continue on their way to the island where the engine parts factory is located.

Boy from the Isle

Next, he appeared in Episode 240, titled “Ikada’s Dream”. In the episode, Boruto almost falls into the ocean again, worried that he won’t be saved and still puzzled by the person with the webbed hands. Ikada warns him that they are about to enter more turbulent and stormy waters. Boruto compliments Ikada on his skills and Ikada reveals to him that he was born on the sea and has lived on a boat since he was a toddler.

He explains that he came to Boatbuilder Island on his own, wishing to do something with the boats, until he met Kajiki and decided to become his apprentice. Boruto asks him if that means he lives far away from his family and apologizes for asking too many questions. Ikada says that a lot of things happened when he left and he only stayed in touch with his big sister, who was the only one who supported his decision.

Boruto mentions Himawari and the two agree that angry sisters can be scary. Sarada finds Mitsuki wandering around and informs her that she learned a bit more about the Funato and that Kagura is busy filling out paperwork for the refugees. Mitsuki expresses her recent interest in Kawaki, which puzzles her. Team 5 and the shipbuilders get along well.

Sarada and Mitsuki arrive and update them on the latest developments. Iwabee wants to evacuate the researchers as soon as possible. They tell Sarada and Mitsuki about Boruto and Ikada’s task to retrieve the engine spare part.

They are concerned about the rough waters and the fact that they went on Ikada’s first boat, but Kajiki is confident that everything will be fine despite the necessary work on his technical skills because Ikada has put his soul into the construction. of his boat. On choppy waters, Boruto spots a capsized boat and wants to help it, but Ikada objects, not wanting to risk their lives, but relents when Boruto points out to him that there is someone on the boat.

Ikada watches the waves and the wind to avoid whirlwinds, but they lose sight of the person on the boat. Boruto prepares to dive after them, but Ikada replaces him. Boruto notices membranes between his fingers while swimming. Ikada saves the man and Boruto asks him about the membranes. Ikada confesses that the membranes appear every time he makes an effort to swim, confirming that he was the one who saved Boruto.

He keeps them hidden so as not to frighten strangers. Boruto doesn’t find them that weird, knowing many peculiar people himself. Ikada says no one else knows and asks Boruto to keep it a secret, which he agrees. A wave knocks Ikada off the boat, but Boruto brings him back with his clones and reminds him of his dream. While Ikada is sailing, Boruto fends off the drifting pieces of wood with Fûton – Palm of the Gale.

They reach their destination at sunset and the man they rescued is taken away for treatment. Ikada thinks they were lucky, but Boruto congratulates him and his boat. He notices that the sea is different, Ikada explains to him that it is an ideal place for fishing. Boruto asks if the people protesting the Shinonome 1 are worried about the disappearance of the fish because of this project. Ikada does not know.

He reveals that he felt out of place back home and found his interest in boats as a reason to leave. Being taken in by Kajiki helped him realize some things about himself. He wants to build a boat to get closer to people, just like boats connect islands together.

They hurry to get to the factory before it closes. Isari reports to Araumi about the Mizukage’s fleet. Tenma rejoices in the war. Araumi confirms that Seiren is ready for her role. Boruto and Ikada return with the spare part and Kajiki allows Ikada to finish installing it. Seiren and a subordinate discuss while sailing to an island, about Ikada also having to take his place.

He is also slated to appear in Episode 241, titled “Ikada’s Secret”.

What are Ikada’s skills, powers and abilities?

Ikada is a skilled engineer, having made his own motorized mini-boat. Likewise, he is renowned for being a very capable navigator, able to read the flow of winds and waves quite well. He is an excellent swimmer, able to brave a storm to save people.

What is Ikada like?

Ikada is a very passionate boy, who admires his master Kajiki and wishes to become a great boat builder himself. His dream is to build his own giant ship to sail around the world. He believes, like his master, that ships are a means of helping countries to come closer to each other. Ikada is not at all sure about the unique condition of his hands, preferring to hide it from others for fear of being ostracized.

Who does Ikada look like?

Ikada is an average-sized boy with tanned complexion, spiky orange hair, and silver eyes. He wears a black tank top, brown wristbands, white shorts, brown sandals, and a brown gi with black lines on the seams, all tied up with a pale blue obi. His right arm goes through the sleeves. When he makes an effort to swim, fins grow on his fingers.

El Sueno de Ikada

This description does sound a bit familiar, doesn’t it? Well, if you compare the pictures we have provided in this article with this description, you’ll notice that Ikada looks almost the same as a tanned version of a young(er) Naruto. The differences are there, but the similarities are also evident, which is why we had to point this out.

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