Who Is Jasmin Grass in ‘Dear Child’ & What Happened to Her?

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‘Dear Child’ is a Netflix mystery thriller show, and its storyline is centered around an unsolved missing person case that happened over a decade. When a woman escapes her captivity and is hit by a car, everything points out that it could be Lena, who went missing all those years before, but her name is revealed to be Jasmin. But who is Jasmin Grass, and what happened to her?

Jasmin Grass is one of the central characters in the show. She was one of the victims kidnapped by Lars Rogner and was forced to live in captivity for five months, posing as a woman named Lena, a mother of two. Eventually, she escaped and cunningly planned her revenge against her kidnapper. She killed Lars by stabbing him with a shard of glass.

Everything that happened to Jasmin left her scarred and traumatized, most likely for life. Further in the article, you can find out in detail what she was like before Lars kidnapped her, how she escaped, and what happened once she got home. So, keep reading to find out more!

Where was Jasmin Grass kidnapped?


‘Dear Child’ follows a thrilling story about a woman named Lena who went missing thirteen years ago. She was never found alive or dead until one day, some new clues emerged, and everything pointed out that she might be alive. Without getting into too many spoilers and details, you need to know that the real Lena was dead and kidnapped by Lars Rogner, a security company owner.

When she died, Lars kidnapped several other women who resembled Lena, and they were forced to impersonate Lena and live in captivity alongside Lena’s two children, Hannah and Jonathan. The last woman Lars kidnapped was Jasmin Grass, the only surviving victim.

Before she was kidnapped and went through severe trauma and torture, Jasmin was a happy and cheerful young woman pursuing her goals in life. She worked as a copywriter and had experience in background psychology. She then applied for a job as a concept advertiser and had an interview for that position.

After the interview at the advertising agency was over, Jasmin proudly put her headphones on and was on her way toward her car in the garage. As she was reaching for her car keys, Lars grabbed her from behind and threw her in the trunk of his vehicle. And that’s when her nightmare started.


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Lars took her to an abandoned military facility and gradually trained her on what rules she needed to follow and how to behave. Jasmin was in captivity for five months before she hit Lars in the head with the snow globe and escaped. However, what awaited her in the real world were only new problems and dangers.

Jasmin struggled to adapt to her life back in society but eventually had her revenge

dear child

After Jasmin and Hannah escaped their captivity, Jasmin was hit by a car and severely injured. Lars found her, but Hannah begged him to leave her alive and allow an ambulance to come. When the ambulance came, Jasmin was taken to hospital, and at that point, everyone thought her name was Lena, and Hannah confirmed that story.

When the police detective who was in charge of the case of Lena’s disappearance many years ago found out that there was a possibility that Lena was found after so many years, he immediately informed her parents about it. However, Lena’s father confirmed that the woman lying in bed was not his daughter.

When Jasmin woke up, she was disoriented and severely traumatized. After a while, she came to her senses and said what her real name was and where she was from. After that, her father took her home, even though she could not care for herself. Back at her place, strange things started to happen again. She heard voices inside her head, and Lars told her how to behave.

Jasmin received a food package containing the same groceries she consumed in captivity, which only scared her further. She started to cut herself to deal with the trauma. Even though she initially thought she was out of harm’s way, that was never the case. Lars had cameras installed inside her apartment, watching her every move. He reached to her again and made her comply with his commands, stating that he, Jasmin, and the kids would be family again.

Lars easily convinced Hannah to join him inside the van, and the only thing left to do was for Jasmin to do the same. Before joining them, she secretly tried to conceal a knife inside her sleeve, but Lars saw it all on the camera. Once they were all in the van traveling to a new house where Hannah and Jasmin would become prisoners again, Jasmin used the opportunity and asked for a bathroom break.


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Before Lars allowed that, he searched her and found the knife hidden in her sleeve, took it, and threw it away. However, Jasmin had a backup plan. She used a moment of privacy to take a shard of glass she tucked into a maxi pad and faked being unconscious. When Lars approached her, she stabbed him several times with the glass in the neck, telling him her name was Jasmin and not Lena for the last time. Lars died of sustained injuries, and Jasmin was finally free.

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