Who Is Lord Ruthven in ‘Castlevania: Nocturne’ & Who Is He Based On?

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The storyline of ‘Castlevania: Nocturne’ took an interesting turn when a chance meeting between Richter Belmont and his grandfather, Juste Belmont, allowed him to reconnect with his family’s heritage and identity to become stronger than he ever was. Of course, he also learned more about what turned his grandfather into a sad and lonely old man, and it all had something to do with a certain Lord Ruthven. So, who is Lord Ruthven in ‘Castlevania: Nocturne’?

  • Article breakdown:
  • Lord Ruthven was the vampire responsible for killing Juste Belmont’s wife and best friend many years ago.
  • Because of Ruthven’s actions, Juste lost his ability to use magic, and he became a sad old man.
  • Lord Ruthven is based on the short story ‘The Vampyre’ by John William Polidori.

Ruthven’s history with Juste Belmont

It was in episode 5 of ‘Castlevania: Nocturne’ that we saw how Richter’s past still haunts him. He knew and realized that Olrox, the vampire responsible for killing his mother, was in France. This brought back the worst memories he had ever had, as this was the first time he started fearing vampires in almost a decade.

In that regard, Richter fled the scenes and almost quit the vampire-hunting career almost entirely. His encounter with Olrox brought back his fears in the past, which was why he had to run away to a nearby town, where he tried to retreat far away from the problems involving Olrox and the Vampire Messiah, Erzsebet Bathory.

But it was in a tavern in that town that he was able to encounter a man who was skilled at using the same whip that he used to kill vampires. This man introduced himself as Juste Belmont, the grandfather whom Richter thought had died long ago. Richter never knew that his grandfather was still alive as his mother, Julia, only spoke about him once. But the truth was that Juste had been around for a while and kept an eye on Richter while also providing Tera with the funds needed to raise him and Maria.

Of course, Richter wondered what happened to his grandfather and why he became a sad and miserable old man instead of the legendary vampire hunter that he once was. And that was when Juste opened up to his grandson.

juste and richter

The truth was that Juste was once one of the most powerful Belmonts in the Belmont line of vampire hunters. Ever since Sypha, he was considered the most powerful magician the Belmont line has ever produced. However, it was an encounter with a powerful vampire named Lord Ruthven that changed his entire life.

Juste had a wife named Lydie and a best friend named Maxim. However, it was Lord Ruthven who killed both of them. Juste tried to plead with his wife to return as she was dying in his arms. On the other hand, Maxim had been butchered by Ruthven.


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The sadness that Juste felt on that day made him retreat into the man he became as he lost his connection to his magical powers. He became a sad and miserable man who gave up on life after losing his wife and his best friend to Ruthven. At the same time, he also lost his daughter, who seemingly gave up on him after witnessing how he allowed his despair to take over him.

The fact that Ruthven killed Lydie and Maxim was what changed life for Juste, who went on to believe that evil would always win no matter what happens. Juste never mentioned what happened to Ruthven or whether he succeeded in avenging his wife and best friend. We only know that Ruthven damaged Juste, and Richter witnessed what despair can do to a man regarded as one of the most powerful Belmonts in history.

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Lord Ruthven may still be alive somewhere in the world. He might even appear at one point in the storyline, especially in season 2. If he’s alive, Juste has some unfinished business with him, as there’s a good chance that the elder Belmont would try to redeem himself by finally facing the demon responsible for all of his sadness and despair.

Lord Ruthven was the first vampire aristocrat

While we are yet to see Lord Ruthven in the ‘Castlevania: Nocturne’ series or even in any ‘Castlevania’ game, it is important to take note that this is a character who was inspired by Lord Ruthven in the world of literature.

Written by John William Polidori, ‘The Vampyre’ was a short story that featured Lord Ruthven as the central character. This story was written in 1819, meaning it has been around for a long time. In fact, this short story became the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula storyline nearly 80 years later. As such, he was the basis for the entire Dracula character and story, although he was never the most popular vampire in the world of literature.


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But the important part about Lord Ruthven’s place in the world of literature is that he is often credited as the first aristocratic and romantic vampire. Before him, most vampires were ugly and grotesque bloodsucking creatures. But Ruthven changed all that by introducing the more modern vampire interpretation as an aristocratic noble who acts like an ordinary nobleman but is actually a bloodsucker who preys on chaste women and other people.

That means that Lord Ruthven has a special place in the world of literature as he was the very same vampire who inspired an entire literary movement. Without Ruthven, there would be no Dracula.

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