‘The Mandalorian’: Who Is Ragnar? Meet Wesley Kimmel’s Character


We know that new characters will be introduced in season 3 of The Mandalorian, as the focus has now shifted to Din Djarin and the Children of the Watch instead of just Din and Grogu. In that regard, one of the characters that were introduced early was a young boy that had just been indoctrinated into the tribe. We learned in episode 4 of season 3 that his name was Ragnar. So, who is he?

Played by Wesley Kimmel, Ragnar is a young boy that had just started wearing his helmet after saying his vows to follow the Way of the Mandalore in episode 1 of season 3. It was revealed in episode 4 that he was actually the son of Paz Vizsla, a member of the tribe that was never always on good terms with Din.

The introduction of Ragnar allows us to see that the Children of the Watch are still actively introducing foundlings into the tribe so that the Way of the Mandalore gets to live on for as long as it can. Of course, Ragnar and Grogu are only two of the many different foundlings we saw in episode 4, as it is clear that the next generation of Mandalorians is set to carry the Way into the future.

Ragnar’s Background Explained

The Mandalorian season 3 introduced new monsters into the series and new characters that are set to play their parts in this growing Star Wars adventure. Of course, we saw in the trailers that the series would now focus more on the Mandalorians instead of just Din Djarin and Grogu. And we did see that in episode 1 of season 3 when the entire tribe was seen on an unnamed planet now serving as their base.


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During the first episode of season 3, we saw a child getting indoctrinated into the Children of the Watch as he was about to swear into the Mandalorian Creed by wearing his helmet and swearing to never remove it in front of any living person. Of course, this scene was cut short when a dinosaur turtle attacked the base and wreaked havoc, only for Din Djarin to kill it using his N1 Starfighter.

This boy was once again seen in episode 4 when Din Djarin, now redeemed, was staying among his people with Bo-Katan Kryze, who unwittingly “redeemed” herself as well. The boy was sparring with other young Mandalorian foundlings still in the middle of training, and all of them were in their helmets, including the boy.

We later learned in the episode that the boy was named Ragnar and was actually the son of Paz Vizsla. However, we aren’t sure whether or not he is his biological son or his adopted son (similar to the relationship between Din and Grogu). Whatever the case, Ragnar was important to Paz as he was the one who would carry the name of House Vizsla into the future. And we know that House Vizsla is one of the most storied clans in the history of Mandalore, as it dates back to the time of Tare Vizsla, who was the first and only Mandalorian Jedi in history.

Ragnar is portrayed by Wesley Kimmel. The name sounds familiar to many people as he is the nephew of the famous comedian and TV host Jimmy Kimmel. 

What Happened to Ragnar?

During the early part of the fourth episode of season 3, Ragnar has seen training with the other young Mandalorians. Meanwhile, Grogu was seen playing with crabs near the shore. But Din Djarin told Grogu that he needed to join the other kids in training as it was time for him to slowly learn how to become a Mandalorian, especially because he chose that path for himself when he left Luke’s Jedi Order back in the events of The Book of Boba Fett.

Din told the instructor to include Grogu in training, as that was when he was asked to spar with Ragnar, who questioned why Grogu wasn’t wearing a helmet. Din said Grogu was too young to speak the Mandalorian Creed, which meant he was too young to wear a helmet. And despite his unfair advantage due to his superior size, Ragnar accepted the challenge and chose to use darts as the weapon they would use.

Ragnar got the upper hand when he was able to get two shots on Grogu using the darts. However, when Din told Grogu to use his abilities, the smaller child used his Force leap to get behind Ragnar and shoot him three times to win the sparring match.


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An upset Ragnar went all by his lonesome to the beach, where he was abducted by a winged dragon-like creature that Bo-Katan called a raptor. This beast took Ragnar to its nest, all while Din, Paz, and a few other Mandalorians chased it. The Mandalorians failed to catch up to it, only for Bo-Katan to use her ship to follow it to its base.

The Mandalorians formed a rescue party to save Ragnar as they planned to sneak up on the raptor silently and without using their jetpacks to make sure that they didn’t startle it. Startling it would threaten it and would force it to kill Ragnar on the spot.

When they got to the nest, they were surprised to see how empty it was. Din sensed heat signatures under the nest as Paz rushed in before announcing that he didn’t have time to waste because Ragnar was his son. But the heat signatures belonged to the raptor’s three children, as the mother raptor appeared and regurgitated Ragnar, who was still alive.

The raptor once again grabbed Ragnar and flew away from the nest, only for Din, Bo-Katan, and Paz to chase after it. Ultimately, Din and Bo-Katan defeated the raptor and reclaimed Ragnar, who was happy enough to reunite with his father.

Ragnar’s reunion with his father taught Paz to respect Din more. In case you’ve forgotten, Paz used to pick on Din a lot and even challenged him for the right to wield the Darksaber. But the fact that it was Din who risked his life to save Ragnar allowed him to get on the good side of Paz, who now knows that his rival was willing enough to do whatever is needed for the safety of the entire tribe.

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