‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Season 2, Episode 10, Season Finale Recap & Ending Explained: Does Mike Manage to Get to Milo?

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Welcome to the Recap and Ending Explained for Mayor of Kingstown, Season 2, Episode. We have finally arrived at the season finale, which is a climax of the show and its characters. The season finale doesn’t really close the possibility of a third season. There are many threads still hanging in the air. So don’t be surprised if, after Jeremy Renner manages to recover from his real-life injuries, we get the confirmation that a third season of this show is in the works. Taylor Sheridan has really managed to create a powerful and bleak scenario to tell stories in with this city.

The episode does conclude the missing Iris and Milo’s bond plotlines. It does it in a way that feels a bit unsatisfactory, and maybe the episode was too short. It is all about the plot, and you get very little character development in this episode. Nevertheless, some key scenes still hammer down some of the conclusions that the audience, and some of the characters, have come to when it comes to living in a town such as this. We would love to see these characters go the extra mile in a new season.

The following paragraphs contain spoilers for the Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 finale. Read at your own risk.

Does Mike Manage To Get To Milo?

In a previous episode, we saw Mike and Milo having a conversation where the mobster asked for Mike to give him back his bonds, which Kyle stole from the evidence’s locker at the police station. We also saw Iris killing Joseph. She escapes and having nowhere to go. She decides to go to Mike’s house, where she finds Miriam. However, Iris is being followed, and Milo and his men end up taking the house hostage with Miriam and Iris inside. It all becomes a very stressful situation.

Meanwhile, Mike is busy with some other things. Robert was attacked at the end of the previous episode and is now at the hospital, still alive but in critical condition. Mike goes to Bunny and confronts him. However, Bunny behaves as if he knows nothing about the attack. Mike is doubtful. He cares for Bunny but warns him that if Robert dies, a war is coming, and Mike won’t be on Bunny’s side anymore. Bunny doesn’t care. He is ready for war and warns Mike that they might be enemies the next time they see each other.

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Mike receives a call from Milo, and he and Kyle realize that their mother and Iris are in danger. Mike gets assaulted by the brotherhood on his way, but he ends up killing the assassins. Mike calls Carney and informs him that he should let Raph kill the brotherhood, and Carney gets the doors of the brotherhood leaders in the middle of the night. They messed with Mike, and now they are paying with their lives. Mike arrives at his house, with Kyle and Ian outside to cover him.


Does Bunny Die in Mayor of Kingstown? Here’s What Happened to Him

Things get out of control; Mike informs Milo his bonds are outside in a car, and Kyle begins fighting with a guard outside while Ian busts through the door, shooting. The three manage to put down Milo’s men, but he escapes with Iris. After the shooting, Kyle and Mike realize that Miriam has been shot. They take her to the hospital, where she undergoes surgery. Kyle talks to his wife, who has left him, and then has a moment with the comatose Robert. Like everyone else, Kyle is tired of living in this hell of a city.

Does Milo Get His Bonds At The End Of, Mayor Of Kingstown?

Mike calls Kareem, who is also having his own existential crisis. However, Kareem wants nothing to do with Mike and his world. Kareem has been through a lot and has made many bad decisions. His wife offers an exit by suggesting they should just leave Kingstown and start somewhere new. This seems to be the best choice. During these two seasons, the show has done a poor job of explaining why people live in this town. Everything is just too bleak and dangerous. It seems like the worst place to live in America.

Mike goes to Milo’s club, and there she forces Tatiana, who is with a baby, to call Milo. She does it, and Mike sets up a new meeting with Milo. It is clear that for all his attitude, Milo is scared and desperate. Tatiana informs Mike that he is not the only one after Milo’s head. Mike leaves the club and recruits Ian to accompany him. Kyle cannot handle another shooting, and they should keep things as quiet as possible. The meeting place is at the dock, and Iris and Milo are talking there.

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Milo asks Iris why Mike is suffering so much to save her. He asks if it is just because she is really good in bed, to which Iris informs him that she and Mike never slept together. Milo thinks that saving Iris could feel to Mike like having redemption, and that makes Milo want to kill Iris just out of spite. Mike arrives, and they exchange the bonds for Iris. However, when Mike and Iris descend from the boat and the boat drives off, the boat explodes. It seems Milo is dead, along with his money.


Does Kyle Die in ‘Mayor of Kingstown’? Here Is What Happens to Him

Ian kills one of Milo’s men using a sniper, and Iris kills the other one. It seems that, in the end, they are all safe. Mike concludes the season by describing Kingstown as the opposite of the American dream. Kingstown is a nightmare, and it might not be worth saving it. The season ends with Tatiana talking over the phone with Milo, who informs her that he is alive and well.

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