Who Is Sister Sage in The Boys Season 4? Meet Susan Heyward’s Original Character

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Of course, as the storyline of The Boys proceeds, it is only natural for the series to add new characters into the mix. But the best part is that The Boys will be adding two new characters that are entirely original to the series, as Eric Kripke announced new additions to the cast of his series. One of the more interesting characters is named Sister Sage. But who exactly is Sister Sage in season 4 of The Boys?

Sister Sage is an entirely new character that was made for the live-action version of The Boys. That means that she is not in the comic books and is an original creation by Eric Kripke for the series version of The Boys. We don’t know a lot about her, but Sister Sage is going to be played by Susan Heyward.

The fact that The Boys series is becoming an entity of its own is quite refreshing because of the fact that, while there is a definite source material, we are getting an entirely new storyline that may have already branched off from the comic books. With that said, Sister Sage is a welcome addition to the series because we don’t know anything about her. As such, let’s see what we know about this new character.

Who Is Sister Sage In The Boys Season 4?

The Boys is shaping up to become one of the most exciting shows that are still ongoing today as it is quite possibly the most successful Amazon Prime series due to the fact that it has already had three successful seasons that all had their own fair share of surprising events and exciting twists and turns. Of course, all three seasons are just as brutal, gory, and unapologetic as they have ever been.

As we head into the fourth season of The Boys, one of the things that showrunner Eric Kripke has been doing is the addition of new characters to the series. We’ve seen this before in seasons 2 and 3 when we saw characters that we never saw in season 1. Of course, some of these characters played huge roles, but some of the new additions only played minor ones that only allowed them to appear for a few minutes in the series.

Nevertheless, Kripke did announce on his Twitter page that there are going to be two new characters that will be added to season 4 of The Boys, which is supposedly going to focus more on the story of the Boys against Congresswoman Victoria Neuman, who is secretly a supe that is seeking to get elected as Vice President of the United States. 

One of the more interesting additions to the series is a character named Sister Sage, who has a name that may spark your memory plugs (more on that later). So, who is Sister Sage in season 4 of The Boys?

At this point, the only thing that we know about Sister Sage is that she is an entirely original character that was created solely for the live-action series version of The Boys. As such, she isn’t a character that came from the comic books.

Of course, most of the main characters on The Boys were directly pulled out of the comic books because of the fact that these are the source materials for the live-action series. Nevertheless, because the series has now deviated a lot from the events of the books in terms of the overall flow of the storyline, it became clear that new additions to the story were going to be vital to allow The Boys to become more intriguing than it has ever been before.


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Sister Sage, as mentioned, is going to be one of the new characters that we never read about in the comic books. That is why there is hardly any information regarding this character, as everything about her will be revealed when she makes her debut in season 4 of The Boys.

Nevertheless, as mentioned, her name does sound familiar. That’s because, back in season 2 of The Boys, the members of the Boys actually visited a psychiatric hospital for Vought supes. The name of the hospital is Sage Grove. During that episode, the members of the Boys released all of the patients there.

Of course, in his tweet, Kripke also said: “These new Supes are some of the best & craziest ever written for #TheBoys. You are going to love them. And by love, I mean be absolutely horrified & a tiny bit nauseous. WELCOME TO THE FAMILY YOU GUYS.”

This could mean that Sister Sage used to be one of the patients that stayed in Sage Grove before the Boys released them all back in season 2. And the fact that she stayed in Sage Grove might be the reason why she started calling herself Sister Sage.

If that’s true, there is also a good possibility that she won’t be a supe that will be working with Vought or The Seven because, as Kripke said, she is one of the craziest characters ever written. There is a remote possibility that she might end up becoming a supervillain that rose up when she realized that Vought and The Seven were losing their group over public order. And the fact that she was kept in a psychiatric facility by Vought might be one of the reasons why she could end up becoming a supervillain that could either work for the Boys or become one of their enemies.


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All that said, we hardly know anything about Sister Sage except for that one tiny detail about her name and its possible connection to Sage Grove. But everything about this new character will be revealed during the fourth season of The Boys.

Who Plays Sister Sage In The Boys Season 4?


While we hardly know anything about Sister Sage and her history as a character in The Boys, what we do know is that she will be portrayed by Susan Heyward, a veteran actress that has been around since 2006.

Susan Heyward might have been acting since 2006, but it took her a while to take off in terms of her career. She became a more prominent actress when she appeared in Orange Is the New Black from 2018 to 2019. 

However, Heyward isn’t a novice when it comes to superhero shows because she did appear in Powers, which is a Sony PlayStation TV series that follows superpowered individuals. In that regard, there is a good possibility that she will bring her experience in superhero TV shows to The Boys when season 4 eventually gets released.

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