Who Is Superior Iron Man & Is He In Doctor Strange 2?

Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness is set to be one of the biggest Marvel movies to date and could perhaps be just as big as the Avengers movies. The reason why the movie is going to be big is the possibility that different Marvel characters, both new and old, may appear in the film. One such character that people believe will be making an appearance is Superior Iron Man. But who is Superior Iron Man, and is he in Doctor Strange 2?

Superior Iron Man is an evil variant of Iron Man from a different universe and has all of the worst qualities of Tony Stark’s personality. He wears a symbiote-based suit that is capable of enhancing his abilities. There is a rumor that he will be in Doctor Strange 2, but that is yet to be confirmed.

Considering the fact that Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness is going to explore different possibilities in the multiverse, there is a good chance that we would see Superior Iron Man. Then again, the plate of characters seems to be already full for the movie, as there is also a chance that this wouldn’t happen. And we are going to discuss all of those.

Who Is Superior Iron Man?

When the newest trailer of Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness was released during the 2022 Super Bowl, plenty of people saw the possibility of numerous characters within the Marvel multiverse entering the MCU, considering that the movie will be all about different universes possibly colliding. And the trailer itself showed a lot of scenes that opened up theories.

One such character that people are actually theorizing about his possible return to the MCU is Tony Stark. However, this isn’t the same Tony Stark we grew up watching since the release of the first Iron Man movie in 2008. Instead, the possibility is that this would be Superior Iron Man Tony Stark. But who is Superior Iron Man?

Superior Iron Man is actually a fairly new character in the Marvel universe because he was only released in the comics during the middle of the 2010s. He made an appearance in the Axis event, which changed the whole world.

What happened was that a magic spell that went wrong inverted the polarity of some of the Marvel heroes and villains, and that means that the good guys basically went bad. Tony Stark was one of the characters who got caught in the blast of that magic spell, and that means that the once virtuous Iron Man was now someone who thought he was bigger and superior to everyone else in the world to the point that he wouldn’t mind doing evil things.

The spell was eventually undone, but the corrupted version of Tony Stark shielded himself from the reversal of the spell. That means that Superior Iron Man remained even after the entire world returned to its normal state. All of Tony Stark’s darkest traits were present within Superior Iron Man, and that means that he was an even bigger egotistical maniac than he ever was.

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But Tony Stark did things methodically as he went on to build an empire of his own. He invented a new extremis virus that manifested itself in an app, as he was taking over different companies to increase his power over society. On top of that, he also indulged himself more in parties and social events even as the world suffered.

However, Superior Iron Man never saw his empire becoming a reality because the heroes saw through him. He fought Captain America in the final moments of his life until a hellicarrier crashed into both of them just moments before the original Marvel Universe and the Ultimate Universe collided with one another to destroy all life in both universes.

Superior Iron Man Powers

Considering that Superior Iron Man is simply a variant of Tony Stark from another universe, there is nothing different between him and the MCU Iron Man, aside from their personalities. That means that Superior Iron Man is still a regular non-superpowered human being with a genius intellect and a huge bank account that allows him to build advanced suits of armor he uses in combat.

The suit that Superior Iron Man prefers to wear is the Iron Man Armor Model 50. This armor is not like most of the other suits that you can see Tony Stark wearing because this is actually a suit that’s partly biological in nature.

One of the most important features that the Iron Man Armor Model 50 has is that it was based on symbiote biology. Yes, that is the very same lifeform that once took over Spider-Man and is Eddie Brock in Venom. Symbiotes are capable of enhancing a person’s physical capabilities while also amplifying their worst personality traits.

Due to the fact that the Iron Man Armor Model 50 is based on symbiote biology, it is fully liquid, just like the symbiotes whenever they aren’t possessing anyone but will harden once it connects with the user’s body. It doesn’t rely on tech when bonding with the user, as everything is based on the psionic connection between the user and the symbiote nature of the suit, and that is why the user can also control the armor remotely.

Superior Iron Man even said that he and the suit both feel one another such that the suit can form itself into a fully humanoid being without even making contact with Stark. Normally, the suit’s repulsors are white and bluish. However, due to the psionic connection between Stark and the suit, the repulsors, and even the entire suit can glow red or orange whenever he is angry.

Is Superior Iron Man In Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness?

Now that you know more about Superior Iron Man, one of the most interesting things to note is that there are fans that believe that this character will be making an appearance in Multiverse Of Madness. After all, Doctor Strange Supreme, or the evil or dark version of Stephen Strange, is already set to appear. So, is Superior Iron Man in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness?

The reason why fans believe that Doctor Strange 2 will be the debut movie for Superior Iron Man is the fact that there is a glowing figure that can be seen in the trailer for a brief moment. This figure was also seen in a fight with Scarlet Witch, who held her own against its attacks.

Some fans believe that this glowing figure is a different variant of Captain Marvel in the form of Monica Rambeau because we already know that Captain Marvel glows orange whenever she is flying or using her powers. We also know for a fact that Monica and Wanda have a history in WandaVision and that, considering that Scarlet Witch is the film’s secondary protagonist, bringing in a character she has a history with fits the plot.

However, if you tried zooming into the footage, there is a possibility that this glowing figure is actually a man. It also fits the description of Tony Stark’s Iron Man Armor Model 50 in the comics. And because the suit glows red or orange whenever Stark is angry, there is a good possibility that this could be Superior Iron Man.

More indications of Superior Iron Man’s possible appearance are the Ultron robots that were seen escorting Doctor Strange to the place of his trial when Mordo apprehended him for his crimes against reality.

In case you’ve forgotten, Ultron was originally created by Tony Stark in the MCU but went rogue due to its programming. It could be possible that Superior Iron Man in his own universe was able to create Ultron robots that didn’t go rogue. As such, he is using these robots to control or keep in check his own universe.

But, then again, how does that connect with the fact that Strange was being escorted to a tribunal that was going to hold a trial for him?

Well, there is a standing theory that this tribunal is actually the Illuminati, considering that Professor X is most likely going to appear in the movie based on what we heard in the trailer. And while it wasn’t Superior Iron Man who started the Illuminati, the Tony Stark of another universe was the one responsible for establishing this group. 

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Who Could Play Superior Iron Man In Doctor Strange 2?

As of this writing, it is tough to tell who would be playing Superior Iron Man because Marvel tends to be great at keeping secrets (as we saw in Spider-Man: No Way Home). That means that there hasn’t been any news regarding who will play Superior Iron Man if ever the character does make its MCU debut. But it is unlikely that it would be Robert Downey Jr. because he is all but done portraying Tony Stark.

Instead, there are rumors that the character is going to be portrayed by Tom Cruise. That’s because there are unverified rumors that he was seen on the set of the film. Then again, these are just rumors that are going to be proven right or wrong when Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness hits theaters on May 6.

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