Who Is the Female Titan in Attack on Titan?

Who Is the Female Titan in Attack on Titan?

Attack on Titan has a plethora of intriguing characters. Certainly, you have the regular human characters you cheer for, but you also have these epic monsters, sometimes cool, sometimes outright bizarre, called Titans which are likewise important for the plot, if not even more. The Titans themselves are very interesting, but the one that stands out is the Female Titan.

The Female Titan is one of the Nine Titans. It is mainly characterized by its female physique, being the only Titan with a clear gender. It is currently in the possession of Annie Leonhart, although it’s unusable while she is comatose. The Female Titan might not be one of the strongest Titans, but due to her role in the story and her specific physique, she is one of the most intriguing ones in the story.

The rest of this article is going to provide you with more details on the Female Titan, her history, and her possessor. You’re going to find out everything you need to know about the Female Titan and her role in the story, as well as its fate after the events of the manga and the anime. We have gathered all the necessary information for you in one place.

Who Is the Female Titan?

Annie Leonhart is a graduate of the 104th Survey Corps as well as a former member of the Military Police Brigade. Her remarkable skills in blade handling and hand-to-hand combat earned her 4th place. She possesses the ability to transform into the Female Titan.

Trained from an early age by her father, she was selected to become a Warrior of the Marley Empire. In the year 845, she was sent on a mission to retrieve the Founding Titan from Paradis. She was accompanied by Reiner Braun, Bertholt Hoover and Marcel Galliard.

As the Female Titan, she serves as a major antagonist before her defeat, during which she encases herself in a solid crystal, while slipping into a coma. Held prisoner of the crystal for 4 years under the custody of the Military Police Brigade, she is eventually freed from the crystal thanks to Eren’s workings (see below).

Annie asks Conny and Armin if they would be willing to die

Annie is naturally lonely and withdrawn, the kind of person who socially excludes herself from others and prefers not to befriend anyone easily or at all. She is listless and sleepy with little desire to strive in different disciplines or meaningless activities, and instead focuses exclusively on being ranked in the top 10 of the 104th Survey Corps in order to join the Military Police Brigade, so as to get an easy life.

Yet somewhere she seems to hold a strange fascination and even feelings of respect for people who possess a deep sense of duty and justice, in those people who can dedicate their lives, and even die, to causes to which they believe. Despite the cold and calm attitude that Annie usually adopts, she showed on several occasions that she possessed, like any human being, various feelings.

She was clearly angered when Reiner Braun teased her about her constant avoidance during their training with the 104th Survey Corps. Despite her apparent callousness, she expressed a fairly apparent level of guilt and shock, most notably when apologizing to a corpse after the Battle of Trost District.


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During her four years of imprisonment, being able to hear on many occasions the voice of Hitch Dreyse screaming at her the question of knowing how she felt seeing all these people crushed and trampled, without certainty that she heard him , she had time to think about it. Annie had cared little about the consequences of her actions on civilians.

She then became aware of her irreparable faults that she had committed in Paradise but would be ready to start again in order to be able to return home. Annie is also known to be very dedicated to her mission as Marley, to the point that she cried when she failed to capture Eren Yeager, whose special abilities were important to Marley (see below).

Although she is seemingly indifferent to the fact that she is a proficient person in hand-to-hand combat, she remained proud of her skills and even seemed to enjoy the very notion of combat as inferred by Eren. The only time she is seen to be genuinely smiling in a benevolent way is when she expressed curious interest when teaching Eren about his unique way of fighting.

Why Is the Female Titan After Eren?

The reason for this very simple. Namely, Eren holds enough power to be of interest to the three Titan Shifters – Annie, Reiner, Bertolt – and they simply want to obtain that power. Annie is, among the others, sent after Eren because he possesses the so-called Coordinate Ability, among others, of course. The Coordinate Ability allows its user to control and coordinate the actions of other Titans.

As you can deduce for yourselves, the Shifters of Marley have a very obvious reason for obtaining this power as it would allow them to take control of all the Titans which, in turn, would allow them to defeat the Eldians of Paradis. This is why the Female Titan, i.e., Annie Leonhart, and her allies were after Eren, as he was an extremely valuable asset to them.

Why Was the Female Titan Crying?

Before Annie left on the mission, her father returned home to her, begging and apologizing for his actions. He claimed that he was wrong to train her to be a warrior and regretted his actions. He also apologized for treating her so cruelly and decided to love her as his true daughter.

Her father’s apology ultimately made Annie see reasons to stay alive and return home. There were moments when she wished for a normal life without war and fighting, which is almost unbelievable if you truly know Annie’s character but it’s absolutely. At that moment, Annie cried because she felt that her hope of ever returning home was dashed by the difficulties during the mission to the Wall.


What Happened to Annie on Attack on Titan?

The failure of her team, coupled with the loss of the Jaw Titan, and the inability to complete their mission was something Annie was aware could have cost them their lives and the power of the Titans, were they unable to find an alternative. Eren, who possessed a rare titan power not found in the Merleyan army, the Coordinate Ability we talked about above, was now their only hope of returning home.

She had to capture Eren and take him to her commander to avoid the death penalty and return home to her father because the main mission had failed. Her failed attempt to capture Eren caused her to shed tears because there may have been no remedy for her failure. It was done – her only hope of peace was destroyed with the failure of her mission. It also meant that her dream of a peaceful and normal life without war and fighting was in danger of being shattered.

Does the Female Titan Die?

During the Female Titan Arc, Annie ends up fighting Eren. During the fight, he immobilized Attacking Titan ends up in the process of regenerating. We then hear the voice of Eren who says that he will kill all the Titans until the very last of them. We then see him, bogged down in the pulpit of his titan wearing a smile that can be described as sadistic.

Meanwhile, the Female Titan, having only had time to walk a few meters, turns around when he hears the nearby building explode and comes across a very strange vision: the Attacking Titan has suddenly risen and he is physically different. Now the Attacking Titan has darker skin that seems to be cracking letting real streaks of fire escape, he now has blue eyes, moves half-jump half-run and his rage seems limitless.

When the Attacking Titan is in this state, its abilities are multiplied. Catching up with the Female Titan very easily despite her head start, the enraged Titan throws her to the ground. While trying to protect the back of her neck, the Female Titan blows her face off. Throwing Eren into a building, Annie tries to escape by climbing the wall, but Eren, who doesn’t even seem to have felt the blow, comes out and rushes at his target grabbing him by the right leg.

Preferring to lose a leg than be captured, the Female Titan lets the Attacking Titan rip off her leg and continues climbing. Mikasa then pops up and slices her fingers causing her to fall backwards. Not letting his chance pass, the Attacking Titan pounces on his prey, immobilizes him on the ground before ripping off his arm and head with a punch that costs him his hand.

Unfortunately, not controlling his instincts, the Attacking Titan ducks and seems about to devour the neck of the Female Titan and Annie under the horrified eyes of the Survey Corps and the Special Brigades. Meanwhile Annie has a final flashback to her father. Having torn her neck with his teeth, the Attacking Titan stops himself in the face of the singular vision that presents itself to him: Annie seems unconscious and is in tears.

Hesitating to continue, the Attacking Titan, despite his rage, stops all the same, thus giving Annie the seconds necessary to merge with the Attacking Titan and thus lock herself in an extremely solid block of crystal. Luckily, Levi arrived in time to sever the Attacking Titan’s neck and pull out an unconscious Eren, with red scale-like marks on his face.

Much later, after gaining full control of the Founding Titan’s abilities, Eren cancels all titan hardenings and accidentally frees Annie from her crystal. After Annie regains consciousness, the Yeagerists begin attacking the port, forcing Annie and Reiner to transform into their Titans and attack the Yeagerists.

Although the Yeagerists carry thunder spears, Annie and Reiner manage to repel their attacks. However, this initial success was quickly undone when the Azumabito Engineers burst onto the battlefield and forced the female Titan to use her body as a shield to protect her. As a result, both Titans were incapacitated as the thunder spears blew off the female Titan’s arms and head. Both Annie and Reiner had to be rescued by Pieck’s Cart Titan and Falco Grice’s Jaw Titan.

Who Kills the Female Titan?

Since Annie Leonhart actually doesn’t die, no one kills her in Attack on Titan. She does end up, as you can see, in a comatose state, crystalized but still alive (as we’ve told you, she ends up being released after Eren deactivates the Hardening, and survives the final arc). Who put her in that state? Well, she put herself in that state, but only after Eren sent Mikasa to significantly weaken her so the Survey Corps could capture her.

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