Who Is the Future Warrior in Black (“Gohan Black”)? Origins, Powers & Abilities & More

Who is the Future Warrior in Black? Origins, Powers & Abilities & More

We all know how important Gohan is for Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball franchise. Goku’s son is one of the pivotal characters in the series and it is only natural for people to keep asking questions. An alternative timeline iteration of Gohan – known as Future Gohan – from Trunks’ original timeline, is a well-known alternative version of the character, very popular among the fans of the series. But did you know that there is an alternative version of that alternative version? The Future Warrior in Black, unofficially known as “Gohan Black”, was recently introduced in the Super Dragon Ball Heroes anime and we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the character.

The Future Warrior in Black, unofficially known as “Gohan Black”, is an incarnation of Future Gohan, the alternative version of Gohan from a future timeline. He is one of the numerous “Warriors in Black” that are allied with Aeos and have appeared in Super Dragon Ball Heroes. He and his fellow Warriors in Black support their leader, Aeos’ mysterious and malevolent intentions.

In the remainder of this article, we are going to tell you about the Future Warrior in Black and his story from the series. Some spoilers are going to be present, so if you’re not fully up-to-date with the latest developments in Dragon Ball, be careful how you approach our text. For those that are, we are going to answer all the questions you might have about this topic.

Who is the Future Warrior in Black?

The Future Warrior in Black is a mysterious incarnation of Son Gohan of the Future and one of the four Warriors in Black who are subservient to Aeos as the Kaioshin of Time. He is one of the antagonists of the Kaioshin of Time Arc from Super Dragon Ball Heroes. In the same way as the traditional Son Gohan of the Future, the Son Gohan known as the Future Warrior in Black is a tall, muscular, and serious-looking man, who is missing his entire left arm and sports a scar that crosses the left side of his face.

Black Warrior Future Gohan

He wears a long, worn black sleeveless left hooded robe over a light brown gi, which reaches to cover the lower part of his face. His boots are dark blue with yellowish stripes on the bottom edges. This Son Gohan is very silent and stoic, a consequence in part of the traumatic events he experienced in his alternate future because of the androids. During his little confrontation with Xeno Trunks, Gohan showed pride and respect to the alternate equivalent of his former pupil for the extraordinary power he has attained.

The Future Warrior in Black: Origins

At some undetermined point, this incarnation of Son Gohan became part of the Warriors in Black and allied himself with Aeos, Chronoa’s predecessor in the title of Kaioshin of Time. Future Warrior in Black was with the rest of his companions when the Saiyan Warrior in Black returned from his mission and reported his success to Aeos, who informed them that it was time to start executing his plans.

The Future Warrior in Black appears behind Chronoa with her other Warriors in Black to prevent them from moving against Aeos. He later appears alongside his fellow Warriors in Black, explaining to those who won the tournament’s first-round that the losers were erased from existence along with their universe. He confronts the Super Saiyan God Xeno Trunks and uses his Dark Dragon Ball enhancement to fight him.

Goku, Piccolo, and Xeno Trunks note that the Future Warrior’s moves and characteristics are surprisingly familiar, with the latter quickly realizing his true identity. The Future Warrior in Black later battles the Super Saiyan God Xeno Trunks in an area stylized after the dystopian future the two warriors were experiencing, eventually revealing himself as Future Gohan when Xeno Trunks further analyzes his one-armed fighting style.


How Did Gohan Lose His Arm in Dragon Ball?

Horrified that the future Gohan he knew would side with someone like Aeos, Xeno Trunks asks him why he would do such a thing, after which the dark future Gohan reveals his different past to his alternate student. Determined to prove his strength and declare that power is the only meaning of his life, he powers up with Super Saiyan and his Dark Dragon Ball buff, knocking down Xeno Trunks and unleashing a furious attack on the Time Patroller, who turned against him.

Xeno Trunks stands up and tells him that while he understands the future warrior’s feelings and pain, he shouldn’t continue as his reliance on one arm cannot guarantee him victory. The Future Warrior in Black responds that he can’t afford to lose to anyone anymore and sets up a one-handed Kamehameha, to which Xeno Trunks responds with a Masenko.

Unable to truly resist the power of Xeno Trunks, Gohan’s Dark Future Kamehameha is overwhelmed. He sheds tears at another loss in his tally before being knocked down by Masenko, falling to his knees and returning to his base form. Xeno Trunks is also saddened by the battle and the extent to which Future Gohan has come to power, telling him that his strength has never come from such a dark place before.

What are the powers and abilities of the Future Warrior in Black?

The Future Warrior in Black can access a powerful evolution after strengthening his power through the use of the Dark Dragon Balls, known as Dark Dragon Ball Enhancement. In this state, the appearance of the warrior is practically the same, with the main characteristic that he is permanently enveloped in a flaming and intense aura of intense red color.

In addition, all attacks related to the use and manipulation of life energy will also have this color. In this state, Gohan’s ki increases to the point of being able to fight toe-to-toe, and even overwhelm Trunks Xeno’s Super Saiyan God. After revealing that he is actually Future Gohan, the Future Warrior in Black uses the Dragon Ball Enhancement in tandem with his Super Saiyan transformation to give himself even more strength to serve his leader, Aeos. In this state, the Dragon Ball Enhancement’s dark crimson aura appears around his normal golden Super Saiyan aura.

SDBH EP41 28929

He can also use the Ki Blast, a combination of many energy waves, much more powerful than the average ki blasts, and are fired at a very fast pace. This technique is used by many warriors and villains from Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super, and its spin-offs. He has also shown he can fly.

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