Who Is the King of Spades in Alice in Borderland Season 2?

king of spades

We all know that season 2 of Alice In Borderland involves Arisu and his group’s quest to leave the Borderlands by defeating the Face cards. But the one Face card that has proven to be the most troublesome the entire season was the King of Spades, who made his explosive debut in the first few moments of the series when he chased Arisu and everyone around to kill them without any remorse. So, who is the King of Spades in Alice In Borderland?

The King of Spades is a trained soldier and was quite possibly an excellent mercenary before he was taken to the Borderlands. His game is a city-wide survival game that involves him killing anyone he sees, as the goal is for the players not only to survive the entire game but also to kill him.

Throughout the entire season, the King of Spades was the most difficult out of all of the different Face cards due to how well-trained and well-equipped he was and how he was able to kill more people than anyone could count. Of course, while Arisu and his friends were able to clear his game, they had to sacrifice a lot of people to defeat the King of Spades. That said, let’s take a look at who the King of Spades is.

What Is The King Of Spades Game?

Ever since the first season of Alice In Borderland, the rules have been quite clear and simple. Players needed to join games that had a corresponding difficulty level and a corresponding game type, depending on the card suit and the number on the card itself. The players needed to register for the games if they wanted to join them, as they needed to go to the venue of the games. Of course, it was important for the players to participate in the games because not doing so would push their visas past expiration and kill them.

While that was the general rule in season 1, season 2 opened up with one of the most explosive scenes in the series when Arisu and his friends were seen running around Tokyo to escape attacks coming from unknown directions. We know for a fact that they were now going to go up against the Face cards after they had cleared the 40 Number cards. That means that they were now up against a powerful Face card that was giving them a lot of trouble.

king of spades attack

This Face card was the King of Spades, who chased different players around the city while killing them without any remorse at all. The most unique part about the King of Spades was that he had no designated venue and did not require the players to register for his game. So, what is the King of Spades game?

The King of Spades game is, in fact, a game of survival that requires the players to run around the city in the hopes of surviving the attacks of the King of Spades whenever he shows up. That means that the entire Borderlands is the venue of the King of Spades game and that there actually is no way for anyone to try to escape his game. Unlike all of the other games, which require a player to register before taking part, all of the players of the Borderlands are participants in the King of Spades game by default.


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There are, however, exceptions to this rule. The players that were in the middle of another Face card game were exempted from the King of Spades game. That is why the participants in the Queen of Spades game wanted to win the Checkmate game so that they could stay in the Queen of Spades game for as long as they wanted and be safe from the attacks of the King of Spades.

Of course, throughout the entire season, the King of Spades did not choose who he wanted to kill or go after. Regardless of whether the people were running away or were simply camping out, the King of Spades killed them. As such, except for those who were already taking part in other Face card games, no one was an exception to the King of Spades game.

The King of Spades game was the final one that Arisu and his friends cleared before they got to the Queen of Hearts game. It was the King of Spades game that reduced the population of the players to a very small size. And the Queen of Hearts would not appear unless the King of Spades was still alive, and that’s why it was important for Arisu and his friends to work together to defeat this troublesome foe.

Who Is The King Of Spades?

When we first saw the King of Spades, he was a man that wore a mask and was dressed in black tactical clothes and wore a black cloak. He killed people without any hesitation whatsoever. The King of Spades never spoke a single word before the final moments of his life. So, who is the King of Spades?

As suggested by Aguni, the King of Spades appeared to be a mercenary due to the way that he fought and carried himself. Of course, while the manga version of the character was indeed a mercenary, we can’t say for sure whether or not the Netflix version is one. All we know is that when he finally revealed himself, he was a stern-looking man that moved like a trained soldier. In that regard, it is possible that this commando used to be a soldier working for a special force but eventually ended up becoming a mercenary.

Little to nothing is known about the King of Spades but what we do know about him is that he is incredibly strong and has the training and equipment that allowed him to become the strongest character in the entire series.

He was able to match the strength of Aguni and the fighting skills of Kuina. The King of Spades could also shoot with the same kind of precision as Ann, who we know is a trained police officer. He was also capable of matching the agility and mobility of someone like Usagi, who is a skilled mountain climber and is particularly well-trained in parkour as well. On top of that, he was so durable that he survived a car explosion and the gas explosion that eventually led to his defeat.


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Given that the King of Spades had all of the best physical attributes of some of the most physically gifted characters of Alice In Borderland, he is the ultimate Spades character. That is probably the reason why he became the King of Spades.

When Arisu and Aguni finally defeated the King of Spades, he was still alive after the drugstore gas explosion but was already too weak to move. He gave his handgun to Aguni as the King of Spades’ past flashed before his eyes.

spades death

While remembering a scene from his past wherein a colleague asked him to end his life, the King of Spades finally talked for the first and only time in the series. Seemingly speaking to the colleague and friend that he had killed in the past, he said that he was sorry and that this was the only way that he could help him. Aguni, of course, complied with the King of Spades’ request and killed him. This caused the blimp of the King of Spades to explode, as the Queen of Spades was now the final stage that Arisu and Usagi needed to clear.

We may not know a lot about Netflix’s version of the King of Spades and his backstory, but there is good reason to believe that he wasn’t killing people because he wanted to. It is possible that, as a Face card, he needed to do whatever he needed to do while he was in the Borderlands. And that included killing people without any hesitation and remorse despite the fact that there was no malice in the way that he killed the players.

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