Who Is the Man Marked by Flames in One Piece? (& How Important Is He?)

Who is The Man Marked by Flames in One Piece? (& How Important Is He?)

One Piece Chapter 1056 has finally arrived and the long-awaited continuation of Oda’s epic manga is finally moving the plot forward. Now, this was a more or less typical One Piece chapter with a lot of new information to take in, one of which is a reference to the “Man Marked by Flames” (conversely translated as “The Man with the Burn Scar” or a scar shaped like fire). In this article, we are going to tell you who the Man Marked by Flames might be and why is he so important.

The true identity of the Man Marked by Flames has not been revealed. Based on his name, fans have speculated that it could be a reference to Admiral Kuzan, Sabo, Luffy’s father Monkey D. Dragon, the Mad Monk Urouge, or even Blackbeard. It could also be a reference to a new character who is yet to make an appearance, quite possibly someone who knows something more about the One Piece treasure.

In the rest of this article, we are going to tell you everything we know about the persona of the Man Marked by Flames in the One Piece franchise. You’re going to find out the possible identity of his character, as well as how the recently-published Chapter 1056 sets up the plot that will lead to the reveal of the identity of the Man Marked by Flames.

Who is the Man Marked by Flames in One Piece?

Mentioned in Chapter 1056 of the One Piece manga, the Man Marked by Flames has not been identified yet. In this section, we are going to give you some possible candidates that could fit the role:

Admiral Kuzan

Kuzan was a Navy admiral, his nickname “Aokiji” means “Blue Pheasant”. Calm in nature and possessing the Frozen Fruit, he is able to control ice. He represents the Navy on the motto of sloppy justice. Grand Admiral Sengoku wanted him as his successor, but there was support for Sakazuki (Akainu) from within the ranks of the World Government.

Admiral Kuzan could make sense since he does have a large scar created by flames, and he does have a very specific relationship with the Marines, but since he’s been around for a while and also already has a nickname, it wouldn’t really make sense for this nickname to simply be a plot tease. We’d be disappointed.


Sabo is the second most senior member of the Revolutionary Army behind Monkey D. Dragon. He is the spiritual brother of Monkey D. Luffy and Portgas D. Ace, and the adopted brother of Sterry, the current King of the Kingdom of Goa. Sabo was born into a Noble family, but decided to run away and settle in Gray Terminal. He became Ace and Luffy’s brother by toasting and exchanging their sake cups also called “brotherhood cup”.

He was believed to be dead after a Celestial Dragon shot him. He actually lost his memories as a result of the shock, joined the Revolutionary Army, and only regained his memories ten years later when Ace died.

Out of all the known characters, Sabo makes the most sense. He has a scar that fits the description, he has a Devil Fruit that is focused on fire, he has a brilliant story that changed our perception of him over the years, and his bigger role in the story has already been foreshadowed with him being named as the assassin of Nefertari Cobra. It would also be a great plot element due to Sabo’s connection with Luffy. Whether he is the Man Marked by Flames is yet to be seen, but out of all the known names on this list, Sabo’s makes the most sense. Plus, he hasn’t been featured so much so it would make sense for other characters to use a different name for him.


Marshall D. Teach, aka Blackbeard, is an admiral of the Blackbeard gang, a former member of the 2nd Division of the Whitebeard Pirates and, like Luffy, has the goal of becoming the Pirate King. In terms of his actions and especially his values, Blackbeard is often the exact opposite of Luffy.

Blackbeard could be tied to the Mythos of both the One Piece and the late Pirate King Xebec, but he doesn’t really make much sense in this aspect. Some fans have put his name up for contention as well, but we don’t think that he is a likely candidate. It just wouldn’t make much sense and he doesn’t even have a scar that would fit the description.

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Being one of the Supernovae, Urouge is a powerful pirate, having crossed and reached half of the Grand Line. He was seen to be powerful enough to face another Supernova as fast and agile as Killer in a fight (without increasing his muscle mass and therefore consequently his strength) interrupted by X. Drake. In his muscular form, he is capable of injuring a Pacifista.

Kizaru, however, was able to defeat him without much difficulty with his power. He managed, during the timeskip, to defeat Charlotte Snack, one of the four Sweet Commanders of the Big Mom Pirates, whose bounty reached 600,000,000 Berrys, which testifies to his strength. Even though he was later defeated by Charlotte Cracker, Urouge also managed to survive and escape.

Uruoge has flame-shaped tattoos on his arms, meaning that he literally is a man marked by flames. Still, he is a known character and doesn’t seem like a likely candidate because we don’t see him playing such a large part in the story all of a sudden.

Monkey D. Dragon

Monkey D. Dragon is Luffy’s father and Garp’s son. As the leader of the revolutionaries, he is considered the most wanted enemy of the world government and has thus become the target of attacks and assassinations by the world government. The left side of his face is decorated with a tattoo. Dragon seems to be able to control the weather. His goal is to overthrow the world government.

The scars on Dragon’s face made him a candidate in the eyes of some fans. Him being the Man Marked by Flames wouldn’t be overly surreal, but we still don’t think it’s too likely. It would make for a great subplot due to his relationship with Luffy, but we don’t really see Oda’s story going in that direction, regardless of everything else.

Unnamed new character

In our opinion, this seems like the most likely thing. It wouldn’t make sense for Kidd to call a well-known character from the series by this nickname, it wouldn’t make sense plot-wise. It is likely that it is a new character who knows something about the One Piece, possibly another surviving member of Roger’s crew or even a survivor of the infamous Ohara Incident, and that he is going to be a vital step in finding the treasure.

How important is the Man Marked by Flames in One Piece?

At this moment, we don’t know much about the Man Marked by Flames. He has been mentioned indirectly by Killer and directly by Kidd as the alliance was preparing to leave Wano Country. After Law handed over a copy of the Lode Poneglyph to Killer, the latter mentioned that they would have to do something about “that guy”, to which Kidd – somewhat surprised – asked whether he really wanted to go after the Man Marked by Flames, although they had no leads. Luffy then jumped in and said that he did don’t know who the Man Marked by Flames was and the scene cut to Yamato before we found out. He seems to be an important step to getting the One Piece treasure, but more will be revealed in the upcoming chapters.

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