Who Is Waleed In Ms. Marvel? Meet Farhan Akhtar’s Character


As Ms. Marvel continues to expand its story, we see more and more characters joining the mix to make the series more interesting. This was inevitable when Kamala and Muneeba went to their home country of Pakistan to visit Sana, who urged them to go home after seeing the same vision that Kamala saw. That was when Kamala encountered new allies in the form of the Red Daggers led by a man named Waleed. So, who is Waleed in Ms. Marvel?

Waleed is the leader of the Red Daggers, a secretive order of fighters that could sense the Noor. Like the other Red Daggers, Waleed lives to protect the one in possession of the bangle so that he can prevent the Clandestines from using its power to release the Noor Dimension into the Earth.

Waleed is one of the most important supporting characters in the series because of the fact that he was able to give Kamala Khan the direction and knowledge she needed in her quest to know more about the bangle and why the Clandestines or the Djinn’s are desperate to get hold of her. So, with that said, let’s get to know more about Waleed in Ms. Marvel.

Who Is Waleed In Ms. Marvel?

The end of episode 3 of Ms. Marvel allowed us to see that she was now supposed to go back to her family’s home country of Pakistan so that she could learn more about the bangle from her grandmother and also retrace her roots. It was important for her to get to know her roots because of the fact that she needed to learn more about her great-grandmother Aisha and why the Clandestines wanted to get hold of her and the bangle.

With that said, she did ride a plane with Muneeba to Pakistan, where they were greeted by Kamala’s cousins and her grandmother Sana. As the episode went on, Sana urged her to investigate more about how the bangle was connected to them and how the train station that brought their family to Pakistan could be related to what Aisha was trying to tell her in the visions she had been having.

Kamala did indeed go to the train station after spending a good part of the day touring the city with her cousins. While at the train station, she was attacked by Kareem, who sensed the Noor in her because he thought that she was a Clandestine. But the moment he realized who she was and what she could do with the bangle, he brought her back to the hideout of the Red Daggers. 


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It was in the Red Dagger hideout that Kamala was able to meet a man named Waleed, who himself is also a Red Dagger. So, who is Waleed in Ms. Marvel?

From the looks of things, Waleed seems to be the leader of the Red Daggers, which is a secretive group of fighters that are dedicated to stopping the Clandestines from locating the bangle and using it to open a portal that would lead them to the Noor Dimension, which is their home dimension.

Waleed was the one that explained to Kamala the true nature of what the Djinns are. He said that the Clandestines became known as the Djinns because they came from a plane of existence that’s different from the world they knew. He even said that Thor would have also been called a Djinn had he landed near India.

Waleed Noor Dimension

On top of that, Waleed also explained the importance of keeping the bangle away from the Clandestines when he showed her that these otherworldly dwellers were looking to open a dimension to their own world. While that may seem harmless at first, Waleed explained that this portal to the Noor Dimension would eventually overcome the barrier or the veil between the two worlds such that the Earthly plane will eventually be overcome and destroyed by the Noor Dimension.

So, in a sense, the nature of Kamala Khan’s mission is to prevent an interdimensional disaster from happening, as this could lead to the destruction of the entire Earthly dimension as a whole if she were to allow the Clandestines to make use of the bangle and her power. And Waleed was one of the people who were put in charge of helping Kamala.

What Happened To Waleed In Ms. Marvel?

As Waleed was teaching Kamala more about the bangle, the Clandestines were able to escape from their captors back in America. The next day, Kamala returned to the Red Dagger hideout to learn more about the bangle and the Clandestines. However, the Clandestines launched a surprise attack that forced Kamala and Kareem to retreat while Waleed was holding their attackers off.

Waleed showcased his advanced training and strength when he was able to overwhelm the Clandestines on his own and managed to beat down a few of them without much trouble. After that, he was able to escape from the hideout together with Kamala and Kareem.

From there, Waleed urged the two to keep running while he distracted some of the Clandestines. It turned out that Najma was the only one who went after him while all of the other Clandestines chased Kamala and Kareem.


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Waleed was hopping through the rooftops to get a better view of what was happening to Kamala and Kareem, all while Najma was tailing him. On one of the balconies, he had to battle Najma, who he was able to actually match in terms of skill.

However, when Waleed saw that one of the Clandestines was about to get to Kamala and Kareem, he threw his daggers to kill that man as he was left vulnerable and open to an attack from Najma. The leader of the Clandestines took the opportunity to kill Waleed, who sacrificed himself for the sake of the teenagers.

Najma Waleed

As Kamala and Kareem were running away, they saw Waleed’s body falling from the balcony as it appeared that the Red Dagger leader had been killed. It was never really confirmed whether or not he was dead, but Kareem himself said that Waleed was already gone.

Who Plays Waleed In Ms. Marvel?


Like most of the actors and actresses in Ms. Marvel, Waleed is played by a Bollywood legend that has already earned a name for himself in South Asia. He is portrayed by Farhan Akhtar, who is credited with 15 roles.

Farhan Akhtar’s first credited role was in 2008. Since then, he has been seen in a lot of different Bollywood productions. However, Akhtar has made his claim to fame as a producer instead of an actor. He is credited with 42 different productions throughout his entire career as a producer. But Ms. Marvel is his first mainstream acting role as most of his roles and productions were in India.

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