Who Is Yuri Briar in Spy x Family? Yor’s Brother Explained

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Spy X Family is a manga and anime story that revolves around the lives of the secretive members of the Forger family. Of course, while the story may focus on Loid, Anya, and Yor, a good part of Spy X Family also focuses on the supporting characters. One such character is Yuri Briar, who was introduced as Yor’s brother. But who exactly is Yuri Briar in Spy X Family?

Yuri Briar is Yor Forger’s younger brother, who is also one of the reasons why she became an assassin. Similar to the fact that Yor keeps her assassin job a secret, Yuri is secretly working for the State Security Service and doesn’t want his sister to know that his job at the foreign ministry is just a cover.

The thing about Spy X Family is that almost every character in the story has a secret to hide. Yuri, although his secret isn’t as big as the other characters’ secrets, is still as secretive as they come. So, with that said, let’s take a good look at who Yuri Briar really is and what his role is in the larger scheme of Spy X Family.

Who Is Yuri Briar in Spy X Family?

Yuri Briar

Throughout the entire Spy X Family story, the entire narrative usually revolves around the different secrets that the members of the Forger family have. Of course, every single one of them has a secret to keep, and their own secrets are the reasons why they are even in that fake family setup. And even the supporting characters have their own secrets to keep.

That said, one of the more important supporting characters in the entire Spy X Family story is Yuri Briar. Of course, the Briar family name is familiar because Yuri is actually the same younger brother that Yor Forger (formerly Briar) spoke to on the phone during the Spy X Family introduction arc.

As mentioned, Yuri is the younger brother that Yor spoke to on the phone when she was introduced in the story. He is seven years younger than Yor and is the very same reason why she had to become an assassin during their younger years.


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During their childhood years, Yor and Yuri lived poor lives after the death of their parents. The orphans struggled to make ends meet, but Yor was able to find a way to provide for her younger brother when an opportunity at Garden opened up. Because of the fact that she needed to make a living for her younger brother, Yor joined Garden and agreed to become an assassin, which is a profession that she still keeps in the story’s present time.

Because of Yor’s job as an assassin, Yuri was able to live a comfortable life during his younger years as he was able to go to school and live a normal childhood that his sister wanted him to live. And because of Yor’s efforts, Yuri was able to grow up to be a young adult that has his own job as well.

Of course, true to the very theme of Spy X Family, even Yuri Briar has his own secrets. He might not know about his sister’s true profession as Thorn Princess, Ostania’s best assassin. However, Yor also doesn’t know what Yuri really does for a living as well.

What Is Yuri Briar’s Job?

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Yor’s efforts as an assassin were able to allow the Briar siblings to live a rather comfortable life while Yuri was still growing up. As such, Yuri could afford the books, school supplies, and toys that they couldn’t afford before Yor took her assassin job. And the fact that Yor was able to provide for Yuri was what allowed him to land a good job as well.

In that regard, Yuri Briar eventually finished his studies and began working as a government employee, specifically a diplomat at the foreign ministry. However, a year after he began working for the foreign ministry, a better yet much more dangerous job opportunity opened up for him. That is why he keeps this job a secret from his doting and caring sister.

After working for the foreign ministry for a year, Yuri Briar took a job with the State Security Service or the SSS. This is a government office that functions more like secret police in the sense that those working for the SSS tend to be in charge of the surveillance and capture of people who could become enemies of the state. In that regard, Loid Forger often regards the SSS as their biggest enemies as they want to make sure that they are always operating beyond the surveillance of this secretive group.

Despite working for the SSS, Yuri Briar lies to his sister about his real job as he often says that he is still working with the foreign ministry. He uses his former job as a cover for his real job because of the dangerous and secretive nature of working for the SSS. As such, both of the Briar siblings have their own secrets to hide from one another.

Is Yuri In Love With Yor?


One of the most common tropes in manga in anime is the sister/brother complex, which is basically a type of relationship where the brother or the sister is seemingly too overprotective of their sibling to the point that they do resemble romantic interest. Of course, the same complex can be seen in Yuri’s relationship with Yor.


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So, basically, Yuri isn’t in love with Yor but simply has a sister complex in the sense that he is so caring and overprotective of his own sister. This stemmed from the fact that it was Yor who took care of him to the point that all he wanted to do in life was to make her happy by finding a way to return his sister’s efforts when they were still young.

Yuri’s overprotective nature manifested when he met Loid for the first time as he didn’t believe that he and Yor were actually in a real marriage. He even dared the couple to kiss in front of him so that he would believe that they were truly a married couple.

As protective as Yuri may be, his sister complex doesn’t cause him to become obsessed with Yor. In fact, he wants nothing more than for his sister to live a happy life after Yor spent a good part of her early years taking care of him. That is why, during the introduction arc of Yor, Yuri urged his sister to find a boyfriend she could settle down with so that she could be happy.

Of course, his overprotective nature still manifests from time to time because he wants to make sure that his sister married a good man. But, as far as his sister complex is concerned, that is something that hasn’t reached the realm of incest, unlike some of the other manga and anime stories out there.

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