Spy x Family Chairs Explained: Covers Reveal a Secret Story

Spy x Family

Different people have different reasons for loving Spy X Family, but those who read the manga know about the details that go into the entire story. In that regard, one of the things that people have noticed about this manga is that the cover characters sit on different chairs. But what people should know is that each of these chairs has a meaning that is related to the characters. As such, let’s look at what these chairs signify with respect to the cover character.

Why Are There Chairs On The Covers Of Spy X Family?

One of the most popular manga series today is Spy X Family, which has been selling like hot crazy all over the world today. The manga has become so popular that Spy X Family has managed to earn itself an anime that is just as good as the manga. In that regard, manga sales have increased due to the popularity of the anime.

But one detail that Spy X Family manga readers have noticed is the fact that the manga volume covers each has their own cover characters that are seated on unique chairs. So, why are there chairs on the covers of Spy X Family?

The author, Tatsuya Endo, didn’t give a specific reason why he includes chairs on the cover of his manga volumes. But he himself admitted that he puts a lot of thought into choosing the right chair when it comes to the character involved on the cover of the manga volume.

The tweet roughly translates to:

“It’s just now, but the shadow of the 7th volume has appeared.

 The second son is the cover page. I had a lot of trouble choosing a chair, but I wondered if the big and stately Willow 1 chair fits nicely with a cheeky little child.

 It will be released on June 4th. I look forward to working with you.

 (The version included with Labast is 8 volumes, so make no mistake)”

That means that the chairs, in a way, represent the characters featured on the cover, as there are hidden details and meanings behind the covers themselves as well as the different chairs that are used in connection with the characters who are on the covers of the manga volumes. And one detail that fans of Spy X Family should understand is that these chairs are actually true to life in the sense that they really exist.

What Is The Significance Of The Chairs In Spy X Family?

Even though Tatsuya Endo has never really mentioned the significance of the chairs that he illustrated on the covers of the Spy X Family manga volume, there are some hidden stories behind the characters and the chairs they are sitting on. As such, let’s look at the different cover characters and the significance of their chairs on each of the covers of Spy X Family’s manga volumes.

Vol. 1: Loid’s le Corbusier LC2

71vMGRogiL 2

Volume 1, which introduced the entire Spy X Family story and its protagonist, Loid Forger, allows us to see Twilight sitting on a le Corbusier LC2. The chair itself is able to capture the very essence of what Loid is as a character and spy because it looks suave, elegant, and very sophisticated. But the devil is truly in the details when it comes to this chair and its representation of what Loid is.


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As you can see, the chair has metal frames holding it together on the side, and the frames could symbolize the fact that Loid is trying to hold his true self together using his fake persona. And the fact that the chair doesn’t have an upper backrest means that Loid cannot lean back and relax because he always has to stay alert.

Vol. 2: Anya’s Marshmallow Sofa

spy x family vol 2

Spy X Family Volume 2 features Anya, the second member of the Forger family. On this cover, Anya is sitting on a sofa that is called the Marshmallow Sofa, as it is an intricately designed sofa composed of different round cushions put together to form a sofa instead of using one large cushioning.

The fact that each of the cushions on the sofa has its own colors represents Anya’s somewhat unique personality because she is a bubbly child that hides under the persona of a young girl who had a painful past. You could also say that the different colors on the sofa represent the different thoughts that Anya reads on a regular basis due to her ability as a telepath. 

Vol. 3: Yor’s Eames La Chaise


Yor is on the cover of Volume 3 of Spy X Family as it features her sitting on a chair called Eames La Chaise. The chair itself is elegant yet very simple and plain. And this might be a representation of Yor’s overall persona as an unassuming government employee that is actually working as an assassin.

When you look at the chair, it looks so simple and plain, just like Yor’s somewhat plain and airheaded nature. But the fact that it is plain and white could symbolize how easily it could get smeared by blood, as represented by the blood droplets on one part of the chair. This could point to the fact that Yor is an innocent lady that had to become an assassin when she was young because she needed to make ends meet.

Vol. 4: Bond’s Ball Chair

spy x family vol 4

Bond is the fourth member of the Forger family as this old-man-looking dog with white fur is a reflection of Anya’s love for spy movies and her telepathy. This dog actually has the ability to see the future for a short time, and that means that he and Anya have some sort of a connection in that regard. 

Of course, the fact that he is a dog fits the Ball chair that he is sitting on. You can also see a small television screen behind him, as this TV symbolizes Anya’s love for spy-themed movies and shows.

Vol. 5: Yuri’s Barcelona Chair


Yuri Briar is Yor Forger’s younger brother and the reason why she even became an assassin. He is featured on the cover of Spy X Family’s fifth volume, as he can be seen sitting on a Barcelona chair. And the fact that he is sitting on a chair named after an international destination goes well with his secret job as someone who works in the foreign ministry but is actually a State Security Worker.


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The Barcelona chair’s legs come with an X shape, and that matches the very same shape that Yor’s chair comes with. This symbolizes Yuri’s attachment to his own sister and his sister complex, which makes him pretty overprotective of Yor. And the fact that Yuri has a chair that is seemingly simple yet elegant reflects his own secretive life underneath what seems to be a simple and unassuming façade.

Vol. 6: Fiona Frost’s Cone Heart Chair


Fiona Frost is introduced as Twilight’s fellow spy that was supposed to be his fake wife but was out on a different assignment. She is portrayed as a character that was trained to be a spy that didn’t let her emotions get in the way, and that’s why she has a somewhat stoic personality that rarely shows emotion. However, throughout the different assignments that she has worked with Twilight, she managed to develop feelings for him, as symbolized by the Cone Heart chair she is sitting on.

On the cover, you could also see heart-shaped boxes and love letters scattered all over the floor. These symbolize her hidden love for Twilight and probably her jealousy towards Yor, especially when you look at the fact that there is a picture of her on the floor. Then there’s the fact that there are figurines of a tux and a wedding dress, which both symbolize how she wanted to be the one posing as Twilight’s fake wife.

Vol. 7: Damian Desmond’s Willow Chair

spy x family vol 7

Damian Desmond is the son of Donovan Desmond, who is actually Loid Forger’s target in his current mission. He was introduced as Anya’s classmate as he immediately thought that she had a crush on him when he caught her staring at him. Because of his upbringing as the child of a big-time politician, he believes the world revolves around him and has developed a smug and arrogant personality. His personality is personified by his Willow chair, which looks like a chair fit for a smug and arrogant person with its dictator chair vibes.

While Damian may be quite arrogant, his upbringing can be attributed to his smug personality because his father has set high expectations for him so that he can live up to the success of his older brother. On top of that, his father doesn’t provide him with the attention he needs, and that forces him to try to meet his father’s expectations to the point that he begins to look down on people. The chair fits that personality because it looks too big for him. But the fact that you can see toys behind the chair means that he is simply a boy that wants to live an ordinary childhood life.

Vol. 8: Franky Franklin’s Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

Volume 8

Franky Franklin, who Anya loves calling Scruffy because of his hair, is an informant working together with Loid Forger but also maintains a day job as a tobacco vendor. Whenever Loid needs something important, he is almost always the one providing him with the tools, information, and files that he needs. And this can be symbolized in the fact that Volume 8’s cover has files and gadgets scattered all over the floor.


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Of course, Franky can be seen sitting on an Eames Lounge chair and ottoman, and that symbolizes his overall demeanor as a character. Franky is a very relaxed and laid-back person that is driven by money. As such, considering that the chair is expensive, luxurious, and made for relaxation fits Franky’s personality and motivations.

Vol. 9: Becky Blackbell’s Coconut Chair

Volume 9

Volume 9 of Spy X Family is the latest manga to be released and features Becky Blackbell, who is portrayed as Anya’s closest friend in school. Unlike some of the other spoiled classmates in the school, Becky is quite kind but can still be prideful. And the reason why she befriended Anya was the fact that she wanted to act like a mature adult that could take someone under her wing to help her become a better person. 

On the cover, Becky can be seen sitting down on a pink Coconut chair that allows her to assume a comfortable position. The pink color and the different toys scattered all over the floor symbolize her status as a princess, considering that she is the daughter of a major military manufacturer in Spy X Family. On top of that, the fact that the Coconut chair allows her to have a comfortable position symbolizes her equally comfortable life as the child of a rich company owner.

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